Gamdias Zeus P1 Gaming Mouse Review

Gamdias has been silent in its mouse category for a while but they’re looking to come back with their newest Gamdias Zeus P1. This is a reinvention of the old Zeus by Gamdias. The old one was definitely an eye-candy especially for gamers. It looked like it came out straight from the Terminator with its design. It had a lot of aspects you can gaze at aesthetically. It also had a lot of buttons. 11 to be exact but of course, you kind of understand why that is. I mean it is called eSports edition. Being able to have immense control on your game with just your mouse gave a tremendous advantage over the competition. With that said it looks like Gamdias went to the more conservative route in its design but still managed to make it immensely aesthetically pleasing. If you compare the eSports edition with the Zeus P1, you’d find a drastic change in design and they also have lessened the buttons with the Zeus P1 but that’s not to say it’s not good for gaming. It still looks definitely like a gaming mouse and with the Hera Software; you can customize its keys, lighting, macros and many more. This thing also has a whopping 12000 dpi. Something that the eSports edition doesn’t have as it only reaches up to 8200 dpi.

Reinventing the design of something can be very challenging. Rebooting and redesigning something that the audience has grew to love and break that old concept to give them a new version can be pretty difficult. You’re not sure whether they’ll be receptive to this new concept. Gamdias is pretty ballsy to do this. It’s like when movie studios reboot an old classic movie to match the new design and trend of our ever changing world. A lot of these usually fail while some manage to make the audience grow to love the new rendition but a very rare few manage to amazingly and surprisingly outdo the originals. So does the new Gamdias Zeus P1 RGB optical gaming mouse still live up to the Zeus line or will it be the first to fall from Olympus?

We’ll see.

Gamdias Zeus P1 Review – Whats in the Box?

The box is very attention grabbing. When you first look at it, you immediately see the rainbow RGB lighting popping out from the box. It also showcases the main features of the mouse with a small caption underneath it.

One of the sides of the box has useful information about the specs of the mouse. It lists down all its specs and system requirements in an organized and neat manner.

The bottom of the box also has captions in various languages.

Once you open the box the mouse is covered in a layer of plastic to protect and keep it in place inside the box. It’s pretty simple unlike the outside of the box. Besides the mouse itself, it also comes with a quick installation guide for the mouse. Like most manuals, it’s also translated in various other languages.

At the back offers more information and also specifically points out the features on the mouse itself. I might add that the RGB lighting picture of the mouse here really looks great with the dark background. It pops out more and really gets the person’s attention. The rainbow colored lighting is again highlighted but would it be as great in in real life as compared to the picture?

Let’s take a closer look.

The Product

Gamdias Zeus P1 Review – Does it Deserve to be Called Zeus?

Right off the bat you’ll notice that it has the typical mouse look unlike its predecessor that looks like it’s from the transformers. Despite this, if you take a closer look, Gamdias actually uses high end material on the Zeus P1. The nice curved ergonomic design will contour substantially to the palm of your hand. Palm grippers will especially benefit from this.

Starting from the top, there’s a few programmable switches. Like most gaming mice, these switches are for changing the mouse’s dpi at default. Just above the switches, you’ll find the mouse scroll wheel. The rubber feels nice but the ridges aren’t as defined and it’s not horizontal. I prefer the horizontal ridges as it gives more grips. Despite the design choice, the rubber still helps the finger have a decent grip on the mouse wheel.

The two main mouse buttons are pretty simple. Nothing much to say except that it has a nice curve with defined humps on the side to prevent your finger from slipping through. Imprinted on the left mouse button is Zeus’ thunder. To me, the thunder imprint feels out of place and looks like they’re forcing the design on the mouse. It’s also awkwardly aligned with no basis and looking at it from a distance; you would think it’s a smudge or a scar on the mouse.

If we look at the sides it has durable rubber grip that is coated perfectly on to the mouse on both sides. Your thumb will have a proper grip on the mouse because of this. The ridges on the rubber itself also adds additional grip to the mouse should you encounter intense battles that require frantic movement from your mouse. Having the double rubber on the sides also makes it the mouse easier lift up.

On the upper sides of the mouse all the way to the back reaching to the other side is an LED light strip. This is also where you can see most of the RGB customized lighting effect that the Hera Software has to offer which may be breathing, neon, circular wave, responsive fade in or parallel wave. There’s another that can be found at the bottom that gives off a cool effect on your surface, may it be a mouse pad or a desk. Like the upper LED strip, the lower one also changes color and effect depending on what you pick on the Hera Software. Besides these two LED lights, there’s a last one on the mouse wheel. Although it isn’t as bright as the other two, it’s still very obvious when the room is dark. However on broad daylight, it can be hardly noticeable. So despite the fact that it is not as “heavy” in design compared to the old Zeus, it’s still very aesthetically pleasing and looks cool on your desk, especially when you close your room lights. It literally will grab your attention with its bright RGB lighting.

It seems that Gamdias has opted to make the new Zeus look simpler but still very aesthetically pleasing if you compare it to other mice or it is at least up to par with its design as it has 3 areas with which the RGB lighting comes out. And you know gamers love their RGB customized peripherals.

The Gamdias logo is at the rear end of the mouse, you can also see the two LED strips running across on both ends.

Under the mouse is obviously where you can find the optical sensor. It also has some product stickers and the serial number. There are also three skates at the bottom. There are 2 small ones at the top and 1 long one at the bottom which helps it glide through your desk.

Product Features

The mouse uses advanced gaming optical sensor for your gaming and daily activities’ needs. The Zeus P1 is 127.26mm in length, 72.45mm in width and 40.85mm in height. It is 125g in weight but this is without the cable.

The 2 main buttons at the top, the scroll wheel button, the 3 small buttons bellow it and the pair of thumb buttons on the left side of the mouse make up to eight clickable keys. Unlike its old version that has a whopping 11 keys, Gamdias Zeus P1 only has 8 keys, 7 of which you can customize except the left click. The left mouse button at the top will always be for the left mouse click.

The cable length is 1.8 meters and is covered in a thick braid.

The resolution of this mouse ranges from 1600 dpi to 12000 dpi where the default is 1600. The mouse offers six steps from the lowest to the highest setting, from 1600, 2400, 5600, 8200, 10800 and 12000 respectively.

The main switches have a lifespan of 20 million clicks and lastly Gamdias also offers a graphical user interface used to customize the mouse.

Using the Product

The mouse is very easy to use. Just plug it in and you can instantly use it. It will also light up with the default lighting effect which in my opinion is already pretty neat and it might take a while before you get tired of it and change it up again. However, with that mind, you can download the Hera software to further customize your experience. Have a look at the luminance tab as Hera software offers a wide array of lighting effects combined with 16 million colors to choose from. You might also find use for the timer and sound settings to remind you of certain things like your pizza timer so it doesn’t get burnt or to remind you to do your homework if you’ve been spending too much time playing or surfing the net.


The appropriately named Hera Software, UI of the Gamdias Zeus P1, looks pretty cool and deserves the title for a gaming mouse UI. It has various settings that you can tweak and customize.

First off is the key assignment tab where you can remap the buttons of the mouse. There’s five profiles altogether but the first one is the default where you can’t change anything. Although you can change the other four profiles, you can’t change their left mouse button’s mappings.

Next up is the macro management tab. It has a wide variety of options. You can name your macros, duplicate, delete and you can even link them to certain programs.

The third tab is the mouse control. This is where you can control and customize the cursor speed, vertical scroll speed and even the double click speed. You can also adjust the dpi settings here. It is worth noting that the lowest dpi setting is 1600 which a few may argue would be too high. To us, the 1600 is fine for a default setting. Although yes they could have let us go lower than 1600 as there are people who would be more inclined to use the typical 300 dpi setting and it’s nice to have the most used dpi setting on your peripheral just in case. You can also adjust the polling rate here.

The fourth tab is the mouse luminance. This most likely where most users would go to first. The tab is pretty straightforward. You can choose the color using RGB sliders just like in Photoshop and you can customize the lighting effects as well.

The sound and timer tab allows you to set premade sound files that play with each click.

Hera also has a sound file tab where you can assign what sounds you would like the mouse to make. If you don’t like the default ones, you can record your own sound as well.

The timer setting is where you’ll adjust the timer name and set how long it will run. You can also add a message that will pop up when the timer runs out. This is a good thing to track how much time you’re using on certain programs or to remind you to go back to work if you’re just on the internet surfing.

Lastly is the update and support tab. This shows basic information like firmware version and Hera version both of which you can check for updates on this tab. What’s worth noting here is the online support button that takes you to the Gamdias home page if you ever need help with the mouse.


After close scrutiny, we concluded that the Zeus P1 is still worthy to be a part of the Gamdias Zeus gaming mouse line. Despite its new design that completely strays away from its predecessor, it provided a fresh new look that does not compromise either in design or functionality. The nice curved design provides excellent comfort for the palm. The 12000 dpi limit gives the user a lot to choose from when it comes to dpi, although we would prefer if the minimum would be lower than 1600. In my opinion, giving us lower dpi settings would be better than giving us a whopping 12000 limit. I mean if you give a 12000 dpi as the maximum limit, I don’t think it’s not much to ask to lower the minimum limit as well as a lot of users would be more inclined to choose among lower settings, especially non-gamers. However, given that this is indeed a gaming mouse, a 1600 dpi minimum limit is still understandable.

The RGB delivers an aesthetically pleasing lighting fully customizable using the Hera software. It would be nice if the color on the scroll wheel would be brighter however.

Despite its flaws, the main thing that I would like to point out here that makes this mouse a real contender is it’s affordable. The feel and look of this mouse along with its functionality is excellent and if you compare its price to other mice out there with this caliber, it is cheap for what it offers. So if you’re looking for an excellent mouse but on a tight budget, this is definitely something you would want to consider.

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