Have You Got A Few Million Dollars Burning A Hole In Your Back Pocket?

If you have a few million dollars that you don’t know what to do with, you could look at some gadgets that might make life seem easier, although that is debatable. For just a mere $7.9 million dollars you could buy an iPad Gold History Edition, which has a 57g T-Rex bone in the casing and an 8.5 carat diamond as the home button. Even the Apple logo on the back is encrusted with 52 separate diamonds. For a measly $4.7 million you could have 18K gold speakers or, for just $2 million, you could buy your own personal submarine.

However, a jeweler in the UK has beaten all of these by making an iPhone 5 that is worth $15 million. The case is 24-carat gold and the home button is a 26-carat black diamond. It is said to be the world’s most expensive smartphone and is owned by the Chinese businessman who commissioned it.

Who Can Afford These Gadgets?

Some things that appear to be no more than a gadget to start with turn out to be revolutionary inventions. When the car was first invented, people thought it was a passing phase as surely no one would want to be seen driving around in something so noisy and smelly. That’s not to mention the steam-powered behemoths that terrified the public. It was far better to stick to the horse and cart – or so it was thought at the time.

Only the rich could afford to buy motor vehicles and the same can be said today of the world’s most expensive gadgets. People are rich for different reasons. They could have made a fortune in business, they may have inherited some money or they might have won a lottery. Certainly, the prizes in some lotteries are so big there could easily be spare money for expensive gadgets.

Expensive Gadgets For Lottery Winners

Many lottery winners would not want to spend millions on expensive gadgets but, just in case they do, they might want to consider a magnetic floating bed for $1.6 million or a super luxurious toilet that, as well as playing your music, will clean and dry your behind. It only costs a cool $6.4 million. Some might be tempted by a flying car, which has a price tag of only $350 thousand. You just need to be aware you need a pilot’s license if you want to actually get it off the ground.

There is no end of gadgets for lottery winners to buy, some which will not be a great deal of use but can be fun to own.

However, it seems the favorite purchase for lottery winners is their dream home, followed by luxury cars, travel, and plastic surgery. Some like to give a portion to their friends and family and, often, charities benefit from the win as well. The ones that benefit most though are the winners themselves, who now have more choices in life than they ever thought possible.

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