Hardware Tips from World’s Top Streamers

No one would deny that every streamer needs to have the elementary equipment, such as gaming-oriented computer that needs to be especially designed for gaining easy access to the most recent gaming releases so that they can be played with no extra trouble. Apart from that, there should be some superior gadgets that are also a necessary part of one’s streaming equipment. These might include a webcam, a microphone and some other basic tools aimed at simplifying one’s gaming experience. However, the question is whether there are some secret tips and tricks as for what equipment needs to be chosen in order to become a top streamer worldwide. Here is what we have found out about the basic hardware tricks shared by globally recognized streamers with a solid reputation in the gaming market. The following details will allow you to discover everything you need to know about the best and most elementary gaming-oriented gear necessary for playing your favorite games. 


This Twitch streamer currently has nearly two million followers and is majorly engaged in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. He has started out his career by creating the gameplay-related videos and posting them on YouTube back in 2010, but soon enough he stopped doing this after he had been proposed to take up a job position at Sledgehammer Games as one of the best gambling sites of those years that became his sponsor. His streaming-oriented career began several years after that, in 2016, when he was mostly playing such gaming products as H1Z1, but his most pronounced success was seen in 2017 when he became part of the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Ever since that time, he has been acknowledged as one of the most easily recognizable streamers having a huge follower base that amounts to the greatest number of regular viewers of streaming-related activities.

When it comes to discussing the hardware used by this streamer, it is worth noting that his equipment is of premium-quality and includes a Turtle Beach Stealth 600 headset, Razer Lancehead mouse oriented specifically on gaming activities as well as Corsair Gaming K70 RGB keyboard and Asus-powered monitor of the top-notch level. As for the other equipment, it includes MAXNOMIC NEEDforSEAT chair oriented on professional gambling entertainment. As such, DrDisRespectLIVE definitely knows what a true streamer needs in his career, although some other streaming experts are not so demanding in relation to the choice of equipment.

As such, when we are talking about the necessary gear for one’s personal gaming-oriented experience, it is in fact up to you what kind of hardware to choose, because this is a matter of one’s individual preferences and tastes. But here is what another reputable streamer has to say about the kind of hardware required for a successful gaming leisure time.

RealGear (RG)

This streamer also has a decent follower base, even though he is not as widely known as the previously discussed one. RealGear also referred to as RG is commonly engaged in such gaming-oriented products as Fallout 4, Call of Duty, GTA and plenty of others, claiming that gambling entertainment cannot be regarded as just one’s hobby, but rather as one’s true passion and a source of inspiration. He is a true fan of graffiti art and evidently everything related to gaming activities. Although streaming is a joyful but highly challenging activity, RG decided to take up this role when he got bored of his regular daily activities, and since then streaming has become one of his most pronounced passions ever. He admits that it takes some time before a person would be able to build a career as a streamer and one of the topical aspects in this respect is obviously the kind of gear a person uses for his gaming activities.

RealGear himself uses a rather elaborate set of hardware tools such as PS4 and XboxOne as well as his Intel i3 laptop that is supposedly 6 years of age. As for other tools, his most loyal companion in the gaming activities is 21” Samsung monitor necessary for chat purposes as well as 24” Asus-powered monitor used for gaming leisure time. He admits that there is nothing special about his gaming-oriented equipment, but all this has helped him to become a rather reputable streamer on the global scene. The other gadgets used by RG in his gaming activities are elementary and include Cooler Master Devastator combo version as well as Turtle Beach PX24 headphones. He plans on updating his PC in order to make it more suitable for some latest gaming products existing on the market.

It can be concluded that the must-have appliance for every true gambler at heart is probably the decent microphone apart from other peripheral devices, while no streamer who respects himself would compromise on getting a decent and appropriate processor for his PC.

For many streamers, gaming is much more than just a way of spending time. It is their way of showing how skillful they are and how developed their strategic thinking abilities are at the moment. This makes us think that the most important factor in becoming a really recognized streamer is not just the equipment you have but also your ability to show that you are a worthwhile gamer who is capable of outperforming other players with much skill.

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