Hidrate Spark 2 Review

There are times when drinking something good is all that’s needed to brighten up your mood, make you feel refreshed, and get you up and energized. Also, drinking from a cool-looking smart water bottle like the Hidrate Spark 2 can make things even better. This isn’t an ordinary drinking bottle since it can track the amount of liquid you take in to help achieve your daily hydration goals. It’s one good way to live a simple yet healthy life, in style.

Let’s talk more about this product and see how it can keep you healthy and hydrated at all times.

Hidrate Spark 2 Review

We have the teal-colored Spark 2 that appears just like your typical-sized water bottle and measures around 12 x 3.5 inches and can hold 24 ounces of water. Without anything in it, the container weighs around 0.46 pounds and slightly over two pounds when it’s full. At the bottom of its cap, you’ll find a long stick sensor attached to the area that has a three-axis accelerometer, a Bluetooth microprocessor, a touch sensor, and an area for two coin-cell batteries.

On the design, the Spark 2 appears really cool and stylish since its body is made from a BPA-free, frosted Tritan plastic with a faux decorative diamond cut that perfectly matches its flip cap. Behind the cap, you’ll also find a designed finger-loop to make holding the container easier. The container also has a good texture that will prevent it from slipping out of your hand; it’s also conveniently-sized to make it easier to stash in your backpack or purse; plus, the cap is also very secure so you won’t have to worry about leaks.

You can also put the Spark 2 in the fridge since it won’t ruin the sensor; however, avoid keeping this in the freezer. Additionally, the cap and bottle itself are dishwasher-safe but you must remember to remove the stick sensor and wash this separately, by hand.

Product Features

  • Tracks water intake
  • Syncs to hydration app via Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Glows to remind you to drink water
  • Long lasting replaceable battery, no charging needed
  • 24 oz / 710 ml
  • BPA Free Tritan Plastic
  • Fits common cupholders, backpack pockets, and bike bottle cages
  • Customized hydration goal
  • The app syncs with Fitbit, Apple Health Kit and more
  • Helpful reminders
  • Map shows last place you were paired with your bottle in case you lose it
  • Keep an eye on your friends progress
  • Easily add water you drink outside of your bottle (so you can meet your goal)

Using the Product

Once you’re done calibrating the product, Spark clearly and efficiently works in the background to adequately record the total amount of liquid that you’re taking in; don’t worry about refilling the bottle or pouring out its contents anytime since this will not affect your reading, as long as you remove the Spark 2’s lid instead of just pouring the water from its spout.

The only real warning that Hidrate tells you is that you always need to keep the bottle resting upright for a couple of seconds every time you refill or drink from this; it’s because of the orientation sensor that’s present. Of course, we tested the bottle and resting it upright just lasted a second or two, nothing much of a hassle so you don’t need to worry about this.

The Hidrate Spark 2 can also store up to a total of two days’ worth of information in the bottle so you’ll need to open the application occasionally to make sure that all your data gets properly synced to your smartphone. The app will automatically set the necessary daily goal based on your profile – your gender, age, weight, height, and your declared levels of activity; other factors are also included such as humidity, elevation, temperature, and your actual data for activities; you can also opt to set this on manual goal if you’re more inclined.

There are also weekly and monthly charts that you can use on the app and we liked this a lot since it had a really clean, simple, and easy to understand layout.

With this, you’ll also have a daily status screen that displays your progress towards your goal; plus, it also features an hourly chart that displays the amount of water that you’ve consumed for the day. You’ll also find an option to manually add your water intake so you won’t need to drink all your water from the Spark 2 bottle just to keep track of your intake.

If you’re an iOS user and have an Apple Watch, Hidrate also provides an app for this so you can also view your goal progress; you can also manually add your water intake here – a really nice bonus, in our opinion.


To pair your Hidrate Spark 2 bottle with your smartphone, you’ll first need to download the Hidrate application from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store; if you’re an Android user, it’s best to check if your phone’s model is supported.

From here, you’ll find a couple of prompts necessary for calibrating and pairing the app with your device; plus, you can also enter your profile for a more personalized daily goal. To calibrate the sensors, you’ll need to fill up the bottle all the way to its fill-line which you can find at the back of the bottle; it is also denoted with the symbol of a water drop right beneath the cap. After this, leave the Spark 2 on a flat surface for about ten seconds for better tracking.

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We tried using the bottle for more than a week and we’re glad to say that the Hidrate Spark 2 has positively changed our habits when it comes to drinking water. We realized we were drinking a lot more water and substituting this for our soda drinking habits. It’s great that Hidrate Spark 2 helps normalize and regulate the act of drinking enough water especially if you’re quite hesitant with this.

Overall, we can say that Hidrate Spark 2 has definitely set a new bar when it comes to smart water bottles and it’s obvious that the company did put a lot of thought, study, and effort with this product – it’s finely-made, durable, and well-designed; plus, its app is also very user-friendly with a clean layout. So if you’re looking for a smart water bottle to take with you daily, then we highly recommend the Spark 2 water bottle to you.

Where to Buy

If you want to have the Hidrate Spark 2.0 Water Bottle, you can purchase one for $54USD via the official website.

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