Fetch TV Review

In the last couple of years, SVOD’s or Streaming Videos On-Demand have really taken off; and with the introduction of Netflix, streaming services have greatly become the newest progressive media platform of today. The thing about this is that there are no ads, you can watch anything you want and when you want; plus, you’re also able to access the newest films and shows without having to wait for these to watch on regular television.

With that, Fetch TV has emerged and appeared as a strong and reliable contender to provide you with all your streaming demands and needs in a single place. It’s not the same as Stan or Netflix, and it has its own unique appeal. If Fetch TV has somehow piqued your interest, let’s go ahead and learn more about it, and what exactly Fetch TV is all about.

Fetch TV Review – What is it Exactly?

Fetch is a pay-TV service and a Personal Video Recorder or PVR that is brought over your broadband connection to your TV through the Fetch box. With this, you can record shows, buy or rent thousands of movies, purchase hit TV shows, access your subscriptions in Stan, Netflix, as well as in Hayu using the big screen. You can also add channel packs and even watch a lot of movies and channels through your phone or tablet via the Fetch app.

Fetch TV requires you to either rent or purchase the Fetch TV set-top box. Two types of Fetch boxes are now offered by the company and these include the Mighty and the Mini boxes. which allows you to simultaneously record multiple channels that are free to air, and it also allows time-shifting of Fetch’s streaming programs. On the other hand, the Mini costs cheaper and has all of the features of the Mighty except for the hard-disk recording feature; also, the Mini box is smaller which is designed for streaming and live viewing.

To offer unique internet-driven alternative to conventional pay-TV Fetch TV provides the speed and capacity of a broadband internet connection to directly bring a comprehensive package of TV channels to a custom-designed set-top box that also works as a digital video recorder and a free-to-air HDTV receiver. Other than allowing you to watch and record broadcast programs, it also allows access to popular movies and TV shows, Netflix streaming, catch-up services from primary networks, and more.

Fetch TV Review – A Serious Pay TV Competitor

Fetch TV Mighty

The Fetch TV Mighty arrived in a blue box that has a simple and clean design; plus, it also has a plastic handle on one of the sides to make carrying easier. One side of the box is colored magenta and here, you’ll see a short list of all the things included in the package such as the items needed for installing the Fetch TV Mighty and a lot more. On the other side of the box, it features a nice blue color and written here is a list of all the things that the device can do. At the top and under the box, you’ll find the name of the company and the image of the product.

When you open the box, you’ll find the Fetch TV Mighty Box set neatly in between a piece of sturdy cardboard that keeps the device protected. Under the device, you’ll find the quick start guide and warranty information; beneath this is the remote control that is set in between two boxes. The boxes contain the power adapter, network cable, a high-speed HDMI cable, and the batteries for the remote.

The Fetch TV Mighty is generally a hybrid entertainment set-top box that lets you record your favorite television shows while simultaneously giving you access to a wide array of internet and paid content simply to boost your viewing pleasure and enjoyment. It is a great mix of the internet, free-to-air television, as well as external media sources like files from your network or an external USB. Additionally, it also provides you with a quad PVR that includes one Terabyte HDD that lets you have up to a total of six recordings, and even up to 600 hours of continuous SD recordings.

If you’re a fan of free-to-air TV, this product can also record six different channels from three particular networks so you won’t miss out on any show that you enjoy. You’re also given access to the Pay-TV that includes Stan and Netflix; so if you plan to check these out, Fetch TV Mighty will make it easier for you to access these. Just remember that there’s a one-time activation fee which is basically just a dollar so it’s nothing to worry about. Additionally, the service also gives you access to three new rentals for movies. It’s pretty cool that they also have an entertainment pack that offers you an array of TV channels such as Comedy Central, Disney Channel, and even National Geographic.

When it comes to its design, we can say that the Fetch TV Mighty is a well-designed and finely-made entertainment hub that would look great in your home or office. If you look at the front portion of the unit, you will find three LEDs for the remote, standby & power, and the internet. Its IR sensor can be found below these LEDs while at the back of the unit, you’ll find the SPDIF Jack Output, antenna port, USB input, power input, HDMI output, and the Ethernet cable connection. Its one Terabyte HDD is also split into the following: 731 GB for recordings and 200 GB for Videos on Demand, giving you a total of 931 GB of space to freely record all of your favorite content.

Fetch TV Mighty Setup

The process of setting up the Fetch TV Mighty is quite easy and it’s all thanks to the 802.11 AC Wi-Fi. When it comes to the setup process, it took us about five minutes or less to actually complete the setup, and majority of the time was the TV Mighty searching for free-to-air TV channels which lasted about three minutes only. As for the wizard, it’s quite user-friendly and even if you don’t really have much technical expertise, you’ll have no troubles setting up the device; but if you do encounter some issues, Fetch has an excellent online support service that can assist you with your inquiries. Basically, the whole setup consists of linking the antenna to the Fetch TV Mighty, connecting the HDMI to your TV and the unit, before plugging it into a power source and you’re all done.

Fetch TV Mini

The Fetch TV  Mini comes in a simple blue box that features the brand and the product image on top of it; on the sides, you will see some of the device’s features. There isn’t much written on the Mini’s package so you can go ahead and check out the insides of the box. When we pulled open the lid, the first thing that we saw was the Fetch TV Mini itself placed in between a white piece of cardboard framing the product. From here, you can see that Fetch ensures that their items arrive safely to the buyer. Underneath this, you will see the remote placed in between blue and orange boxes; and inside these boxes, you’ll find the battery for the remote, an HDMI cable, and the power adapter. Upon pulling the cardboard out, you will finally see the quick start guide.

If you’re in the market but aren’t searching for a PVR, then Fetch TV has their Mini for you. It’s basically just the same as the Fetch TV Mighty, but the only difference is that the mini does not have the PVR features; additionally, it also supports the regular and classic HD. Fetch Mini is the all-new set-top box that lets you enjoy Catch-Up TV, pause & rewind free-to-air TV, as well as watch all the TV series that you enjoy. View some of the most popular films and TV shows through the Movie and TV Store; plus, you’ll also get to easily log in to Stan, Netflix, as well as other application subscriptions on the big screen. You just have to link this smart box to your broadband and television to fully enjoy every show and movie in a single place.

That’s the only difference between the two devices, but the Fetch TV Mighty and Mini both have these features: The FTA catch-up service from Tenplay, ABC iView, SBS On-Demand, etc., the option to purchase specific entertainment packs such as the BeIN Sport pack or the Optus Sport pack, integrated applications to watch Stan and Netflix, the pause and rewind live TV, and the Smart Seven-Day guide.

When it comes to entertainment, Fetch definitely has you covered, and as you can see, it can also ramp up your home entertainment needs.

Fetch TV Features

Fetch TV also has a ton of notable features and we’re going to talk about these to give you more insights about the product. The Fetch TV Mighty and Fetch TV Mini both have similar features: we liked Fetch’s pause & rewind live TV feature because if you end up missing something, you can just stop, rewind, and play the film / show again. Now let’s say you want to watch a specific show but can’t because of your schedule, Fetch will allow you to easily record the whole series of your choice. You can also utilize Series Tags to instantly record each episode of your favorite shows. After recording, you can save these in folders and sort your shows by episode number and series, making these easier to find once you’re ready to watch.

Fetch TV also has a seven-day TV guide so you can see what’s showing now and for the rest of the week. Now if you missed a certain show, Fetch TV has that built-in Free-to-Catch-Up application that lets you watch shows from last night, a couple of days ago, or even last week. Lastly, you can also enjoy watching some of the shows from selected entertainment channels that are on demand, anytime. We liked Fetch TV’s features a lot so these are getting a thumbs-up from us.

As mentioned earlier, the Fetch TV Mighty and Fetch TV Mini have the same features; the only difference between the two is that the Fetch TV Mighty has a PVR while the Fetch TV Mini doesn’t.

Using the Product

Setting up your Fetch TV will be very easy so you won’t have to worry about the whole configuration process. Here are the things you’ll need to begin: Of course, you’ll need a TV, a broadband connection, one free-to-air antenna, your Fetch box and a subscription. Both the Mighty and Mini boxes will both be linked to your modem via Wi-Fi, but if your connection isn’t really that reliable, you might need the PLA devices to connect which can be purchased from your Fetch service provider.

Now for the steps on setting up your device: first, you’ll need to connect the TV antenna since free-to-air TV channels are acquired via your regular television antenna which will be linked to your Fetch box, then to your television. Next, you’ll need to connect the box to your internet. Utilize the Ethernet cable provided so you can connect your device to the modem; if these aren’t placed in the same room, you can simply connect via Wi-Fi. Once done, you can connect the box to your television. Generally, there are a variety of connection options that are available; however, we highly recommend that you use HDMI. Once you’ve plugged everything in place, you’re all set and you just need to sit back, relax, and enjoy

The Fetch TV Service

Now, we’re going to look at the Fetch TV Services that are available for you to take advantage of. If you want to fully enjoy the ultimate Fetch entertainment, you’ll need to pay an additional monthly charge of $20 to purchase a full entertainment pack which includes more than thirty-five channels. Thing is, all these channels might be too much for you and you might not be able to watch everything regularly; don’t worry though, these packs can be broken down into four different ones and would cost just $6 a month. Speaking of these channel packs, they’re generally affordable and great if you’re someone who prefers watching specific channels: let’s say you’re a huge sports fan, we’d suggest that you choose Fetch’s Vibe pack; if you have kids at home, you can opt for the Kids’ pack. There are other packs available and you just need to choose which one best suits your entertainment needs.

Fetch TV also provides you access to all of the FTA options that are available – all the digital channels and the online catch-up services are organized in a single spot. You can pause or rewind these FTA shows and if you’re using the Fetch TV Mighty box, then you’ll be able to record as much as 585 hours of SD content. Their services also allow you to access online content like NASA TV, YouTube, and WikiTV straight to your big screen. You can also enjoy premium TV series by accessing the TV Store. Here, you’ll be able to purchase an entire season or single episodes of your favorite series; what’s really nice about this is that the TV Store is available to every Fetch customer.

You can also get access to the Movie Store where six thousand latest blockbuster movies can be viewed anytime. That’s basically every new release title coming from all Hollywood studios and a whole lot more. If you’re curious about which titles they have, hits like Black Panther is available – these are also yours to rent or buy for a certain price. Really nice since you can stream directly or instead, download these films to your mobile device for enjoyable viewing while on the go. If you have an SVOD subscription, Fetch TV can draw all of these in with a unique and easy to use application to make for a more enjoyable viewing experience.

Premium Entertainment Channels from Fetch TV

39 premium channels are readily available for streaming on Fetch and there are also other premium services available for your enjoyment. You’ll only need $6 a month so Fetch TV will provide you with premium channels that are all based on your interests and preferences. The four packages that are available include Knowledge, Vibe, Variety, and Kids. As mentioned earlier, you can get all of these packs for $20 per month. The channels that are available include news, kids, music, sports, and of course, entertainment; the most recognizable channels are ESPN, Comedy Central, CNN, E!, Disney, National Geographic, MTC, and a lot more.

Aside from these, Fetch TV also provides you with the Movie Box feature that gives you thirty pre-selected rental movies that are available to watch anytime. The availability of these films is on a thirty-day rotation where one film will be switched out for a new one to play. The Movie Box is part of Starter Pack for iPrimus, Optus, iiNet, and Dodo customers. For those retail customers, they can choose to add the Movie Box for a dollar per month. There are also special interests available for you such as the beIn Sports and Horse & Country for a monthly rate for each. There is also the UFC channel on a pay per view basis so those who sign up for Fetch TV via Optus can readily include Optus Sports to be able to view the Premier League Games; additionally, you can also add the Hillsong + ACC to your subscription, free of charge. If you’re into international content, you can also take advantage of Fetch TV’s World TV package which is available for a certain amount that ranges from $9.95 to $49.95 per month.

As of the month of October 2017, Fetch TV has included Hayu to their list – a special reality television streaming service that is available to all its supported services.


If you prefer having more affordable TV packages where data isn’t much if a concern, we highly suggest Fetch for you. If you want to have a bit of everything, then that’s when you choose Fetch TV since it does offer the best of two worlds between Apple TV and Foxtel; not only that, but it’s also a great compromise on the price between these two. What’s good about this is that Fetch TV also has more enhanced and improved functionality compared to Apple TV, so basically, we think that Fetch TV provides you an excellent mix of Apple TV and Foxtel, making it the best option for your ideal all-things home entertainment.

We can say that Fetch is a refreshing and rather surprising change of pace in the world of SVOD; and while it appears that a lot of people have already moved from your classic pay-TV outlets in favor of the streaming services, a lot of these individuals may still be looking for an easier way to access sports and entertainment packages. Generally, you won’t be able to enjoy live sports and TV on Netflix and the like, so it’s basically a turn off for a lot of people who enjoy watching these; also, a lot of people have gotten disenfranchised with the classic pay-television since they realized that they were paying a bit too much for what they were getting. These instances have left a void in the market with a lot of people searching for on-demand, streaming purchases, as well as sports & entertainment packages in one set-top PVR or box.

This is where Fetch fills that void and we highly expect that it will become even more popular in the near future. This device will be highly beneficial for you, especially if you’re searching for an easy and quick packaged solution for all of your home entertainment needs. Overall, with its uses, features, and performance, we can highly recommend the Fetch TV to you.

Where to Buy

If you want to get your hands on Fetch TV and access the latest streaming offerings, you can head on over to the Fetch TV website where you can purchase either a Fetch TV Mini or Fetch TV Mighty for your home.

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