Humixx Wireless Headset

There was a time when using a wireless headset was the trendy thing to do and was all the rage (thankfully times change) however there is still very real use cases where making use of a wireless headset can make life much easier for people.

Sure a lot of cars come with built in hands free functionality however a lot of people don’t have this option in their car and it can cost a lot of money to have it installed. Perhaps you don’t want your phone conversation blaring over the cards audio system and you would like to be able to maintain a more private conversation whilst driving your car?

Thankfully companies such as Humixx are creating cost effective wireless headsets that can easily connect to your phone or smart device allowing you to route all audio and voice direct to the headset.

The wireless headset from Humixx looks stylish with is premium black finish and sleek lines that keep the look of the headset to a minimum which is something that other companies often fail to do. The headset is incredibly simple to use and delivers amazing audio quality whilst also packing a range of features:

Fast and stable signal transmission

Qualcomm wireless 4.1 is adapted to provide a strong and stable wireless signal, which can be easily and quickly paired up to a distance of 33 feet. They can also be paired with two devices at the same time. Compatible with most of smartphones: iPhone, Android, Huawei, etc.

Clear voice calls

CVC intelligent noise reduction technology, adapted through the use of two microphones. Humixx H9 Headsets, can effectively reduce environmental and background noise, providing a clear natural call experience.

Comfortable Wearing Design

Extremely Lightweight at only 9g. Crafted with refined aluminium alloy. Ergonomically designed, multi-sample ear data analyzed – to make wearing more comfortable.

Automatic wireless charging with strong magnetism

The built-in lithium-ion battery provides up to 5 hours of music or 5 hours of calls. You can use the earphone bracket on the car vent to charge at any time, with less trouble of charging or losing.

100% Satisfaction

Committed to 30-day refund and 180-day free replacement, providing 24hr * 7 customer service.

To get your hands on a Humixx Wireless headset head on over to their Amazon store for more information.

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