Evil Controllers PS4 Controller Review

Thanks to the affordable pricing of console gaming, more and more gamers are turning to consoles to get their gaming fix. Gone are the days of PC dominance when it comes to multiplayer gaming and now is the time for gamers that like to play from the comfort of their couch. With the ever increasing popularity of console gaming, players are looking to gain a competitive advantage over their foes which has in turn ushered in the age of modded controllers.

Modded controllers serve two purposes, firstly to provide gamers with a range of hardware modifications that deliver additional functionality and secondly to allow gamers to design the look of the controller to match their style.

With companies popping up left right and center offering modded controllers for the PS4 and Xbox One it can be hard to determine who you should work with to create your custom kit. Well today we are taking a look at one of the most prominent companies out there in the modded controller world, Evil Controllers. Evil Controllers has long been known to create some of the best custom controllers out there thanks to their great hardware, professional services and range of design choices.

Today we are going to be taking a look at the build process as well as one of their custom controllers to see just how good they really are. Let’s jump in to our Evil Controllers PS4 controller review.

Evil Controllers PS4 Controller – What’s in the Box?

When we heard a knock at our door and opened it to find the courier standing there with our Evil Controller we could not wait to open it up and see how the PS4 controller that we designed turned out.

The Evil Controller was packaged in a standard brown shipping box that did not show signs of damage or wear, ensuring that the controller got to us safe and sound.

The contents of the box included:

  • Evil Controllers PS4 Controller
  • Black Pro Thumbsticks
  • Black Pro Thumbstick Case
  • Instruction Manual

The PS4 controller was inside a protective wrap to help ensure that the controller was delivered in great condition.

The Product

The Evil Controllers PS4 Controller – Looks Great, Feels Great, Performs Great!

When it comes to creating your own custom PS4 controller, Evil Controllers gives you all the tools you need and makes it unbelievably easy to do. Sure, there are alternative options to customizing your controller such as buying decals that you can stick onto your controller, but this gives you nowhere near the freedom that Evil Controllers give you.

Using the builder on the Elite Controllers website you are presented with a range of configuration and design options that allow you to create the perfect controller.

Step 1: Faceplate

The first step of the controller creation process is to select from a range of available faceplates for the PS4 controller. There is a mix of patterned, gloss and matte faceplates. This is the step that makes the boldest statement to your new controller, changing it’s look completely.

Step 2: Backplate

After you have selected your faceplate of choice, you can select the backplate that you would like to use. When we built our controller there was only an option of “Stock” available, meaning the back of the controller is that of the stock standard PS4 controller. It does now appear that there is a rubberized backplate available for the PS4 controller which looks awesome and would be a great feature to have to help make the controller more comfortable. This would be especially useful if you were a person that suffered from sweaty palms whilst gaming.

Step 3: Mods

Now that you have selected the faceplate and backplate you are able to get into the really exciting features of Elite Controllers, the mods. These are hardware modifications that provide your controller with extra functionality such as rapid fire. We shall cover these mods in more detail a little later in the review.

Step 4: Pro Buttons

The best feature of Evil Controllers in our personal opinion is that of the Pro Buttons. You are able to choose from having no Pro Buttons installed, 2 Pro Buttons or 4 Pro Buttons. The buttons are fully programmable and feel fantastic. There is no reason not to get these installed.

Step 5: Triggers

Here you are able to select whether you would like to keep the standard triggers or whether you would like to opt for the hairpin triggers.

Step 6: Thumbsticks

Now it is time to select the colors that you would like for your thumbsticks. You also have the option to select the Pro Thumbsticks which gives you 3 interchangeable metal thumbsticks that can easily be swapped around thanks to the magnets used to keep them in place.

Step 7: Button Colour

The final customization option for the controller is that of the face buttons. Here you can select from a range of color options.

Step 8: Packaging

Once you have built the controller you have the option to choose the default shipping box or the custom Evil Controllers packaging. The Evil Controllers packaging looks great and also doubles as a stand for the controller when it is not in use.

Step 9: Evil Protection

You are able to choose what Evil Protection you would like on the controller which includes no protection, shipping insurance and 1 year warranty. If you opt for the no protection option, don’t worry, the controls comes with a 6 month standard warranty.

Step 10: Accessories

Finally, you can choose from a range of available accessories including controller cases, batteries, and apparel etc.

So What Did We Create?

Using the controller builder on the Evil Controllers website we were able to create a controller that we were very happy with. We opted for something simple but also bold.

Our PS4 controller consisted of:

  • Glossy Orange PS4 Shell
  • Stock PS4 Backplate (we would have chosen the rubberized back if it was available at the time of build)
  • 4x Re-mappable Pro Buttons
  • Hairpin Triggers
  • PS4 Master Mod
  • Black Pro Thumbsticks

The process of building the controller was very simple and was just a matter of going through the 10 step build process and selecting the options that you wanted. Once you are happy with the build you simply add the controller to your shopping cart, make payment and your done.

How did the PS4 controller turn out when we received it? Well, let’s take a look!

Taking the PS4 controller out of the packaging we were instantly impressed with the quality of the custom build when we held it in our hands. The custom controller feels fantastic with its custom shell and the Pro thumbsticks. The fact that Evil Controllers use official PS4 controllers for their custom builds means that the controller itself is the same great quality we expect from Sony.

The Pro thumbsticks are connected using a magnetic system that allows you to easily remove and swap out the thumbstick that you want to use. Although it does us a magnetic system the thumbsticks do not come apart too easily so that they slip whilst you are using them.

The gloss finish of the orange shell feels good in your hands and did not get slippery when using it for hours at a time. I was concerned that the gloss shell wouldn’t work so well with sweaty palms however it was not an issue at all. I would have loved to have had the grip on the rear of the controller that is now available from Evil Controllers.

The hairpin triggers feel infinitely nicer than the stock triggers as you are not required to apply much force to them at all in order to use them. Using the triggers whilst playing games that do not require different tension levels on the triggers means that the response time was much faster. If you are a person that primarily enjoys driving games, the hairpin trigger may not be to your liking. For all other games however I strongly recommend them.

The Pro Buttons on the rear of the controller were installed perfectly. They are installed flush with the controller but with just enough of the button sticking out so that you can easily press them when needed but not too far out where you accidentally press them. The buttons felt solid and were not loose in the rear of the PS4 controller.

I was incredibly impressed with the custom controller from Evil Controllers. The build quality was excellent and the service we received from Evil Controllers was amazing.

Pro Buttons

The Pro Buttons are a set of buttons that are installed into the rear of the controller allowing you to bind any of the PS4 controllers buttons to them. These buttons are much easier to reach than the face buttons thanks to their position. It feels much more natural than having to take your thumb of the thumbstick to reach the face buttons when in the heat of battle.

You have the option of installing 2 Pro Buttons or 4 Pro Buttons. The button placement is similar to that of where you fingers naturally sit at the rear of the controller. If you are worried about accidentally pressing these buttons, don’t worry, they are installed in such a way that you won’t accidentally press them.

In order to program the Pro Buttons on the PS4 controller it is simply a matter of pressing the Share button together with the Pro button that you would like to configure. Once pressed, the light will light up once signalling that Pro Button is ready to be programmed. Let go of the Share button and the pro button and then press the button that you want to map on the controller. Once the button you would like to map has been pressed the light bar will light up twice confirming the Pro Button has been successfully configured.

Here is a copy of the instructions for the Pro Buttons that has been created by Evil Controllers:

The Evil Controllers Pro Buttons are hands down our favorite feature of the PS4 controller, it makes gameplay feel so much more fluid and natural. This really should be a default function of the stock PS4 controllers.

Evil Controllers Mastermod and Rapid Fire – Giving You the Competitive Edge

So, we have covered the design options available for the PS4 controllers and also the awesome Pro Buttons, so let’s have a look at the mod options that are available from Evil Controllers. Evil Controllers offers 2 mod options when creating your custom PS4 controller, Rapid Fire and Mastermod.

The Rapid Fire mod allows you to customize the rate of fire in first person shooter games. This modification increases your rate of fire allowing you to unload more bullets into you foes within a shorter time span. Here is a video showcasing how Rapid Fire Works:

The Mastermod gives you a total of 9 mods for your PS4 controller that work in most games. You are able to enable and disable the mods at any time using the PS4 controller. The Mastermod includes:

Rapid Fire, Adjustable Rapid Fire, Left Trigger Rapid Fire

There are various modes of rapid fire available with the Mastermod. As we mentioned just before, the Rapid Fire mod allows you to adjust the rate of fire of your weapons.

Akimbo Rapid Fire

The Akimbo Rapid Fire provides you with dual trigger rapid fire for your Akimbo weapons.

Drop Shot

The Drop Shot is one of the most effective moves in an FPS multiplayer game. The mod will automatically drop you to the ground as soon as you fire your weapon which makes is much more difficult for you to be targets by other players when in combat.

Fast Reload

With the Fast Reload mod, when you reload your weapon the controller will optimize the reload action by minimizing the reload animation. This in turn decreases the time it takes for you to reload your weapon.

Auto Scope

When you have a weapon that has a scope or zoom function, when using the Auto Scope mod and you go into scoped mode with a weapon the controller will automatically trigger the “hold breath” function in game which steadies your scope automatically.

Auto Run

Auto Run triggers the run function of your character without having to press and hold the run button on the controller.

Auto Spot

This one if only for the Battlefield series. When playing Battlefield the controller will auto spot enemies as your target them.

Evil Controllers provides easy to read and follow instruction on how to use the Mastermod and Rapid Fire mods which you can read over at their website:

Master Mod Guide

Rapid Fire Guide


When it comes to custom modded controllers, Evil Controllers is one of the companies leading the pack. Their great quality controllers along with the design and customization options available to you really help you to create something that you would love. The mods gives you a competitive advantage to other players and the Pro Buttons make a world of difference in usability. If you are on the lookout for an awesome new controller there is no reason for you not to put Evil Controllers at the top of your list.

Where to Buy

If you would like to raise your game with an awesome custom modded controller, head on over to the Evil Controllers website and start building!

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