Introduction of Gun King Game Mode in Free Fire’s Bermuda Remastered Map

Released in 2017, Garena Free Fire has gained a lot of popularity and is on the trending page with the label of Editor’s Choice on Google Play Store. Free Fire is the first Battle Royale video game released on Mobile Devices and has more than 84 Million reviews on the app store. You know what – there is a competition between battle royale titles like Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG Mobile, and Free Fire, to introduce something new to make people addicted to them.

Introduction of Gun King Mode (First found in Kalahari)

Free Fire has three simple modes, Solo, Duo, and Squad, and you have to select before jumping into the game whether you want to play solo or with friends. There are several maps and the game has recently introduced the remastered version of their very earlier map Bermuda. On monthly basis, the game keeps introducing new modes for the specific period and Gun King is one of them. Firstly, the Gun King mode was introduced on the Kalahari map, but in the latest update, the Kalahari classic map has been removed. Now, you can enjoy Gun King mode on the Bermuda Remastered map.

Although it offers challenging gameplay, you have a chance to revive many times until the game ends. The game pits two teams of four players against each other and defines an inventory of weapons with starting item to ending item. Every player starts with a knife and once the team killed the members of the opposing team four times, they are promoted to the gun. Similarly, the team with the most wins matches will be declared as the winner. If you are to new Free Fire and don’t intend to start from the beginning, then we recommend you to visit and purchase Garena Free Fire Account to start playing professionally.

How to Play Gun King Mode in Free Fire?

It is pretty simple to select and play Gun King Mode in Free Fire mode, the thing you need to follow is the steps mentioned in the guide:

  • Run Free Fire and Hit the Map Button to change the option.
  • The game displays all available modes and lets you select what you want to play.
  • Do search for Gun King Mode from options and select it.
  • Next to that, hit the start button to get into the match.

When playing in Gun King mode, the game won’t take you to the lobby to wait for other players. After a few seconds of hitting the start button, you will be in the game. To win the game, your goal is to kill as many players as possible and score the highest points. You should keep your match-winning numbers always higher than the opposing team and use surviving skills to keep yourself alive longer. The winning team will claim rewards to unlock additional items.

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