How Cloud Technology Has Changed The Brick & Mortar Store Experience

The coronavirus pandemic is taking a dramatic toll on retailers around the world. However, big changes were already underway in the retail environment in recent years. The threat of eCommerce and the rise of online shopping have forced brick and mortar stores to reflect on what changes need to be made in order to stay competitive.

However, technology is also helping physical retailers to bounce back. Cloud technology is reshaping the brick and mortar store experience. By taking advantage of the benefits of cloud technology in your own brick and mortar business, with everything from improved security to a better point of sale software, you will be able to navigate the uncertainty of the current economic climate and emerge from Covid-19 at the forefront of the retail industry.

To provide you with some context, let’s look a little more closely at some of the ways that cloud technology has changed the brick and mortar store experience.

Providing A Better Customer Experience

Cloud technology is allowing brick and mortar retailers to provide a better customer experience in-store. In particular, cloud tech helps brick and mortar business owners to offer a customised and personalised experience for every customer who walks in the door.

Customers create a great deal of data when they enter a store. From the items that they buy to their comments and reviews of products online, there is a wealth of information available to glean insights. However, before cloud technology, there was no reliable way to utilise this data to accurately observe trends or predict future spending patterns.

All of this information can also be used to carefully reshape marketing approaches and pricing strategies to not only generate more revenue but also to give customers what they want.

In-store sales staff and customer service specialists can also use this data to provide more personalised assistance to customers. When customer needs and preferences are understood, it is easier to shift your business and your brand to satisfy them.

Better Data Security

In the past, retailers were also vulnerable to the risk of data loss caused by a disaster. Events like fires and floods can destroy the data of brick and mortar retailers. And, if there is no backup, this valuable information can be lost. With the cloud, however, data can be stored off-site. Everything from your customer data to your financial information can be backed up and protected from any contingency.

Using The Cloud To Manage Across Stores

Cloud technology also directly improves store owners’ ability to manage multiple stores. For example, inventory management is one area that brick and mortar businesses need to master. Before cloud tech, however, cross-store inventory management was difficult and came with a time lag. Now, data is quickly accessible in real-time, which makes controlling and managing inventory stocks and flows much easier.

Taking this further, inventory and sales data can also be used to predict demand in the near-term. Better data availability from cloud-based technologies allows for more accurate and automated forecasting. This can reduce stock shortfalls and keep your business perpetually stocked with the most popular products.

Deploy The Power Of The Cloud In Your Brick And Mortar Store

Given the real advantages that come with using cloud technology in a retail setting, it is essential for all brick and mortar business owners to explore these tools. During these trying economic times, it is wise to take on any competitive edge that you can find, even if you are not well-versed in its use as yet.

Try out some of the cloud technologies described here and explore the many ways that you can use data to make better business decisions and provide better in-store experiences.

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