Essay Writing and Assignment Tips

Most essays require a decent amount of time of preparation and time writing in order to complete them at a level high enough to pass the exam. For those that are struggling with essay writing thankfully there are a number of essay writing services that students can make use of to help guide them.

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Writing your essay is relatively easy if you follow three simple points:

  • Planning
  • Structure: Initial, aspects and end
  • Edit, edit, edit


Start with reading the question. This sounds like common sense however it is something that is often overlooked. It is critical that you understand what the question is. The question tells you:

  • What you need to do – discussion, discussion,
  • You need to do that – examples, other authors of sources, and
  • What do you need to write about? Make sure you need what you need before you get started.

With the question of the way, how are you planning to answer it? Make sure that you research the question and take time to think about the best way to construct your answer.


The introduction to you essay is one of the most important pieces. It should be strong, answer the set question and introduce your arguments. The first sentence should be clear and concise – this is what I am saying.

Make sure that you read your paragraphs as you are writing them to make sure that they flow smoothly. There is nothing worse than having sentences that don’t follow in a logical narrative.

Don’t repeat words too often and try not to write sentences that sound repetitive. It is important that the structure of your essay is easy to read and understand.

Make sure that you clearly state your arguments and back them up with references where possible as this helps to verify the content. Make sure that you follow correct citation practices.

Round off the argument with a conclusion that help bring the essay full circle. It is important that, like a great novel, your essay has a beginning middle and end.


Make sure that you go back and read your essay multiple times. Go over each work and sentence and make sure that everything makes sense and that your spelling and grammar are correct.

Make as many edits as you need to make until your essay is flawless. Failing to do so will result in grades being deducted and you receiving a lower pass rate.

Remember, EDIT, EDIT, EDIT!

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