Jabra Elite 25e Review

When it comes to buying headphones, people usually go for those that have impressive durability, good fit, and amazing sound quality. Headphones that have these qualities tend to be pricey. The good news is Jabra created a pair of headphones that possess the aforementioned qualities without the heavy price tag.

Battery life is one of the things that people consider when buying headphones, and that is one of the best things about the Jabra Elite 25e. Its battery life is perfect for all-day music and wireless calls. These neckband-style Bluetooth headphones boasts 18 hours of battery time and caters to audio enthusiasts, busy people who always move around, as well as those who just want to sit back, relax, and enjoy good music. This headset is also good for daily use, gym sessions, and even long travels.

With its design and features, you could say that these headphones can compete with popular and high-end headphones on the market today. Its price point of $129AUD, which is on par or even less than its competitors’ prices, makes it more interesting for buyers. The Elite 25e are recommended to consumers who are looking for budget-friendly , high quality headphones.

If the highlights of this new Jabra creation sound good to you, let’s take a little time to know more about everything that it offers and what makes it special. Let’s start by checking out the things that are included in the box.

Jabra Elite 25e Review – Whats in the Box?

The Jabra Elite 25e headphones come in a compact black box that also contain 2 sets of extra Earbuds (small and large), a USB cable, and a quick start guide. The leaflets included in the package are registration, warning, and warranty leaflets.

The front part of the box looks simple. The name and photo of the headphones are printed there as well as the highlight features. At the back, you’ll see one-sentence explanations of each highlighted feature. Overall, the packaging is straightforward and classy. Everything that’s included in the box are packed neatly and securely.

The Product

Jabra Elite 25e Review – Stylish and Packs a Punch

Now, let’s talk about the product’s features. The Elite 25e is equipped with Qualcomm’s CSR8635 Bluetooth chip. It uses Bluetooth 4.1 and is compatible with devices with Bluetooth 1.1 or higher versions. Each earbud is equipped with a 10mm driver that has the ability to support a frequency response of 20Hz up to 20,000Hz. The Elite 25e won’t compromise sound quality, whether you prefer crisp high tones or rich bass.

These headphones can be paired with up to eight devices and used with two devices at the same time. They are also IP54 certified, so they are water and dust resistant.

The neckband of the Elite 25e is made of plastic, but it’s rubberized coating covers about 90% of the band. Its design makes it rest on the shoulders comfortably. It also stays put on the shoulders even when walking. The rear part of the band is thicker because it contains the battery.

The two black earpieces are covered in matte rubber material. They have yellow nozzles and gray eartips that make the overall look of the Elite 25e cool and classy. When not in use, the magnetic earpieces snap together in order to prevent cables from tangling.

The flexibility of the left and right arms of the neckband make the headphones easy to put on and take off.  There are three control buttons on the right arm of the neckband. The middle button is used to power on or off the headphones. The other two buttons are volume up and down buttons. When pressed longer, these buttons function as track forward and reverse.  The band’s left arm contains the dedicated voice control button (a.k.a. virtual assistant), a microphone, and an LED light. The microphone is wind-protected, so you don’t have to worry about sudden and harsh wind sounds during conversations. The rear part of the band houses a Micro-USB port (used for charging) that is secured by a flap.

The Elite 25e’s earbuds are lightweight and snug. Because of their oblong shape, users find them odd at first. The earbuds’ shape makes them fit perfectly in the user’s ears and allows for comfortable long listening sessions. The medium tips comes pre-installed but the small and large tips are included in the box as well. The removable gel padding on the earbuds’ base allow for easy cleaning.

The estimated battery life of the Elite 25e is 18 hours, which is impressive. It makes the headphones perfect for calls and music throughout the day and enables the user to stay connected wherever he or she goes.

These Jabra headphones deliver spectacular call quality in all weathers with their weather-resistant durability and wind-protected microphone. They also provide added comfort for all-day use because of the neckband design and the EarGels’ enhanced fit.

The dedicated voice control button can be used to optimize your time. These headphones features a voice button that connects you to Siri or Google Now right away! This feature allows you to have easy access to any information you need. It’s like accessing instant virtual assistance with a press of a button!

Other cool features of the Jabra Elite 25e include call vibration alert, voice dialing, and last number redial.

According to the information on the box and on Jabra’s website, the Elite 25e possesses Bluetooth 4.1, IP54, RoHS, CE, IC, FCC, GOST, REACH certifications. It is also compatible with devices with Bluetooth 1.1 or higher. Its talk and music time is estimated at 18 hours, while its standby time is up to 22 days. It only takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge.

The neckband measures H 157mm x W 141mm x D 35 mm (H 5.6 in x W 5.6 in x D 1.4 in). The entire headset measures L 48.3 mm x W 17.9 mm x H 23 mm (L 1.9 in x W 0.7 in x H 0.9 in) and weighs 48 g (with metal weight).

The Jabra Elite 25e comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Product Specifications


  • Bluetooth® 4.1, CE, FCC, IC, GOST, RoHS, REACH, IP54


  • The Jabra Elite 25e is compatible with other Bluetooth devices with Bluetooth 1.1 (or higher)

Talk and music time

  • Up to 18 hours

Standby time

  • Up to 22 days

Charging time

  • Approximately 2 hours

Wearing style

  • Neckband wearing style: H 157 x W 141 x D 35 mm (H 5.6 x W 5.6 x D 1.4 in)


  • 48 g with metal weight


  • L 48.3 x W 17.9 x H 23 mm (L 1.9 x W 0.7 x H 0.9 in)


  • Call vibration alert, magnetic in-ear headphones, voice button, answer/end call, reject call, voice dialling*, last number redial*, volume control, track control, play/pause music, voice guidance

What’s in the box?

  • Jabra Elite 25e , 2 sets of extra EarGels (S, L), 1 USB cable, 1 Quick Start Guide, 1 warranty leaflet, 1 warning leaflet, 1 registration leaflet


  • One-year limited warranty

How it Performs

The Jabra Elite 25e has a lot to offer, but does it perform well? Let’s see!

The Elite 25e delivers amazing bass depth with solid high-mid and high frequency. Users of these headphones do not encounter any distortion when listening to music. Electronic dance music sounds good with the Elite 25e because it can be considered bass heavy. The signature sound of the Elite 25e appeals to people who prefer balance more than a mega-bass experience.

These headphones vibrate when there is an incoming call. Pausing the music is made easier by snapping both earbuds together. The wires don’t tangle easily.

Jabra estimates the battery life to be 18 hours, but when used at high volumes, the battery will last for about 12 or 13 hours which is still good. You’ll hear voice alerts every few minutes when the battery is low. Charging time is roughly two hours. Some users say that they did not even need to recharge after 5 visits to the gym!

The Elite 25e offers a good amount of reach. Users are able to continuously listen to uninterrupted music playback up to 30 feet away in open areas. When used indoors, these headsets have the capability to go through adjacent rooms and walls.

There is a Jabra Assist app for Android and iOS. On iOS, you can have your calendar events and mail read out. On Android, you may have your incoming text messages read out using the phone’s available voice engines (like Google’s text-to-speech). You may also have your Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat messages read out using the Android app. The call vibration alert feature of the Jabra Elite 25e works even though the Jabra Assist app isn’t installed on the mobile phone.

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How to Use

Pairing the Jabra Elite 25e with a mobile phone is quick and easy. It only takes a minute or two.

Before anything else,  you need to make sure that the headset is turned off. Then, turn on Bluetooth on your mobile phone. Press and hold the multifunction button on the headset until the light flashes blue and pairing mode is announced in the earbuds. After that, release the multifunction button and go to the Bluetooth menu on your mobile phone. Select the Jabra Elite 25e from the list of devices. If you’re asked for a PIN code, just enter 0000 (four zeroes) and your Jabra Elite 25e will be paired to your phone successfully. It’s so easy and will only take a minute or two.


The Jabra Elite 25e is designed for a comfortable phone-free experience. Its sleek and functional style is perfect for daily use. With a whopping 18 hours of battery life, it is also ideal for long trips and gym sessions. These headphones are durable, weather-resistant, and sweat-resistant. They produce clear and balanced sounds that allow for a more enjoyable listening experience. With its awesome features, amazing performance, and affordable price tag, the Jabra Elite 25e is definitely a bang for your buck!

Where to Buy

If you are ready to get your hands on the Jabra Elite 25e and enjoy its cool features, you may purchase it for only $129AUD on Jabra’s official website.

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