How to Watch US Netflix While Traveling

VPN service is often the only way to unblock US Netflix when traveling overseas. Every country has different sets of shows and movies available. But, Americans want to binge their favorite show on rainy days on vacation or off days if working in a different region.

Safer to Not Assume Netflix Access is Everywhere

Video streaming services are vastly different from country to country. Amazon Video, Hulu, Sling, and every-growing service, Netflix are not the same nation to nation.

Netflix is a streaming service with agreements to provide TV shows and movies to specific markets. An example of a significant difference is Star Trek: Discovery. The United States and Canada must subscribe to CBS All Access while the rest of the World watches it on Netflix.

Useful vs Unethical

Reading terms and services pays off. Section 4.3 in Netflix’ terms and services explains a user is only entitled to the movies and television shows in the country where they have an account.

The same section also explains the established account and location goes hand in hand — content changes based on region and changes regularly.

4.3. You may view Netflix content primarily within the country in which you have established your account and only in geographic locations where we offer our service and have licensed such content. The content that may be available to watch will vary by geographic location and will change from time to time.

The issue some people come across is the question of ethics. The use of a VPN is not piracy, but it does feel that way on occasion. Following rules and terms of use is instinct. However, sometimes cutting a corner or two feels selfish but it is not unethical.

The use of a VPN within the region of the agreement is not breaking policy. The use of a VPN outside of the country is merely skirting the edge out of necessity.

Mastering Unblocking Using a VPN

IP addresses are computer signatures. It how companies track consumer data, usage, and viewable content. The accuracy is surprising. It gives geographical information and blacklists to forums, or forbidden websites are now easier than ever. Every place someone connects to the internet throws a new IP address.

Other giveaways on about locations are everywhere. From cookie data to browser settings, the communication of location is hard to avoid. Even a mobile device pings GPS systems.

A virtual private network, VPN, is capable of doing two things:

  • Cloaks network traffic with hardcore encryption to block outside players from viewing activity from any device.
  • VPN’s also subverts outside actors from monitoring personal information through the use of remote servers ran by VPN companies like Surfshark. It hides an IP and creates a wall so online activities cannot correlate directly with the user.

The various reasons to use a VPN are important. However, the ability to continue to access sites from a home country while out of the region is key gain access to Netflix and other services that are nation-based.

The use of a VPN saves the hassle of having to reconfigure devices to a foreign country’s IP address and then change it back when returning home. VPN companies do the work for the user. The myriad of servers and IP addresses are priceless when going through a virtual private network company.

The basic ins and outs of how an IP works for Netflix are simple. The best route to take is utilizing Surfshark’s servers and setting up a VPN to connect wherever someone is Worldwide. The ability to continue binge-watching a favorite show is that easy.

The routing of an IP address works in the opposite direction. If in the United States and a favorite show is streaming in the United Kingdom, the same servers reverse the VPN and bam; the show is available.

The theory is straightforward, but in practice, it is trickier.

Netflix Blocks Watching and Traveling

The regional requirements that Netflix sets up for its content are strictly enforced by blocking VPN use and setting up firm digital borders. But, they do not take into account people who use public WiFi. VPN usage is for security as much as skirting the secure boundaries of the Internet and country-specific sites.

VPN companies are the answer to blocking customers from Netflix. The battle between VPN servers and streaming services is real. But, diligent experts stay one step ahead and guarantee the convenience of access and keeping content unblocked.

Traveling and Testing VPN’s & Netflix

Netflix-friendly VPN’s are always at work to allow customers access to their favorite shows regardless of location. However, on occasion, Netflix finds the hole and plugs it up. But, keep in mind, a VPN companies’ teams of specialists are at work to unblock a new entrance.

Testing VPN services often are the best method of finding the best. VPN servers in Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Australia are all testable using a series not available in specific Netflix markets. Each VPN company is different and evolving.

Testing often reveals trends. For instance, access to the United Kingdom’s Netflix library is difficult while Japan is nearly impossible. Australia seems to test as the easiest and Canada ranks somewhere in between them all.

Streaming Netflix and Speed

HD quality or better streaming takes up bandwidth at a rapid speed. Faster connections result in better resolution. The Internet has always had its base on how fast someone can access any given application.

NordVPN, TunnelBear VPN, TorGuard VPN, and Surfshark is a short list of VPN’s with speed to stream with ease.

If for whatever reason the speed slows, Netflix allows some television series and movies for download and later viewing. The downside of relying on offline viewing is that Netflix follows geographical location as long as connected using an IP. Finding the right VPN is still the best option.

Final Testing Result and Review

Surfshark is new to the VPN game. However, their technology is tested and tried in the world of streaming video. Unlimited bandwidth and over eight hundred servers solve the unblock Netflix issue.

The security that Surfshark offers its customers is some of the best around. The leak-free life that they provide ensures IP addresses remain secure and information kept tightly secure.

Surfshark does not collect browsing information or history, IP addresses, timestamp, or network traffic. The end result is a company that does not keep logs of any activity of its users. It saves consumers identities safe and able to travel the World without international limits.

Regardless of the VPN, streaming Netflix is a must if only to bide time before the next meeting or layover flight. The best VPN service will unlock US Netflix regardless of location.

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