How Streaming Will Change Gaming Forever

Streaming has without doubt transformed the gaming industry in a huge way and it looks set to continue to do so as time progresses. While many of us may be more aware of streaming when it comes to music and platforms like Spotify or video streaming services such as Netflix, video game streaming is coming up fast on the outside and could soon take over as the most popular form of streaming in existence.

Video gaming has and still is one of the world’s most popular and best loved forms of entertainment but over the last 5-10 years, watching other people play video games has rapidly grown in popularity. It is over the last 5 years where the popularity has snowballed, with millions of people logging on to platforms such as Twitch and YouTube to watch their favourite streamers play the most popular video games around.

The streaming craze has already changed gaming and there looks to be more changes afoot for one of the industry’s biggest ever revolutions. One of the biggest impacts streaming has is that it allows game developers to get their content out there. When streamers play games and people tune in, developers not only benefit from the advertising of their game, but they can also collect useful feedback too. This feedback can then be used to develop patches or content drops, improving the game based on what the community wants.

Streaming can also help to promote different genres of games, with platforms such as Twitch now having categories which cover the likes of poker, slots and casino games. Poker tournaments have been regular broadcast on television, and now everyone can tune into Twitch to watch them live, while also having the ability to watch others play the latest slots and casino games too. In fact, this could even lead to traditional games like bingo getting in on the action. So that it is not unimaginable for mFortune Bingo and other renowned brands to be streaming bingo tournaments in the very near future.

We’ve also witnessed the rise of eSports, something which has been accelerated and grown thanks to streaming. While we may have been interested in competitive gaming in the past, there’s even more interest now that leagues, tournaments and events are broadcast live for viewers across streaming platforms. And this in turn has seen interest in eSports boom, with more and more video game titles being created with competitive gaming in mind.

Video games such as Fortnite were created while streaming was in full swing, and it was no doubt developed with an eye on the eSports market. Twitch streamers such as Ninja, who broadcasts live to tens of thousands regularly, also managed to generate huge interest in Fortnite as a video game too, proving just how important streaming has become to the gaming industry.

A final part of streaming which should also be considered as a game changer revolves around being able to play games via a cloud service or using a server. This means that thanks to the huge improvements made where internet speeds are concerned, there will come a time when lugging consoles around will no longer be required, with the Netflix of gaming said to be the future of the industry.

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