DXRacer Tank Series Gaming Chair

Nothing says gaming than having the ideal chair for absolute performance. Well, you don’t have to struggle to find just the right option. There’s an ocean of virtually endless types of gaming chairs out there. But not all of them deliver where it matters. So, looking around for one that goes above and beyond is always pretty helpful. What if you could zero in on just one, which has what it takes to deliver the ultimate comfort? Well, that is what the DXR Tank Series is all about.

Built for heavy-duty use, it does more heavy lifting than most of the big person gaming chairs in its category. Well, we understand that you are not ready to dive right in without understanding what this chair can do. And all you have to do is stick around, as we take you on a swing around the good and the bad of this monster.

When going for this kind of chairs, you need to keep an eye out for several aspects that really count. These range from luxurious ones such as comfort. Then you need to peep deep to the more basic and essential ones as support and spinal alignment. Good thing, the DXRacer comes with a collection of features that cut across the board. Hence, it delivers both the luxuries and the convenience you need.


Well, this one sports a wide array of outstanding aspects, but among the most essential ones is the arms. Its 4D adjustable arms are truly something to reckon with. They not only adjust in height and width but also rotate as well as slide back and forth.

Another great feature here is the design. Ergonomically built for utmost comfort and efficiency, it packs in a headrest and lumbar cushion. These offer a great addition when it comes to ensuring that your health isn’t at risk. The headrest will surely spare you nasty neck pains, while lumbar support keeps the spine well aligned, keeping back pain at bay.

Another aspect that comes in handy here is its backrest. It comes along with the seat’s flexibility and adjustable design. They all make it comes in among the top-ranked high-efficiency gaming chairs out there.

The material is yet another aspect you can’t afford to miss out if you are scouting for an ideal chair. With this one, you are in for some real fun. Built with a breathable material racecar, it has what counts to take our comfort a notch higher.

Not only is this material stylish and super comfortable, but it is also tough and highly durable. Having a chair that can last you for years doesn’t hurt. Most importantly, in these chairs, the frame is crucial.

And on the same lines, this chair never disappoints on this one either. Made of robust steel, this feature is truly the real deal when it comes to offering unparalleled support. It can support up to 450 pounds, and sometimes more.

Then there’s the base, which holds the entire weight. So it should take on any beating you can probably throw at it. And again, DXRacer have something for the big guys on this one too. With up to 3-inch PU casters, you won’t have to struggle with falling or splitting wheels. This one is built with heavy guys in mind.

The DXRacer is not done yet, at least not until you meet the double gas cylinders. While these offer a much-needed comfort, and adjustment, there’s still more to them. You can always change them at any time that you want.

Apart from the extra wide sitting space, it includes another exciting aspect – the footrests. These differ from the typical ones you will find on even the top gaming chairs. They are much flatter and more stable as well.

The Good

Sturdy construction and robust materials

Cushion pillows for support and fun of use.

Breathable PU material that allows for long gaming hours.

Extra height, catering for users up to 7 feet.

The Not So Good

It is quite expensive but worth every single penny.

Final Thoughts

Apparently, gaming can’t be more fun than when you have the right chair. And despite a large number of gaming chairs out there, DXRacer proves to be one of the best. It has you covered on all sides from the comfort to support, and its fun to use too. For gamers who are always on their desks for hours, this sounds like a great option.

Yes, it will cost you pretty penny, but it is worth the cost. After all, the last thing any gamer wants is going for a cheap chair, only to find that it can’t deliver what it promises. The choice is all yours, but we can confidently say this chair is worth a hard look. Is there a better way to upgrade the experience in style?

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