Internet and Information Overload: A Blessing or Dilemma?

The internet is as integral a part of our lives as anything else is. What used to be a luxury has become a necessity in the current era. Since the invention of 4G and LTE technology, the flow of information is a matter of millisecond now. These technologies have enabled human beings to transfer information in real time.

The big question which arises is if this limitless flow of information beneficial? There is an ongoing debate between masses globally, some supporting the internet as a gift which is revolutionizing the world while some school of thoughts consider it as a negative influence, especially on the younger minds.

The current generation is passing thorough the age of information, where it would not be wrong to say that information is just a few taps away on your smartphone. The interesting part is that we are continuously uploading information through our devices and this act is enabling the operating systems to be more predictive and smarter.

Take Samsung’s assistant (Bixby) or iOS assistant (SIRI) for instance. These assistants were not as smart as they are now a few years back. Keeping that into consideration, Samsung recognized its importance and decided to have a dedicated Bixby button in their flagship mobiles. Although many YouTubers complained about this feature, Bixby button is still a part of Samsung’s latest (S) flagship series recognizing its importance after the introduction of the 5g technology.

There is so much influx of information due to technological advancements that an average person is unaware of how to digest this kind of information on a daily bases. We are constantly flooded with every kind of information, which results in the loss of critical thinking. Today our life styles are so busy that we hardly get enough time to validate the information, which it being fed to us, whether it is true, or a fabrication by someone with hidden motives.

Right after the tragic 9-11 events, we can observe how the information flow enabled the governments to pursue their latent functions in a very legitimized manner. A number of private entities can benefit from such situations of unrest and then push in their own agendas, which go unnoticed in the larger scheme of things.

Underage sexual exposure might be considered as a taboo by some, but is an important dilemma, which needs to be addressed nevertheless. Our youth has access to the entire internet domain and with it comes the darker parts of it as well. Things, which shouldn’t be exposed at an early age, have become common knowledge in these modern times.

Children deserve to enjoy the life of adolescence and therefore elders need to participate and control the content, which they are being exposed to. Saying that, the advancements and the availability of internet can also help people pertaining to personal matters. Any dependable internet options like Frontier internet allow the users to control the content, which is being viewed by various family members.

Once any sensitive information is shared on public platforms, it becomes near to impossible to undo that act. Wiki leaks is just a recent event in which sensitive information of high-profile personalities became public, which led towards the resignation of various influential personalities and its impact was so profound that many business tycoons and politicians had to terminate their businesses and careers entirely.

With the flood of information over the internet, it has crippled the governments to take independent decisions. The public has become an important stakeholder in any major happening. The governments usually take ‘popular decisions’ now because they cannot afford any enmity from the public.

The powerful countries around the globe can intelligently gathers information from the targeted nations and sadly manipulate masses in their favor or against them over the internet. These acts ultimately lead to the toppling of incumbent Governments across the globe.

A recent highlight of a case, which has caught the public attention these days, is that of election rigging. Reportedly, republicans rigged the 2016 elections with the help of Russia over digital platforms. There is still no hard proof regarding how the governments intervened and helped the republicans but the important catch here is that Facebook was used as a tool to change the perceptions of voters.

The Management of information over the internet is not only a major task for the governments but is also an exceedingly important factor for international agencies to peacefully co-exist. The freedom of speech should be used wisely. Where it gives an advantage to covey your message to the masses, the sender also needs to take into account that their message doesn’t deliberately hurt the sentiments of his/her counterpart.

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