Google Home – The Challenge Has Been Set for Amazon Echo

2016 brings on the latest gadget from Google, the Google Home, a speaker that always listens as an answer to its stiff competition, the Echo from Amazon. By just saying ‘OK Google’ to this small cylindrical-shaped speaker, you get voice assistance from Google to make you do tasks you want to do or give answers to questions you want to ask. Other than making things easier for you there is a décor option as the speaker has a base that can change colors to match or contrast it with the color scheme of your home or office. The Amazon Echo may be a smart enough device to use in your home, but what the Alexa does not have is the control you gain even with your TV which is made possible through Chromecast integration.

Loyal customers of the Fire TV Stick and Fire TV of Amazon have continually asked the company for cross communication integration between the devices of both the Fire TV and Echo speakers. Yet, it is only Google Home who was able to open communication between the devices of Chromecast Audio and Chromecast. This communication gives you the option to, let’s say, tell the speaker, ‘OK Google, I want music to be played in all rooms of the house’ using the Home Speaker that has a playlist which, through Chromecast Audio will do exactly what you want to happen. A Demo video from Google shows a child asking about the Alpha Centauri star system using Google Home with the additional request for it to be shown directly on TV. Did it happen as you think it did? You bet, because as soon as the command was given by the child, a video from YouTube about the Alpha Centauri star system appeared on TV using Chromecast.

The integration of other devices from Amazon to its Echo speakers may be good, especially with the current huge third-party support it has, but Google Home will be a far better option because of its quality integration with the ecosystem of devices Google owns.

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