Jabra Elite 45e Review

These days, the term wireless earphones come off as a misnomer. The real wireless ones are great, but each individual earpod’s isolated nature only means that its battery life is low.

Though it’s good that there’s already another range of wireless earphones that are available for you. These are wireless in a sense that they’re not really tethered to another device. Each of the earpods are linked to each other via single wire; technically they’re wired but still wireless. Sounds interesting?

Today, we’re going to focus on the Jabra Elite 45e, the latest collection from the popular audio brand. Its looped wire that links the two portions are much heavier and a bit thicker compared to your traditional ones, but don’t worry since there’s a specific reason for this. These two characteristics aid in counterbalancing the weight of the device’s battery, as well as the button control pads located on the earbuds’ side.

This guarantees that the earphones won’t get lopsided while you continue listening to your favorite tunes. This is even if you’re driving down the road or while running out.

Want to know more about this device from Jabra? No worries because we’ve got you covered with all the details you’d need to know more about it. Let’s start off with what’s inside the box.

Jabra Elite 45e Review – What’s in the Box?

Just like other Jabra products that we’ve tried and tested, the Elite 45e comes in a nice compact package that is simple yet durable enough to protect the earphones. The company aimed for the grey and yellow theme with just a few details on the box’s exterior present. They sure did leave all the important information for you to see, like the product’s name, the brand, its main features, and device compatibility.

When you’re done checking the outer portion of the box, you’ll need to pull out the grey covering to reveal another thin yellow covering to protect the device. It has the company’s name written on the middle of the cover and that’s basically it; just slide it off and you will finally get to see the Elite 45e itself.

The earphones are neatly placed in the box to prevent its cords from getting tangled while in transit. It also keeps the device fixed in one position to avoid it from getting damaged. Included in the box are three additional pairs of Eargels and EarWings, a micro-USB cable, a quick start guide, warranty information, and the Jabra Elite 45e itself.

The Product

Jabra Elite 45e Review

These earphones from Jabra feature the two-microphone technology that gives you a smooth and clear performance. It reduces random noises from your surroundings like the wind, people talking, other people talking, etc. during calls for improved conversation quality.

The newer micro-USB Type C charging cable that it comes with is also great for any newer Android phones that will be released in the future. When it comes to the wires linking the earphones, these have flexible memories for devices linked to the Elite 45e so it will easily remember these the second time they get connected. This will allow for easier and automatic connection.

The Jabra Elite 45e’s earbuds are nicely crafted with a magnetic connection. These keep the headset in place to ensure comfort despite prolonged use. It’s also nice that Jabra decided to have the device’s mic positioned in a strategic location which is specifically along your collar and ear. This leaves it closer to your mouth so you won’t have to always bother positioning it directly when speaking.

This microphone’s position works great since it captures your voice better, allowing you to achieve proximity for clearer and improved voice quality. Its earbuds come with extra pieces as well as wings; this is so it can snuggly fit different ear types and sizes without any of the discomfort you’d usually experience with firmer buds. As for the wings, these give you extra grip on your ears which is vital when you’re into various activities like running, hiking, cycling, and more.

The Jabra Elite 45e has a 2x MEMS microphone concept that comes with a complete ambient noise reduction technology. It has a microphone frequency range of 100Hz – 10kHz with a – 38dBV / Pa sensitivity. The speakers measure at 12.4mm with a frequency range of 20Hz – 20kHz.

You’ll get to enjoy a total of 8 hours of talk time while fully charging the device takes about 2 hours using its dedicated USB wall charger. If you get 15 minutes of charge time, it will already give you a good hour of music time. The Elite 45e will go on standby mode after 15 minutes without any Bluetooth connections and about 60 minutes without any form of activity.

It’s best to register your device via the Jabra Sound+ application and activate the included 2-year warranty that comes with the device. This is against damages caused by dust and water. You’ll only need to go through a couple of clicks to get your device registered and you’re done. No need for more paper and postage.

Product Features

Better and Clearer Phone Conversations

The Jabra Elite 45e features 2-microphone technology which allows for crystal-clear calls.m while providing you with excellent wireless call performance. The sound technology of Jabra removes unnecessary sounds that get involved in the call. This is so you won’t have to worry about your voice not being heard during calls.

Excellent Fit for Every User

The Elite 45e as a flexible memory with a wire memory neckband. This retains your neck’s shape and contours; so even if you bend the earphone’s band, it’ll revert to its previous shape without deforming and such.

Adjust the Music just the Way you Want it

In the Jabra Sound+ application, an adjustable equalizer is present for you to alter your music settings according to your own taste. Now, you can truly bring out the best out of any audio.

Long-lasting Power

The battery life of Jabra Elite 45e can last up to 8 hours so you can use it for both calls and music-listening throughout the day.

Using the Product

Battery Life

The battery life for earphones is very essential especially if you’re someone who uses them most of the time. It lasts for 7 hours or more, and this should be enough for regular music listeners; just remember that you’ll have to charge these on a daily basis.

We liked that its auto-off timer works great, and it shut down the earphones after an hour of us not using them. This was despite it still being connected to the audio source. We say that it’s a very useful feature especially if you tend to forget to turn the device off manually after taking them off. The specifications sheet of the Elite 45e tells us that the charging time should take below two hours, but during our tests where we tried charging using different power sources, we got a complete charge in just 45 minutes.


Since the Elite 45e are Bluetooth earphones only, it doesn’t come with a dock or any wired connection. These can easily and simultaneously pair to two devices which is really useful if you often switch between devices like your computer or your smartphone.

It has really good wireless range both when obstructed and in line of sight. The wireless range of the device is amazing and you should not have any connectivity issues when using the Jabra Elite 45e.

Sound Quality

The most important part of our test would be the sound quality. We liked how heavy the bass was but it wasn’t too much that it overpowered higher frequencies like lead instruments and the vocals.

Additionally, the left and right drivers of our testing unit were well-matched which is vital to get accurate localization and placement of objects in the stereo image.

We found the Jabra Elite 45e to be fantastic for a wide range of ausio from instrumental, rock, dance, easy listening and even audiobooks. The sound quality was crystal clear and nothing was ever overpowered or muddied.

All in all, we’re giving the Jabra Elite 45e a solid thumbs up for its excellent performance and quality sounds that it produces.


The Jabra Sound+ is an app that makes the most out of all headpieces from Jabra. In the application, you will get to see extra features that will let you further customize the different settings on your Elite 45e.

You can choose your voice assistant, music profiles, monitor the battery charge, as well as block or adjust any nearby noise. Here is a list of the Jabra Sound+’s key features.


Earphones are a common this these days and are being used more than ever. They can be used for work, calls, while working out, and of course, for listening to music. The settings that you use depends on the situation you’re in and what your listening preferences are.

To help with your needs, Jabra created “Moments” that comes with predefined settings for a variety of situations. With future application updates, Jabra promises to continue developing this feature as well. They will constantly provide you with new features to enhance your user experience.

Hybrid ANC for Blocking Noise

With the Hybrid ANC or active noise cancellation, you can lessen outside noise and even make any noisy and bustling environment extremely quiet. It’s a perfect feature when you want to block out the world’s noise and just focus on your music or conversations.

Select your Voice Assistant

With just a single touch on your Elite 45e, you will have immediate access to your chosen voice assistant. Take command anytime, anywhere using either Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri as your main voice assistant.

Apple Health + Google Fit

Add in your workout data into Google Fit or Apple Health and you’ll get all the information you need in the device.


When we first got our hands on the Jabra Elite 45e, we noticed its form and build so we assumed that was really comfortable, and we were right.  Its size is good and it wasn’t too small or oversized. We also loved its appearance since it appeared sleek and classy.

The Elite 45e comes with a lot of good features including the adjustable equalizer so you can customize your music settings to suit your taste. You can also adjust the bass, mid-range, as well as the treble the treble via smartphone. When it comes to the app, the Jabra Sound+ gives you six choices for your music pre-sets which include default, speech, bass boost, smooth, treble boost, and energize. All of these can be changed to suit your style.

It’s a great product for its price; so if you’re looking for a pair of earphones, we highly recommend the Jabra Elite 45e since you’ll be getting more than what you paid for.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the Jabra Elite 45e headphones for around $179AUD from your local retailer. For more information head on over to the official product page.

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