Google Unveils the Chromecast Ultra

Google’s own Chromecast will now come with 4K capability thanks to the all-new Chromecast Ultra. It’s been a little over a year now since the search engine giant upgraded its Chromecast with Chromecast 2. The successor showcased a different design, higher specs, and a revamped app. Everyone got a glimpse of the third generation model offering Dolby Vision, HDR, and 4K support, in the company’s event earlier this month.

Breaking Down the Chromecast Ultra

Google initially launched its Chromecast in 2013. The product was seen as a low-priced HDMI dongle that allows you to “cast” content wirelessly on your flatscreen TV. By 2015, Google upgraded to the Chromecast 2. It’s affordable, more responsive, and blazing fast. It came bundled with an updated Chromecast app — serving as an all-in-one medium for seeking compatible apps and content.

It functions in the same manner as Chromecast Audio and Chromecast Audio. All it involves is to tap the Cast icon within the compatible app on your mobile device to “send out” content to your smart TV.

Internal Features

Chromecast Ultra offers 4K support to benefit subscribers who want to watch content in 4K-equipped TVs. With the release of Ultra, Google singlehandedly beat the Roku Stick and Amazon Fire TV Stick in terms of 4K support. Currently, Roku and Amazon have set-top boxes built with 4K support. But they’ve yet to release a dongle that can concealed behind the TV. Even the 4K features is surprisingly absent in Apple’s latest TV box.

Not only is Ultra capable of content streaming via Wi-Fi, but it’s also bundled with an Ethernet port for users who demand wired internet connectivity. This makes it perfect for streaming 4K since it requires higher internet speeds for 4K or Full HD streaming.

External Features

We’ve witnessed several leaked renders made by some tech sites regarding the Chromecast Ultra. The latest model appears similarly to Chromecast 2. One big difference is that the logo on the HDMI dongle is now replaced by a “G” logo — a simpler tagline describing how the product is “Made by Google.”

Google made a smart move in retaining the design of Chromecast 2 for the Ultra since the physical appearance makes it easy to squeeze in between the TV ports. It has a tiny plastic-based body shaped like a hockey puck. Its front has a colorful design while the bottom part has a matte texture.

Availability and Pricing

The Ultra is set for an official release next month. Google confirmed the stick will be priced at $69 in the U.S. and £69 in the UK. To be updated with the release, you can simply sign up in the Google Store waiting list. They’ll notify you when the Chromecast Ultra is officially available.

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