Fractal Design Meshify C Mini Review


We have tried using several PC cases from Fractal Design in the past years and because of that, we already expect a few things from their chassis: aesthetics, solid construction, well-planned internal layouts, and great cable management. The company recently released the Meshify C Mini which is claimed to packed with aesthetics and great features.

When it comes to style, the company’s chassis models are generally minimalistic. The Meshify C Mini features a black color scheme and a tinted glass side which fits the bill. An interesting feature is the angled front mesh design which catches the light and increases its visual appeal.

Now with more than one enclosure, Meshify is not a dedicated line from the company. Under the series is the Meshify C Mini for Micro-ATX/ITX motherboards, as well as other variants of this model that feature a solid side panel, and the ones that feature a dark tinted glass.

In this review, we are going to talk about the Fractal Design Meshify C Mini which is the miniature version of the Meshify C. This model features the same design and features of its larger version; it has full filters, maximizing component space, and flexible storage options.

Fractal Design Meshify C Mini Review – What’s in the Box?

The Fractal Design Meshify C Mini that we got was the dark colored one with the tempered glass panel. It came in the company’s standard and simple cardboard packaging that doesn’t really have any of the fancy designs that are common in other similar products.

At the top of the box, you will read “Tempered Glass Edition” on one flap, while the other displays the name of the model. In front, you will have an illustration of the Meshify C Mini, the company’s name on the upper left corner of the package, and again, the model of this chassis on the upper right corner.

When you flip the box and check the back, you will find another illustration of the device there, but it isn’t centered like the one previously, and is positioned to the right instead. This illustration is also different since it has labels that indicate which part is which.

There is an explanation of each which will make it easier for you to determine which portion you should connect first. Generally, the outer portion of the box provides you with all the information that you need: the sides, you’ll get the basic specifications list which is really concise and informative.

Once you are done checking out the information on the package, you can start opening up and checking the box. When you look inside, you will see that it displays the classic method of packing these types of products. Two thick braces that are made of styrofoam protect the chassis from any damages while in transit; it is also wrapped nicely in a translucent plastic back for added safety.

Just as you would expect, there is a white box that is included in the Meshify C Mini; inside, you will also find all the necessary hardware that you would need for installation and use. There are individual bags present that hold the screws for the chassis; aside from these, you will also find standoffs and cable ties included in the package.

It might be surprising to some that the standoffs aren’t pre-installed for the Meshify C Mini which is just like the Define C. There really is no big deal with this since you’ll also be getting a tool that will help you screw things in place.

Another point where Fractal Design’s products have scored greatly is their case manuals included in the package. Just like the original Meshify C, the Meshify C Mini also comes with a nice, clear, and well-written illustrated manual which will help you and everyone else, whether they are veterans or newbies, easily install the chassis. It’s something that we really love about Fractal Design, and we all hope that they continue to do this with their other products as well.

The Product

Fractal Design Meshify C Mini Review

Let’s begin with the exterior of the Meshify C Mini: when it comes to its aesthetics, the chassis appears more bold and classy especially with its sleek dark color. Aside from its front mesh that has asymmetrical triangles at certain angles that look just like a stealth fighter, the case is definitely in line with the other products from Fractal Design.

The front panel draws a lot of attention, and we really liked it a lot; but of course, it all depends on your tastes and preferences when it comes to these things. But really, it looks good.

For it tempered glass side panel, it is really sleek and sturdy which is great. Its dark glass adequately conceals the inside of the chassis once you switch off your PC, allowing any for of LED lights to shine past when the system is working.

The top part of the Meshify C Mini features 240 millimeter radiator mounts which is really good. However, you should always keep in mind that this radiator may not be able to accommodate tall RAM modules depending on the layout on your board, especially when you utilize the standard radiator, as well as fans that are 25 millimeters thick.

The Dynamic X2 GP-12 case fans that are included were extremely quiet when it comes to general use.

For the captive thumbscrews, we think these are pretty neat and in all honesty, we wish that all cases comes with these. These are able unscrew just enough to let you easily remove the panel even if these do not really come off the side panel.

It only means that you can’t forget to use them or lose them when you refit the panels. Plus, remember that you shouldn’t have these muddled with the screws of the PCIe slot covers from within the case since these usually have slightly different threads present.

For the side panels of the Meshify C Mini, anti-vibration tape is used here to prevent any instances of buzzing especially if you have the older or fast hard drives that usually cause resonance within the case. We weren’t really expecting this on the Meshify C Mini, but we can’t deny that we were really pleased to see Fractal Design implement this simple measure.

For the interior of the Meshify C Mini, we can say that it’s quite similar to the ATX-capable Meshify C. You will see a full length PSU cover, while on the front portion is a concealed dual 3.5-inch / 2.5-inch storage cage. The 2 trays are not tool-free; however, these provide you with anti-vibration amounts so we still aren’t complaining at all.

You will find a plate that is fixed at the back of the motherboard tray which provides a total of 3 dedicated 2.5-inch SSD mounts. This means that you are well-catered for when it comes to flash storage, but is slightly limited in terms of real hard disk bays.

You can remove the hard disk cage by unscrewing the four screws beneath. It’s a little bit strange that the company did not mention this, or even the fact that the Meshify C Mini’s PSU cover comes with a removable plate in their guidelines.

Removing both items opens a huge space that appears to be big enough for a 360-millimeter radiator. However, Fractal Design states that a 240 millimeter or 280 millimeter limit is present. When it comes to the original and bigger Meshify C from Fractal Design, it does support the 360 millimeter radiator along its front section.

There is one 120 millimeter fan present with the Meshify C Mini as a standard; plus, there is also another one in the far rear mount of the device. Both of the mounts provide lengthened screw holes, letting you shift these fans to easily line them with your graphics card or CPU cooler.

Though while you can’t really fit a 360 millimeter radiator in the front portion, there is still adequate space for a total of three 120-millimeter fans or even a pair of 140 millimeter fans.

It’s also possible to fit in 140 millimeter or 280 millimeter radiators with a width limit of 144 millimeters. The roof portion of the Meshify C Mini features a pair of 140 / 120 millimeter fan mounts; but because of the proximity of the motherboard, only two radiators measuring 240 millimeters will fit perfectly in that spot.

It’s pretty cool that there are zip tie anchors in a lot of places, and since there are so many spots to secure these zip ties, you’ll be able to manage and organize your cables with ease. The Velcro strip and cable channels that are included in the package also makes for keeping everything neat and straightforward which is really good.

There are also sufficient number of holes in the case’s internal panels to route the cables through the concealed section at the back of the board for a less visible and neat finish. For the middle motherboard standoff, this features a raised notch to help hold the board in place when you install this.

Each of the cable access holes have rubber grommets which stayed in place even when we roughly pushed the larger and thicker power cables. We needed to exert some force to dislodge the grommets of this chassis.

Product Features

Outstanding Cooling Performance

The Meshify C Mini is one of the newest products by Fractal Design – its cooling performance is unmatched and it has a great, stylish new look. Just like diamond facets, the Meshify C Mini’s angular asymmetry Dark TG carves its own unique space as a new force in high-airflow layout. Tempered glass with an well-defined tint completes the black-on-black, stealth-inspired aesthetic together with an impressive style.

Compact yet Spacious

The open Micro ATX layout allows for unrestricted airflow path. Since it’s compact and spacious, air flows from the front and goes directly through the main components to the exhaust to ensure that your PC will be free from heat issues.

Compact Footprint

The Meshify C Mini’s compact footprint is notable due to its high-end component support of a tower that is larger in size. Since there are also six fan mounts and a multi-radiator liquid cooling capability, it can match the performance of the best cooling systems in the market.

Performance and Style

For Fractal Design, compromise is never an option so with the Meshify C Mini, you get the best performance for your PC while it’s covered in style.


The Meshify C Mini features two 3.5 or 2.5-inches of drive capacity and a total of three dedicated 2.5-inch drive capacities. There are five expansion slots available, and it is also compatible for the mATX and ITX motherboards. The Meshify C Mini makes use of the ATX power supply and has a total of 7 fan mounts.

Its rear radiator is 120 millimeters with a maximum width of 125 millimeters. It has a maximum recommended amount of 175 millimeters for its power supply depth limit, while its graphics card length limit is at a maximum of 315 millimeters with a mounted front fan. This Meshify C Mini has a 172 millimeter CPU cooler height limit, while cable routing space is at 15 – 35 millimeters.

Cable routing grommets are available and the Meshify C Mini measures 395 x 212 x 399 millimeters. With the feet / screws / protrusions, the case measures 409 x 217 x 412 millimeters.  Its net weight is 6.28 kilograms while its package weight is 7.41 kilograms. For the package dimensions of the Meshify C Mini, it measures 502 x 295 x 484 millimeters (L x H x W)

Using the Product

Building in the Meshify C Mini is a great experience. When installing the Meshify C Mini’s power supply from the chassis’ rear, its a simple process, just remember that the space for all the cables gets a little more compact, especially when you retain the stealth drive caddies that are also found beneath the shroud for the power supply.

We have already seen this approach so many times from a variety of companies like Corsair; and while it does clean the primary compartment, it does makes the area underneath the motherboard slightly tighter for space.

First, we checked its thermal performance to see if it really delivers good airflow. We also wanted to see if it would be noisy if it kept the components cool. We found that the case breathes freely due to the front panel and the main components’ open nature. Everything remained incredibly cool even under heavy loads and we saw zero issues with temperature spikes.

The Fractal Design team also reduced the noise levels of the Meshify C Mini. We’re really glad that we didn’t experience any problem with the noise especially while it also delivered great cooling performance. The fans placed in this chassis may be slightly audible, but this is only if you set your fan to run at high speed.

We are confident that the Meshify C Mini can deliver everything you want and need from a chassis. It balances cooling, noise, air flow as well.  We really like the fact what we managed to run several pairs of cooling fans. Although small, we had a great experience while using this case.


Basically, the Meshify C Mini from Fractal Design is the scaled down version of the Meshify C. Aside from its difference in size, it still retains a lot of the features of the bigger and original model. You get sleek looks, tempered glass, outstanding build quality, as well as great cable management. Just like the original Define C was designed for those who are sensitive with noise, the Meshify C Mini also performs excellently; there is no audible noise present and it excellently keeps the PC components cool.

For its aesthetics, we think that this chassis looks great and has a lot of options for high-end cooling. We think that this model is one of the best cases with the Micro-ATX form factor in the market today. All in all, we really love the Meshify C Mini. If you’re an enthusiast who considers using a smaller motherboard, we highly recommend the Fractal Design Meshify C Mini.

Where to Buy

If you want to have your own Fractal Design Meshify C Mini, you can check out the company’s store locator to see the authorized dealers that offer this product.

Fractal Design Meshify C Mini Review
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