Expended Uses Of Online Streaming

Online streaming is a feature that has become essential to most internet users today. Every day, millions of internet users view hundreds of millions of video hours on Youtube, Netflix and other sites just like them. Today, both audio and video can be consumed through online streaming. Other services like betting at sites listed at bet-ny.com have cropped up online, and the adoption level of this technology is evidence of its success.

Here are several uses of online streaming on the internet today.

Mobile Viewing

Today, most people use their mobile phones to consume media both in video and audio phones. As a result, almost half of all the audio and video content online is consumed through mobile devices. Today, most platforms allow users to stream content through tablets and mobile devices using the dynamic HTML5 player instead of the older Flash technology. The technology enables users to access the live stream anywhere at any time.

Streaming allows you to enjoy a video or audio, before downloading the entire file. For instance, when you play a song on Spotify or Apple Music, you can the play button and start enjoying the music immediately without waiting for the file to download.


Traditionally, streaming has delivered video and audio content, but several companies have recently implemented a technology that allows it to work with apps and games. This technique is known as on-demand resources, and its structures apps and games to feature a set of core functions when the user downloads them. It then goes ahead to stream new content as needed by the user.

For instance, a game might feature the first four levels when you first download it and then automatically download level five and six after playing level four. The approach can be very useful because downloads are quicker and require less data. That makes apps economical, especially if your phone has a data limit. Even better, the apps use less space on your device.

Analytics Tracking

It’s important to evaluate and see the return on investment (ROI) that you’ve made on your live stream. You’ll need an analytic dashboard and tracking tools to evaluate your live event’s outcome, but it’s worth all the hassle.

With many live stream services, you can identify all the relevant metrics like behaviours, engagement and viewer numbers. The data helps to identify your real customers clearly and you can easily assess the aspects that your broadcast may need in the future. That helps to refine your overall strategy and content.

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