Four of the Best Casino Movies on Netflix Right Now

If there’s one topic that translates well onto the silver screen, it’s the high risk, thrilling world of gambling. Full of gangsters, guns and glamor, most of the movies set in this sphere make for some seriously good viewing, so long as you’re not looking for anything too sweet and wholesome.

So, stuck for what to watch on Netflix this fall? Then here are four casino-centric movies we’d recommend.


The eponymously titled Casino gives audiences a good idea of what it’s about, but for those who want a slightly more in-depth synopsis, here’s what you need to know. Starring Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, and Joe Pesci, Casino tells the story of a mob-run gambling den managed by protagonist Sam (De Niro). As part of his agreement with his gangster contacts, Sam skims money from the casino without disclosing it to the taxman. Throw in a psychotic enforcer, a seductive hustler and plenty of heat from the police, and the result is a cinematic masterpiece famed for its sterling cast and outstanding script. This really is one of the must-watch movies of all time.

Ocean’s Eleven

Starring Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and a host of other A-listers, Ocean’s Eleven is a remake of a Rat Pack classic. It follows a crew of charismatic and compelling characters as they try to pull off one of the biggest heists of the 21stcentury – namely, robbing the three largest casinos in Vegas. The fifth highest grossing movie of 2011, this fun flick earned $450 million at the box office, and it’s not hard to see why. Fantastically directed by Steven Soderberg, it’s sure to have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.


Rounders is famed for being one of Matt Damon’s earliest starring roles, but that’s not all it has to recommend it. Following the story of law student Mike McDermott, a talented undergrad who just so happens to double as a poker playing genius, it takes us into the high octane world of gambling – and tells a tale that will have you hooked. Going from the courtroom to the criminal underworld as it flits from scene to magnificent scene, it offers the combined acting might of Damon, Edward Norton and John Malkovich in one. Did you know that if you ever fancy a taste of the action for yourself, you can play live casino games like casino poker online through the use of live casino streaming technology without actually having to leave the comfort of your own home? Now that really would be some gripping drama!


Bugsy is another brilliant casino flick. Charting the story of one man’s dream to establish a gambling mecca in the middle of the desert, it gives us a main character who’s charismatic, clever, and almost likeable. That guy is Bugsy Siegel, long-time gangster and forward-thinking visionary. Sourcing funds from other mob members in his New York stomping ground, he uses the cash raised to build a hotel and casino all the way out in Las Vegas, going on to become one of the forefathers of the Strip. Starring Warren Beatty, Harvey Keitel, and Ben Kingsley, this is a beautifully acted film that tells a fascinating true story.

Which of these films will you watch first?


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