iFixit Manta Driver Kit Review

If you’re someone who’s meticulous about securely screwing PCs and other devices, you’ll most likely need a reliable tool for such tasks. And if you’re clueless about which ones are the best tools around, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered.

IFixit is a company that is known for creating excellent repair tools. They’ve also made a name for their repair manuals that are free for use. Their aim is to prevent or lessen the total amount of garbage found on most electronic devices or gadgets; also, they aim to safeguard our environment. This is because the company believes that “repairing is recycling”.

And with the aid of their excellent quality iFixit tools, every type of electronic device or smart gadget can be repaired easily, adequately, in a blink of an eye.

Today, we’re going to check out one specific product from iFixit which is their Manta Driver Kit. It’s packed with a ton of useful tools that may be useful for all your repair needs.

iFixit Manta Driver Kit Review – What’s in the Box?

The Manta Driver Kit from iFixit comes in a nice and clean looking cardboard box. On the front part of it, you will find a huge image of the product that almost covers the entire area.

On the upper left corner, you will find the name of the brand and on the lower left area, you will see the name of the product itself. Below “Manta Driver Kit” reads “The Universal Bit Kit for Any Repair Enthusiast” which is the company’s tag line. It also displays the size of the ball bearing rotary cap: one is for the ¼-inch drive, and the other is for the 4-millimeter drive.

On the other portions of the box, you will find basic details about the kit and its contents; but one thing that we really appreciated about the package was that it came with a handle for easier carrying.

In the Box, you will find the kit itself which contains a wide assortment of bits. It’s complete with every driver head that you’d ever need for repairing or handling DIY projects. The kit includes your standard bits like the Flathead and Phillips, as well as a wide array of sizes to let you handle every single task from home DIY activities to precision electronic tasks.

Plus, this wouldn’t be a bit kit from iFixit if it did not come with the unique bits for MacBook and Apple iPhone repairs to Gamebits for all your classic Nintendo consoles. It’s really cool since all of the next generation bit kits from iFixit were re-engineered for enhanced utility. When it comes to the bit kit lid, it’s held in place via magnets to improve the lifespan of the product.

The lid also comes with a built-in sorting tray which is helpful if you want to keep all your screws and other parts neat and organized. Also, the 4-millimeter bits have all been redesigned to have longer necks for precise and deeper reach.

The Product

iFixit Manta Driver Kit Review

The iFixit Manta Driver comes with a massive collection of 112 pieces of steel bits which you can use for electronics, home gadgets, as well as a wide selection of devices such as a video console security, and the like. The tool kit comes in a textured laser-cut hard case, a magnetic lid, and a highly dense foam that allows you to instantly see and choose from the available bits.

For the lid of the tool kit, you will find a grid-like pattern under it. If you need to separate screws, washers, and other tiny parts, the lid can be used to help you easily sort these things out. Since the Manta driver bits are narrow with longer necks, these make accessing small, tight holes easier.

The driver bits are all placed on a piece of foam which is integrated with a size numbering for each screw so you can identify what you need right away without having to take each bit out just to measure these. It’s really convenient especially if you’re doing a lot of repairs.

Aside from the 112 bits, the kit also features anodized aluminum drivers that allow you to fix devices with a quarter-inch and 4-millimeter bit. With these parts, you can easily work on every fastener in a lot of electronic gadgets.

Now let’s proceed to the drivers. As mentioned, the kit has two quality bit drivers to work on the bits. These feature magnetic fit sockets for holding these bits, as well as narrow grip necks. The drivers also have anodized black aluminum spinning silky-smooth tops so they can function as precision screwdrivers. iFixit also provides threaded area for precision and for torque, it also gives adequate surface area on the drivers. The drivers are actually of highest-quality, are robust, and easy to use.

For the driver bits in the Manta driver kit, these vary from Phillips, torx, torx security, flathead, pentalobes, triangle square, gamebits, and different nut driver sizes. These make the kit a great set for repairing gaming electronics.

The gamebits in iFixit’s Manta Driver Kit are bits for video game security which come in 3.5 and 4.5 millimeters. As for the 3.8-millimeter video game security bit, these allow users to open game cartridges for Original Nintendo, Original Game Boy, Virtual Boy, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Sega Game Gear, and Game Boy Color.

Let’s start off with the measurements of the kit’s case: it is 216 x 175 x 35 millimeters and the materials used to create it is recycled ABS together with EVA inserts. All in all, the driver kit weighs a total of 2 pounds.

For the bits in the iFixit Manta Driver Kit, the material of 4-millimeter bit is S2 steel, while they used 6150 steel for the ¼-inch bit. As for the material of the bit driver, they used anodized aluminum.

All in all, the iFixit Manta Driver kit contains a magnetic aluminum screwdrivers with ball bearing swivel cap, one measuring a quarter-inch and the other measuring 4 millimeters, as well as a total of 112 driver bits.

Product Features

A Driver Kit to Cover Everything you Need

iFixit sees to it that their repair and upgrade kits have all the necessary tools for you to get the job done. As for the Manta Driver Kit, this was designed for a wide array of uses. With an assortment of 112 steel bits, drive styles, and sizes necessary for repairing any electronic gadgets, you can simply repair anything without costing a fortune.

A Wide Selection of Bits for Added Repairs

The 4-millimeter bits are redesigned and now have a longer neck which allows for extended reach and precision. You can repair any device whether it has the common Flathead or the Pentalobe.

Premium Design

The two superior drivers in iFixit’s Manta Driver Kit has silky-smooth tops that spin, as well as magnetic bit sockets. The magnetic case does not only work for storage, but its lid also works as a built-in tray to sort tiny compartments.

The Manta Driver Kit for Proper Repair Work

Having the right tools on hand makes all your repair jobs easier, and with a repair manual too, things will just be a lot more convenient. Good thing that iFixit has all of these, and they sure got us covered with all the repair tools that we need.

Tools that are included in the kit, such as the assorted bits, driver heads, and even the Phillips and Flathead are all made from quality materials. This is to guarantee durability and efficiency allowing you to handle every repair task. Fixing items like precision electronics to various home repair do-it-yourself projects.

We also appreciate that iFixit provides us with iFixit guides and answers which are necessary if you aren’t really that used to doing your own repairs and such. Plus, these make your fixing tasks easier which is definitely a plus from the company, so great job on that.


Generally, the iFixit Manta Driver Kit is the perfect solution for repairing most of your electronics and gadgets. And since it comes with all the necessary screwdrivers and heads, you’re sure to finish all your repair tasks at hand. Plus, the kit is also complete and is adequate for dealing with tiny, delicate fasteners and large screws.

Another great thing that we really appreciated about the iFixit is that they provide excellent repair guides that can help you repair a wide variety of electronic devices. Honestly, we’re extremely lucky to get the chance to try this Mata Driver Kit from iFixit; and we ended up using it almost every day to repair our PCs, gadgets, and other devices faster and easier.

So, if you’re someone who regularly does repairs on a variety of gadgets, smart devices, or home & consumer gadgets, then we’d very much recommend the iFixit Manta Driver Kit for all your repair needs.

Where to Buy

You can add the iFixit Manta Kit to your tool collection for only $59.99. For more information head on over to the iFixit product page.

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