Experiencing the Thrill of Multi-Player Gaming

Multiplayer gaming has gone from strength to strength in recent years, with just over a quarter of home console gamers stating that they spent the majority of their time playing multiplayer online games. The demand has led to a surge in the number of options available for gamers, there are now thousands of different game titles, covering a range of niches, so there’s something for everyone. It’s not just for kids and teens either. Adults can get in on their share of the fun to de-stress after a hard day’s work.

What are the Best Multiplayer Games at the Moment?

Call of Duty Warzone

This well-known classic from Activision has been re-born with it’s latest iteration, ‘Warzone’. Based on the classic Battle Royale genre, players have the chance to immerse themselves in a world of up to 150 other players where they can play head to head in this action-packed shooter series.

Grand Theft Auto V Online

Being one of the bestselling titles in the gaming industry, this well-known classic has returned with larger than life missions and more functionality. Players can choose from a fifty-hour adventure or LA-based in-game version. Aimed at adults, it is a paid game available on Xbox One, PC and PS4 but can be downloaded free using an Xbox game pass.

Final Fantasy XLV: A Realm Reborn

World of Warcraft has now moved over, and this game has taken its place as one of the best multiplayer online role-playing games. With exciting new expansions always being released, players can level up and experience rewards with new content. As many as eight players can participate at once in massive boss battles or dungeon environments. We recommend this game for adults only as it does involve a fair share of reading.


If you’re looking for a tension-filled evening, poker is the best option for you. You can create a private cash game or tournament very easily in just a few simple steps. Then, once you’ve invited your friends, you’re pretty much ready to go! A private poker game is a great idea for beginners, as it is great fun, more relaxed (depending on who you’re playing with!) and ideal for all abilities.

League of Legends

Initially being one of the most popular games all around the globe, the game still packs a punch today. It continually tries and tests new ideas to make gameplay more and more thrilling. There are a couple of different map layouts to choose from and even the odd surprise along the way for added excitement! With many characters to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits you, and you can switch to another if you’re seeking a change.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

If you were a fan of greatest hits in the legendary series, you’re sure to love this one. Using old characters and levels from past versions, the visuals have been much improved. Choose from either battling it out against friends or going head to head with strangers. There are over 70 characters to choose from, so you’re bound to find one that suits your style of play.


Although it hasn’t changed much to FIFA 19, this still remains one of the most popular football games thanks to the efforts of EA. Latest changes include the adding of seasons with the ability to use the arcade mode on tighter pitches. The 11 v 11 typical setups have also been switched up. In our opinion, the feeling that comes with scoring a last-minute win in FIFA 20 is nothing like any other multiplayer game out there!

Mario Kart Tour

If you’re looking to stir up some healthy competition amongst friends, the mobile version of Mario Kart Tour could be just what you’re looking for! Being the best version to date, you can try your hand at hang gliding or even travel underwater alongside your friends or even strangers.

Pokemon Go

The team at Pokemon Go have now made it even easier for you to catch monsters around your back garden, home and neighbourhood. This smart game which relies on your phones GPS and clock, allows you to go head to head with your friends, track their activity and even trade monsters or give gifts to one another.

You’re Guaranteed Loads of Choice with Multi-Player Gaming

It’s a great way to keep yourself entertained and remain connected with others, whether friends or total strangers! There are lots of games to choose from, like sports, action, puzzles and even classic card or board games. Plus, they are available for lots of different platforms. Although most are paid-for, you may be eligible to download others for free if you have a pass such as the one that can be purchased from Xbox.

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