Hulu is Making a Major Move

Hulu has for a long time been popular for being a great place for people to watch their favorite shows from different networks if they failed to do so the previous day. Hulu now wishes to expand its horizon as it seeks to add great documentaries to its available programs.

Just recently, Hulu unveiled Hulu Documentary Films, which is a compilation of streaming documentaries that are only made available on its network. The program is to start with a Ron Howard Documentary – The Beatles: Eight Days a Week, which would initially be aired in theaters, as with others in the pipeline. However, they will afterwards appear on Hulu within the shortest possible time.

Though they have not announced any other titles and have as well not given any timeline, we are enthusiastic that a lot more Documentaries would be aired on Hulu in the coming years.

This is another important reason why we should try to hook up to Hulu as they strive to diversify their programs by adding Movies to their already existing TV shows. Only last year, they entered into a pact with Epix, which resulted in moving their log of big-name movies to Hulu from Netflix.

Hulu’s aim is to grow their catalog rapidly in order to be able to measure up with Netflix and Amazon, which both enjoy a relatively larger number of subscribers. One way Hulu plans to consolidate on its rapid growth is to continually present original content as well as enter into deals with top shots in the streaming industry. By so doing, it would rapidly attract new subscribers into its fold.

To access Hulu outside of America you will need to use a DNS unblocking service. Checkout our review of Getflix, our recommended DNS Unblocking service.

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