Humixx S1 BT Wireless Earphones

More people are choosing to make a positive change in their life by taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle by hitting the gym or taking to the streets to run on some of that excess weight. When getting some exercise nothing helps more than pumping yourself up to some sweet beats to really get you motivated.

The problem with most headphones is that they are not entirely suited to active workouts where you might be sweating a fair bit. Wearing standards headphones can get easily damaged when being used in active situations. This is where the Humixx S1 sports headphones come in.

The Humixx S1 are comfortable sports headphones that offer rich sound in a waterproof design that is perfect for active lifestyles.

High Quality Sound

Quality HIFI sound for music playback: Uses a CSR chip, coupled with an APT-X digital audio compression algorithm, to provide higher quality music; even whilst exercising strenuously, the sound quality is still dynamic and clear.

Supreme Comfort

Comfortable and secure when wearing: 45° angle earplug gives you an optimum ergonomic experience. The device has a lightweight design, which weighs only 40g, so it will not be uncomfortable, even when being worn for a long time. Fits closely and stably to the shape of your ear canal, ensuring it is firmly fixed and will not fall out. The wiring is flexible and friendly to your skin, extremely wear-resistant and will not get knotted, making sure you have a comfortable and relaxing sporting experience

Convenient Magnet System

Convenient magnetic design let you attach the two headphones together and not fall apart when not using, and wear like a necklace around your neck, a convenient way to carry around.

Clean Design

Symmetrical neckband design: The flexible neckband has been designed ergonomically so that it fits comfortably around your neck. No matter whether you are running or cycling, you have total freedom of movement. Will not hurt even if worn for a long time.

Ongoing Support

After-sales & 100% Satisfaction: We are committed to giving a complete refund within 30 days of purchase, and a free 180 day replacement, for any faulty items; we also provide 24 hours x 7 days immediate customer service.

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