Epson EcoTank ET-M1120 Review

Not all things are great in color nor do all the best things come in big price tags. One device that can attest to this is the Epson EcoTank ET-M1120. If you are someone searching for a monochrome printer, then the ET-M1120 is a good option to consider.

The EcoTank ET-M1120 from Epson is the latest and most innovative printer from the company. It helps reduce printing costs due to the absence of any ink cartridges. With the EcoTank ET-M1120, you won’t need to buy any of the overpriced or little ink cartridges. At its core, the printer is a single-function device with a built-in tank system. This only means that you can opt to purchase cheaper ink bottles to pour the ink directly to the machine instead.

Not only that, but the consumables for the EcoTank ET-M1120 have been made to be spill-free, so you won’t have to worry about over-filling the device.

Sounds like something that you’d need? If that’s the case, let’s take a look at how the printer performs, what its features are, and if it’s really something that you’d need to fulfill your number of tasks. First up, let’s check out what’s inside the box.

Epson EcoTank ET-M1120 Review – What’s in the Box?

The EPSON ET-M1120 Mono Ecotank Printer comes in a large rectangular box. In front of the package is an image of the printer together with the company’s name, tag line, the product’s name, as well as symbols of the printer’s key features.

Once you open the package, you won’t only find the EcoTank ET-M1120 there, but a couple of vital things that you’d need to properly use the device. So aside from the ET-M1120 itself, you will find a power cord, the T532 Black Ink Bottle, instruction manual, and a CD Installation disc.

These items are all set in their own plastic bag to keep them protected; this will also help prevent the additional items from causing unwanted damages to the printer.

The Product

Epson EcoTank ET-M1120 Review

The EcoTank ET-M1120 from Epson is a finely-designed compact printer that has a measurement of 375 millimeters X 267 millimeters X 161 millimeters (W x D x H). It also weighs just 3.5 kilograms.

The printer’s paper tray can be found in front of the device. Here, you’ll also get to access the ink well to determine how much more is left for the printer. On the top left corner of the device, you will find a couple of buttons for controlling the printer. A lid is also present which is where you pour the ink. As for the power connector, you can find this at the back of the printer.

What’s good about the printer is that it features Wi-Fi direct capabilities, allowing you to print straight from a Wi-Fi connection between the printer and the device. The EcoTank ET-M1120 can also be linked to a PC using a USB cable. Keep in mind that this is not a multifunctional device, so you won’t really need to have a display.

Since this gives off an old school feel, you pretty much have to rely on your router’s WSP function to link the device to the Wi-Fi network. What’s great about this is that the instructions are easy to read and follow, plus you can also find a lot of help from Epson’s website.

The printing method for this EcoTank ET-M1120 is via the on-demand inkjet, and it has a black 180 x 2 bozzle configuration. The printer provides a 1440 x 720 resolution  as well as 3 picoliters for the minimum ink droplet volume.

The paper sizes that the EcoTank ET-M1120 can accommodate includes A4, legal, letter, A6, A5, B6, B5, 8.5 x 13”, A4 plain paper, executive, No10 / DL / C6 envelopes, and half letter. It can hold up to 150 sheets of plain A4 paper, while its printing speed for black text is 15.0 ISO ppm.

The device has a rate Voltage of AC 100 ~ 240 Volts and 50 ~ 60Hz for its rates frequency. Noise levels is just adequate at 6.6B / 53dB.

The printer’s connectivity works for high speed USB and 802.1.1 b / g / n Wi-Fi for the IEEE. Networking is Wi-Fi direct, and it also allows for mobile device printing via remote print driver, email print, Google Cloud Print, and Epson iPrint. Lastly, the EcoTank ET-M1120 comes with a 12-month warranty to return to base though registering adds an extra 12 months to this.

Product Features

Print Without Worries

This Epson EcoTank comes with ink that is enough for 2 years-worth of printing. This means that you can print up to 5000 pages without worrying about ink replacements and additional expenses.

High-Volume, Spill-Free Ink Bottles

You can buy more low-cost ink in convenient high-volume bottles with resealable caps and drip-free nozzles. These allow you to easily store and refill ink. The design of the ink bottles have been remade for more precise refilling while also preventing spillage. A pressure mechanism is also present for the bottle to stop releasing ink when the tank is filled.

Made for Small Spaces

The ET-M1120 is made to save space. Its compact design means you can easily fit it in your home or office. Its

Space-Saving Design

The EcoTank ET-M1120 is perfectly made to fit small spaces. Its compact footprint only means that you can easily fit this device anywhere in your home, creating a nice ergonomic working environment.

Technology-Packed Printer

This printer’s high-ink yield is great for those who are on a budget. The cartridge-free device also makes use of the EcoTank which is Epson’s ink-filling technology. Its ink tank is set in front of the device, so its ink levels can be easily checked and the bottles can be easily refilled. The EcoTank ET-M1120 is also equipped with the quick FPOT (First Page Out Time) from sleep. The 15 page per minute only means that you won’t have to wait for your tasks to complete.



  • On-demand Inkjet (piezoelectric)


  • 180 x 2 nozzles Black


  • 3 Picolitres


  • 1440 x 720


  • A4 15.0 ISO ppm1


  • A4, Letter, Legal, A6, A5, B5, B6, 8.5×13″, Executive, Half Letter. Envelopes: No10, DL, C6


  • Input capacity: 150 sheets, A4 Plain paper (64-90g/m2)


  • AC 100 ~ 240V


  • 50 ~ 60Hz


  • High Speed USB — Compatible with the USB Specification.
  • IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi Direct®


  • Yes (Email Print, Remote Print Driver, Epson iPrint, Google Cloud Print)


  • No

Using the Product

The process of setting up this printer is extremely easy; and once we powered it, we opened its lid to pour some ink into the EcoTank ET-M1120. All we had to do was remove the lid then place the non-spill bottle right at the top of the ink well. There won’t be any spills happening since Epson has found a smart way to incorporate the spill-proof technology to their printer.

The next thing that we did was install the software and drivers to our computer. The outcome for the installation process just took around ten minutes or less.

If you’re planning to print remotely, you’ll need to install extra software which can be acquired via the web. Also, you’ll need to register your EcoTank ET-M1120 with Epson. You will need to have the right application installed on your smartphone; if you’re using an Android device, the application is called the Epson Print Enabler.

After the installation process, we were finally able to wirelessly print to the EcoTank ET-M1120 via our smartphone.

When it comes to the quality of printing under the standard settings, the output of the printer is reasonable and it also delivers just as quickly as laser printers. When it comes to its HQ settings, its output is virtually identical from the laser printer; the only difference is that it takes a bit more time for printing.

Following the instructions, we didn’t have any problems linking the device to our network. We just followed the driver installation wizard which you can find in the included CD installation disc. You can also find this online if by any chance, your device doesn’t have a CD drive. For the entire setup process, everything worked pretty well, and we received instant responses while connecting had no issues at all.

For filling the printer with ink, it was just as easy and neat. You just need to unscrew the top portion of the bottle of black ink, then place it on the distinctly-shaped socket right at the top of the print head. When it’s full, just remove the bottle then return the lid.

We loved that Epson ensured to make things no-spill so things are much neater and cleaner when refilling the EcoTank ET-M1120. Also, the printer didn’t use up all the ink, so we had enough left for another top-up later on.


EPSON Print Enabler

This software for the EcoTank ET-M1120 allows you to print from phones and tablets with iOS and Android. The Epson Print Enabler software improves the integrated Android built-in system, allowing you to print to a wide selection of Epson laser and inkjet printers via Wi-Fi.

Once you get to download this, you’ll get to easily print emails, photos, web pages, and documents from the integrated collection of applications that support Android printing.


The printer is an excellent device for your home or even for office use, especially if you’re searching for a printer that can be utilized for monochromatic printing. It’s also one of the most cost-efficient options available in the market today while providing you with top-notch and quality features that are true to the company’s reputation of creating HQ printers.

If you’re planning to print mostly black and white pages, then it’s better to utilize a black and white printer to avoid all that fuss. The Epson EcoTank ET-M1120 aims for the mono-laser printing market.

The bottom line is, with its cheap price tag, the EcoTank printer from Epson is definitely a great purchase for home, where colored printing isn’t at all a necessity. So yes, we would highly recommend this printer for all your black and white printing needs.

Where to Buy

You can pick up the Epson ET-M1120 for $349AUD from over at the official Epson website.

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