Google Chromecast Streaming Guide for 2021

This Google Chromecast Streaming Guide for 2021 shows how Google found ways to make viewing online movies and shows easier. It has become possible with the help of Chromecast from Google. 

As long as your television comes with an HDMI port and you have a good internet connection, you’re all set. Everyone can access a collection of rich online content using your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Today, we are featuring a variety of digital streaming products, namely Chromecast, Chromecast Ultra, and Google Stadia. We have categorized them into three different options, namely “Budget”, “Basic”, and “Best”. 

The Google Home App

This section of our Google Chromecast Streaming Guide for 2021 will focus on the software/application used for these products. 

When it comes to these devices, they all make use of the Google Home App, the official application for Chromecast. Although it’s needed for setting up your device with the TV, it’s loaded with a ton of features for convenience. 

These features make the application a one-stop-shop for exploring the different possibilities you can do with your device. 

The Google Home Application allows you to browse trending content via Cast-enabled applications. It will also let you search for certain actors and films using your voice whenever necessary. 

Not only that, but you can use it for customizing your television with a collection of your preferred images.

Of course, this Google Home Application lets you use and control Google smart home products when necessary. Plus, you can readily search YouTube, and even call DVR recordings from YouTube TV, Google’s live TV streaming service. 

Now we’ll look at the first product on our Google Chromecast Streaming Guide for 2021 list. 

Google Chromecast – Budget Option

The first product on our Google Chromecast Streaming Guide for 2021 is the Google Chromecast, our Budget Option. 

It’s a little device that easily plugs into the HDMI port on your TV. It can work on your A/V receiver or any other display that can play audio and videos.

When it’s set in place, you can use the application for your smartphone. Also, you can utilize this in Chrome on your PC to remotely manage and control media streaming to the Chromecast. 

To accurately send media to your Chromecast, you will first need to open it in Chrome or your phone. Then, you’ll have to “Cast” it to your Chromecast receiver. 

The stream will begin playing on your television. Then, you can do some other things on your PC or phone while it plays. 

Video Quality

The video quality of Chromecast displays content in Full 1080p HD resolution, which is 1920 x 1080 pixels in total. Whether you have an HD TV that’s 720p, the content you’ll see will be downscaled to 1280 x 720 pixels.

Remote – Controlling Device

The Chromecast is simple, which is why a lot of people made it a part of their home technology. Compared to other streaming devices, Chromecast doesn’t come with a remote control. But despite that, you can play/pause or exit a casting session via the remote of your TV.

The technology that allows it is called the HDMI-CEC, which is established into almost all modern TVs today. This aspect appeared in 2008, and it allows your Google Assistant to switch on your TV for your favorite shows.

Because of the HDMI-CEC, your Chromecast can immediately switch inputs when you begin casting. 


Hardware Features

The Chromecast offers a long HDMI cable that can slip into a port without issues. It won’t interfere or block other cables while allowing the Chromecast to hang a couple of inches off the TV. 

It also has an accompanying 68-inch USB cord that can easily reach an outlet. This is essential if your TV doesn’t have any open USB port. 

What’s most vital about the Chromecast’s design isn’t anything visible on its exterior. It’s within the device wherein it uses an enhanced 802.11 b|g|b|ac Wi-Fi antenna. This element is possibly the source for its 15% performance enhancement that Google is proud of.

Chromecast Guest Mode

It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of guests in your home. You can have them enjoy and choose what they want to watch without giving them access to your Wi-Fi connection. 

Set your Chromecast to Guest Mode via the device settings. Whoever has a Google Cast-ready app within 25ft from the Chromecast can cast when the option appears on their device. 

If it fails, the user can opt to manually enter the PIN displayed on the TV. They can enter it into the application’s setting via the user’s device. 

Do Not Track Feature

You can’t switch off all tracking since the Chromecast is a passage for content. The good thing is, you can limit it. 

Open the Google Home app. Select Devices then Chromecast. After that, go to Settings, then uncheck “Send Chromecast Device Usage Data & Crash Reports to Google.” This will allow you to limit tracking. 

Share your VR Headset View to the TV

Google has a Daydream View headset. When you combine it with Chromecast, it lets you send what’s on the headset to the TV. 


If you want to get your hands on the Chromecast, it typically sells at around $35 via our affiliate link.

Basic Option – Google Chromecast Ultra

The second choice in our Google Chromecast Streaming Guide for 2021 review is the Chromecast Ultra. It offers an upgrade from the regular Chromecast in terms of speed and resolution.

Video quality

Chromecast Ultra selects the maximum refresh rate of up to 60 Hz. Since some 4K televisions don’t have a 60Hz HDMI connection, the Chromecast Ultra smoothens the resolution instead. It will choose 1080p 60Hz connection to ensure smooth playback.

It also prevents stuttering issues when viewing content.


Faster & Better Video Quality

If you have a 4K TV and plan to stream 4K content, it’s worth spending extra money for Chromecast Ultra. Having a faster and more capable device compared to the regular Chromecast means you won’t need additional accessories.

The Chromecast Ultra also offers high-dynamic range or HDR videos, which have a lot of pixels covered compared to 1080p. Each pixel tackles a wider range of color section and light output. As a result, the Chromecast Ultra projects clearer, crisper, and more vivid details.


As mentioned earlier, the Chromecast Ultra costs double the price of the standard Chromecast. You can get the Ultra for $70 at our affiliate link.

Google Stadia – Best Option 

This part of our Google Chromecast Streaming Guide for 2021 talks about the Best Option on the list. 

The Google Stadia, Google’s game-streaming service, launched in November of 2019. 

Stadia provides access to an increasing digital game library that functions anywhere. We were able to try it out, and we can say that it’s definitely a console alternative. In time, it could even become a platform killer.  

With that, the best way to play Stadia games via TV is by using it with the Chromecast Ultra. 


Google Assistant Support

If you need help, just ask Google Assistant, and it’ll give you the help you need. What’s notable is that it can overlay a tutorial video on the screen to provide you with a walkthrough. 

State Share

Sharing is a huge aspect of the Stadia experience. With it, users can immediately share playable moments from games. 

Here, gamers can click on State Share. It will transport them to the moment during the game that a YouTuber wants to exhibit. It’s not just a video clip so you’ll get to experience the action yourself, which is great.

Achievements and Game Shares

Similar to other gaming platforms, Stadia will chronicle and manage your in-game achievements.

Plus, if you purchase a game via Stadia, you’ll get to share the game with family members. It’s pretty convenient so each person won’t have to purchase the game for themselves. 

Video Quality and Performance

Video Quality

The video quality offered by Google Stadia depends on the data usage and plan that you subscribe to.

Limited data usage delivers up to 720p resolution. Balanced data can reach up to 1080p. The best video quality is 4K with 5.1 surround sound, which is only available with Stadia Pro.

Streaming Performance and the Appeal of Stadia

When we had Stadia running, the system was almost indistinguishable from playing games on an actual console. The only difference is the lack of fan noise, no discs or downloads, and no console.

Input latencies and lags were referenced in a couple of reviews, and this is quite an issue for Stadia. Generally, lag is a vital issue when it comes to cloud gaming. For streaming, it relies on internet connection, and lag issues will always be a big challenge to the entire concept.

Gaming consoles technically have a certain standard, but Stadia isn’t comparable to the current devices. This is simply because Stadia is a service, and it isn’t only a system. 

But despite the negative reviews, Stadia can still work to become a service to alter video games forever. The company will require a couple more server-side updates. Plus, they also need to make other changes for Stadia to become a platform it should be. 


Stadia is quite diverse when it comes to game selection. There are a couple of great ones available like Mortal Kombat 11 and Red Dead Redemption 2. Some games aren’t the usual hype like Just Dance 2020. 

Stadia has an exclusive game in its collection, which is GYLT, a child’s first horror game. In the future, it’ll also become host to even more popular titles like Marvel’s Avengers, Watch Dogs Legion, and more. 

Originally, the company aimed to release 12 games for Stadia. However, a day before launching, the number doubled to 22 games, with an extra game called Samurai Shodown. 

Since their launch, Google included about a dozen more new titles to their library. What we’re looking forward to is that they’re planning to add more games as time passes.

Controlling Device

The Stadia controller has a basic design with two joysticks, ABXY buttons, and a D-pad. There are also L1 and R1 bumpers, as well as L2 and R2 triggers. 

On the center, you’ll find a Stadia button for switching the device on. Here, you’ll see a Google Assistant button, start, and select buttons.

It charges via USB-C port, which is also where you’ll connect the device to your phone or computer. Additionally, you can use your USB-C headphones on this port, if you have one.

The bottom features a dual headphone-microphone jack. You can connect a gaming headset directly to the controller for voice chat. Since there’s a voice chat in the Stadia platform, you can communicate with friends using an interface.

Google Chromecast Streaming Guide for 2021 – Price for Product and Subscription

This part of our Google Chromecast Streaming Guide for 2021 will focus on the prices of Google’s streaming devices.

Google Stadia is available at different price points. You can choose from Premier Edition, Stadia Pro, Stadia Base, and the new free option. 

Premiere Edition

Stadia’s Premiere Edition costs $129, which is available at our affiliate link. This bundle comes with Chromecast Ultra, a Stadia controller, and a 3-month Stadia Pro subscription.

Stadia Pro

Stadia Pro subscription costs $9.99 per month. It’s the ideal choice if you want to stream games in 4K and with 5.1 surround sound. It gives you a complimentary game every now and then, with Destiny 2 being the first one. Aside from that, you’ll also enjoy discounts on all games in the Stadia library.

Stadia Base

Stadia Base is not yet released but is said to launch sometime in 2021. This is the choice for those who don’t want a subscription. It offers 1080/60fps with stereo sound. 

For games, you’ll have to purchase these individually, at its full price. The best thing about this is that the games will be yours once you’ve bought them.

Google Stadia Free Option

As of April 2021, Google Stadia offers a free option. When you subscribe, you can get two complimentary months of Stadia Pro subscription. Together with that, you’ll also get free games including Destiny 2 and all Steam World titles. 

If you’ve already subscribed to Stadia Pro, your next two months will be on Google. Plus, you can purchase the Google Stadia via our affiliate link.

Google Chromecast Streaming Guide for 2021 – Conclusion

In this day and age, streaming significantly affects everyone’s daily lives. And to have the best of streaming, we only want the best products to use. 

With that, Google Chromecast streaming devices are excellent for those who love streaming movies and games. 

It’s a great way to upgrade your media experience if you already use Google devices.

If you’re looking for a cheap option to start streaming on your TV, Google Chromecast is the ideal choice. It offers high-quality video at 1080p, which is enough if you don’t plan to stream 4K.

If you want an upgraded and faster streaming device, go for Chromecast Ultra. It allows 4K HDR streaming, and it features an ethernet adapter, offering faster performance. It’s double the price of the Chromecast, but you can stream higher quality videos.

For the best choice, go for Google Stadia. This allows you to stream and play a wide range of games. Depending on your data usage, the Stadia can offer as high as 4K resolution if you want to enjoy your shows and games in 4K HDR.

To sum up our Google Chromecast Streaming Guide for 2021 review, we highly recommend these streaming products from Google.

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