How Technology Has Improved Online Gaming

No sooner than gambling became an established industry that it started to utilise all latest technologies. When the Internet as we now know it was incepted back in the 1990s, the gambling industry was among the first to take advantage of it. Online casinos grew and spread all over the globe, appealing to an ever-increasing public. About a decade later, the industry embraced another emerging technology – that of smartphones. Shortly after the first smartphone was released on the market, online casinos launched introduced the first mobile casinos.

What is interesting about the gambling industry’s affair with technology is that theirs is a two-way relationship. Obviously, operators take advantage of latest technologies, but these technologies do not remain static – in fact, they greatly influence the development of the gambling industry as well.

How mobiles changed the way we bet

Whether we admit it or not, mobile and Internet technology has changed the face of most industries, including the gambling industry.

At present, the mobile betting industry accounts for about 40% of the online betting market. In the near future, this percentage is likely to keep on increasing. That is because mobile casinos provide unparalleled flexibility – never before were we able to bet on the go.

Thanks to mobile technology, we can finally place bets all day every day. Mobile betting-related apps provide gamblers with access to the latest casino games, allow us to compare odds at different bookmakers and even reveal valuable tips to help improve out betting strategies.

As you can see, mobile gambling has certainly made wagering more convenient and easily accessible than it was in the dawn of the Internet.

How technology made gambling more exciting

To begin with, it is no surprise that mobile technologies have made gambling a more exciting enterprise – sites like made gambling interactive. In the dawn of online betting, gambling on the web was looked down on, which made web-based betting enthusiasts very unlikely to share information related to their betting hobby.

Today, things look completely different. Some of the world’s most used social media feature a number of free casino games, where players can challenge each other, compare results, chat, etc. and people are loving these features.

Secondly, live streaming has also added to making gambling a more exciting endeavour. The live betting market is widely regarded as the most exciting wagering market, and not without a reason. Punters all over the globe increasingly use the live betting market, as it offers an array of more exotic betting options.

Evidently, apart from easing the whole process of betting, technology has also influenced the gambling industry into making it more entertaining to gamblers.

How technology improved security

Ever since the first online casinos emerged on the web, the public has been focused on the security of Internet gambling sites. Similarly to brick-and-mortar casinos, online establishments are susceptible to various security threads. Mind you, as technology has helped the casino industry evolve, it has also enabled hackers to use incredibly elaborate and complex technologies to hack into a casino.

At present, some web-based casinos boast unprecedented levels of security, utilising latest SSL and TLS protections to protect gamblers’ personal information. Such types of protection encrypt gamblers’ personal data and thus the information remains safe from possible security threads. Brick-and-mortar casinos keep up pace with latest security-improving technologies as well. For example, a number of operators have introduced AI cameras, which can identify suspicious behaviour.

Future perspectives

In the future, we can expect several technologies to leave their mark on the online betting industry. First of all, web-based gambling sites are likely to embrace cryptocurrency betting on a larger scale. As you might know, it is already possible to wager with cryptocurrencies, but there are just a few operators which allow it. In spite of that, more and more people use cryptocurrencies, which is likely to influence operators’ viewpoint.

Once the cryptocurrency trend is spread on a more global scale, we can expect most, if not all, online casinos to start working with cryptocurrencies.

Smartwatches represent another potential market for the gambling industry. Leading experts say the technology can be utilised to create a whole new model of slot games. Smartwatch slot apps might be activated via Siri Voice, too. At present, there are only a few slot games available on smartwatches, but we can expect the market to grow significantly in the next few years.

Finally, it is time to discuss the likely future of online casinos – VR casinos. Simply said, virtual reality technology would enable gamblers to sit on the Roulette table at an online casino and monitor the body language of other players. What is more, when it is combined with augmented reality reality technology, VR can completely transform the way we gamble online.

Virtual reality technology is still taking baby steps, but in the future we can expect more and more online operators to include it in their premises.

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