How To Start Watching the 2018 World Cup

Well it has been another 4 years and the World Cup is once again upon us, this time in Russia. With the games having kicked off on the weekend there has already been a number of shock upsets such as Icelands draw with Argentina, Switzerlands draw with Brazil and the Mexico win over Germany and it doesn’t look like its going to stop there. It is going to be one heck of a cup.

If you aren’t already tuning in to watch the games then you a missing out on some fantastic and suspenseful football. Thankfully there is a number of places that you can watch the World Cup making it easy for you to be able to start tuning in and supporting your favourite team.  Whether you are just interested in supporting your take or taking a punt on one of the many betting sites out there, there are plenty of options to get you up and running.

Unlike the Olympics where streaming options were somewhat limited, especially in Australia, the World Cup is much easier to access, whether you would like to watch it on your TV, smart phone or tablet. Let’s take a bit of a look and see what options are available.

Fox Sports

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is being televised by Fox and can be live streamed via the Fox Sports websiteFox Sports mobile app and the Fox Soccer Match Pass app. The games are being streamed in English.

Telemundo and NBC Universo

If you are looking to watch the latest games in Spanish then the good new is that Telemundo and NBC Universo have got you covered. Head on over to the Telemundo Deportes website and the Telemundo Deportes app which you can download from the website. You can also stream the games at the NBC Universo website.

DirectTV Now

Not the cheapest option available but it works well. For $35 you can subscribe to the Live a Little package which includes Fox, FS1 and Telemundo networks.


For $40 a month you can subscribe to Hulu Live TV which will give you Fox, FS1 and Telemendo network access as well as a whole heap of other channels.

Playstation Vue

At $40 a month you get a similar package as Hulu Live TV however Playstation Vue is not available on as many devices.

Sling TV

Another popular and affordable option to watch the World Cup is Sling TV Blue which comes in at $25 and will give you access to Fox and FS1.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV also has you covered for $40 which gives you access to Fox, FS1, Telemundo and NBC Universo.


If you are in Australia you can watch a large number of games completely free thanks to SBS. SBS provides one of the most stable and high quality streams available when It comes to Football.

Optus Sports

Another win for the Aussies, for only $15 you can watch every live game and re-watch all played games via the Optus Sports mobile app. Thanks to the Chromecast support you can easily watch it on the big screen.

With Football fever raging across the globe the networks are receiving record viewership with it being estimated that over half of the worlds population will be tuning in to watch the cup and fans the world over are laying down their predictions on betting sites everywhere.

Football, it is truly the language of the world.

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