Evil Controllers Shift PS4 Controller Review

If you think about it, the earlier gaming controllers had the usual directional pad plus the A and B buttons. That’s all. These were generally simple to accommodate the more basic games during those times; yet as time passed, we ended up needing more control as games began evolving drastically.

Today, in addition to the dual analog sticks, the available DualShock 4 controller features eighteen buttons and surprisingly, there’s even more if you consider the ability to utilize the touchpad sections. This is natural evolution and development; and if controllers haven’t upgraded, then playing current games would simply be impossible without all the necessary inputs.

Generally speaking, controllers should have improved in more ways than just the number of buttons, and with devices from Evil Controllers, they don’t just focus on the feature set. Their controllers focus on what you and every other gamer needs; and this, we think, is perfect to accommodate your every gaming requisites.

Evil Controllers is a company that brings their customized paddle devices to the market, and their Evil Shift controller is their latest, and probably the best device to date. Today, we’re going to be focusing on their Evil Shift PS4 and see if this is something worth purchasing, and if it can really provide all your gaming needs

First up, let’s go and see what’s inside the box and what accessories are included in the controller’s package.

Evil Controllers Shift PS4 Controller Review – What’s in the Box?

The Evil Shift PS4 controller is kept in a durable cardboard box and is wrapped in some protective foam packaging. The packaging may not look fanct however it certainly does the job of ensuring that everything stays nice and safe during shipping.

When you’ve pulled out the box and opened the lid, the first thing you’ll see is the user’s guide. All the important notes will be written there as well as some illustrations of the controller; and once you’re done checking out the user’s guide, you can set that aside and pull out the pouch that contains the analog sticks.

We have the Evil Shift PS4 controller in a soft touch of blue to black faded design which is pretty cool and sleek, so we really liked how it looked.

The company didn’t include any other extras which is fine since you’ll end up wanting to try out the controller right away.

The Product

Evil Controllers Shift PS4 Controller Review – Shift the Tides of Battle

The Evil Shift PS4 controller has a couple of unique features which sets it apart from the standard PS4 controllers that are available. It will allow you to customize your pro gaming experience while its NSP design lets you play excellently; you won’t need any special tools, steep learning curves, or phone applications to make various adjustments to your Evil Shift PS4 controller.

The controller also features a nicely-made textured feel on its paddles and we really liked this since it would be difficult for your fingers to slip while in the middle of your game; definitely a great touch from Evil.

The shape of the controller is still as great and comfortable as ever so you don’t have to worry about straining your hands during prolonged hours of intense gaming. The Evil Shift PS4 controller also features the same brilliant light at the front, as well as having one window through the touchpad.

Evil Shift Paddles

We really liked the controller’s progressive paddle system since it lets every player, no matter what their hand size is, use these comfortably. Since the paddles are directly fixed at the top of the activation buttons, it makes these paddles more responsive compared to the flawed designs of other controllers that are available. This only means that the usual lag that you experience with other controllers won’t affect the Evil Shift.

The four paddles located behind the hand grips can be mapped to any function of other buttons on the Evil Shift like the D-Pad directions and the L3 / R3 functions. Just remember that the only features that you can’t map to the paddles are the Share and Option buttons.

The Evil Thumbsticks

It’s nice that the Evil Shift PS4 controller includes three interchangeable thumbsticks. These have varying heights and can also be swapped easily since you don’t need any tools to get the job done. Having thumbsticks with different heights can influence how sensitive the controller is to movement, allowing you to achieve the necessary sensitivity you need for any game.

We tried all of the thumbsticks and these definitely improve your accuracy and precision for intense gameplay. There are a total of three different sizes which feature wide surface areas for better movement and control. Instead of it overshooting to the opposite side, the stick goes back to the middle and stays in place.

Hairpin Trigger

Milliseconds can already determine victory or defeat in professional gaming tournaments. With the Hairpin Triggers of the Evil Shift PS4 controller, you’ll be able to grip and execute your moves even before your opponent can. This is possible by decreasing the tension of the controller trigger by more than 50% while also boosting the fire rate, as well as the reaction time without limiting the game compatibility.

We also liked that the controller doesn’t restrict the trigger so it lets you do a complete pull whenever you need to. These triggers are located on a hairpin to allow you to quick fire with just the edge of your finger while also utilizing the full analog response of the trigger if you ever need to press completely.

Ultra-Sensitive Buttons

Evil Controller’s Quick Touch technology provides you with extremely sensitive buttons that require lesser pressure to trigger. Quick Touch also decreases the distance of button travel, letting you press the face buttons on the Evil Shift PS4 controller with just a small amount of force necessary for a standard controller.

We really liked that the buttons have a quick response time and you don’t need to put a lot of effort when pressing. The buttons also feel great and you even get that satisfying and crisp clicking sound every time.

In-Game Remapping

Remapping allows you to enjoy real-time and actual reprogramming of paddles to any of the face buttons. It’s a really user-friendly feature and it works adequately for a lot of games.

You’ll also be able to remap these paddles depending on your preference which makes it even better; you just need to hold the share button until the front light flashes, then press on the button you want to reassign. The light will flash two times to indicate that the reassignment was successful.


For the performance of the Evil Shift controller, its buttons can easily be remapped in seconds; and with the numerous profiles that you can save to the controller, you can have a variety of preferred setups to seamlessly switch from depending on the game you’re playing.

The paddles that are located on the back of the Evil Shift are small enough and positioned perfectly on a spot where you won’t press on these accidentally. We’re really glad because the company didn’t sacrifice the comfortable grip that the controller has.

The controller is also designed for competitive eSports so it was able to withstand tons of clicks and presses that we made during our tests. The Evil Shift PS4 controller is also surprisingly light compared to your regular DualShock 4 controller which is really good.

The controller does feel a bit different compared to your standard controller, but it still gives you a good and comfortable grip so there’s nothing wrong with that. All in all, its performance and build is excellent.


The Evil Shift PS4 controller is a solid and very efficient device. Its super sensitive buttons can really give you heightened response time as well as improved gameplay especially when it comes to multiplayer games.

It’s slightly on the more expensive side but it is definitely worth it especially if you’re someone who wants to have a big improvement on your gaming response time. The increased precision from the mappable buttons and joysticks really gives this controller a lot of excellent options.

We think that the Evil Shift PS4 controller is something that every gamer needs since it makes your entire gameplay easier and more enjoyable. It’s a really cool controller and the different thumbsticks is an easy way to adjust stick sensitivity; plus, the programmable paddles can also bring advantageous configurations for a lot of games.

The hairpin triggers are also great since these have some good advantages in competitive settings that let you get more action easily with decreased pressure to the button.

Overall, Evil Controllers’ Evil Shift PS4 controller is a great device and we highly recommend this to gaming enthusiasts for quicker, easier, and better gaming sessions.

Where to Buy

You can use the controller builder on the Evil Controllers website to build your own custom controller that will allow you to up your game and to get competitive.

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