Jabra Elite 65e Review

Today, around the neck-styled wireless headphones have become extremely popular, but only a few models are really worth noting and that tip the prime range. Though if you’re someone who’s been waiting for earphones that are water resistant, can handle various rigorous activities without issues, and even has features for active noise cancellation, then you’re definitely going to love the Jabra Elite 65e which has all these points covered.

Jabra Elite 65e Review – What’s in the Box?

The Jabra Elite 65e comes in a package that has a clean and simple design. An image of the earphones can be seen on the front portion of the box so you’ll have a pretty good idea of how it looks. Here, you’ll also see a logo of Jabra which is on the upper left corner of the box; the product’s name can be seen on the sides and below, you will see a couple of features of the Elite 65e. The back part of the package displays more of the earphones’ key features, and you’ll get to see another image of the device.

Once you open the package, you’ll immediately see the Jabra Elite 65e which is neatly set in a tray that takes its shape. This is to keep the device secure and fully protected. Beneath the tray that holds the earphones, you’ll see the instructional booklet and other accessories including the following: three pairs of ear gels, a micro USB charging cable, three pairs of ear wings, and a pouch for storing the Elite 65e.

The Product

Jabra Elite 65e Review – Elegant Design and Crystal Clear Sound

The Jabra Elite 65e isn’t a pair of flashy and fancy earphones but these look clean, sleek, and classy. The Elite 65e is made of soft-touch durable plastic and its earbuds feature magnets to keep them intact. Like we said, there isn’t anything fancy going on with the device but it still looks good anyway and it’s extremely lightweight which is something really important.

The soft-touch plastic makes the Elite 65e feel more premium and it keeps the device looking really nice. Though simple, we liked the black with dark grey accents that can be seen around the headphones; it gives the earphones a stealthy look which is pretty cool.

Since the Jabra Elite 65e are neck buds, you’ll find its controls located along your neck. On the right-hand portion, you will see the volume buttons plus the power button right at the center. The power button also functions as the play / pause button when you’re listening to podcasts, music, or other audio.

On the left portion, you will see a button used to control your smart assistant. The smart assistant feature works just like what you’d expect from a device that communicates to the assistant via Bluetooth.

You’ll also find a mic that sits close to the actual earbuds. It isn’t part of the neckband because the mic will be quite far from your mouth. This will be a bit of a challenge for the person on the other end to hear or understand you. We suggest that you set it further down the cable and closer to your mouth; basically, you’ll have it sit in front of your cheek so people will actually hear you when you’re using the Elite 65e for calls.

The Elite 65e gives you up to eight hours of continuous playback even if you have the active noise cancellation feature switched on; if you switch off the ANC feature, you’ll have up to thirteen hours of playback.

The earphones carry an IP-54 rating so it’s generally protected against light splashes and dust. Additionally, it also has support for Google Assistant, Siri, Amazon Alexa but just remember that this depends on the phone that the Elite 65e’s connected to since it utilizes the assistant on the phone.

Product Features

Professional-Grade ANC

The Jabra Elite 65e makes use of the ANC or Active Noise Cancellation feature. It is powerful enough to make busy surroundings sound as quiet as a library so that’s pretty cool. Quality noise cancellation can be achieved by combining the ANC of four mics with the Passive Noise Cancellation from the company’s earbuds and their Jabra Ear Gels.

Superior Call Quality

You can have outstanding conversation quality with the earphones’ 3-microphone call technology which makes a noise blocking zone. This ensures that your voice is crisp and clear.

Great Quality Music

You can listen to your favorite tunes the way you want just by personalizing it with the customizable equalizer.

Long Lasting Power

You’ll be able to take advantage of the Elite 65e’s all-day power since you can listen to nonstop music for 8 to 13 hours.

Simple Voice Commands

You can access Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or even Siri with the Elite 65e’s hands-free functions and features. A very convenient and useful feature offered by Jabra.

Efficient and Effective Earbuds

The Jabra Elite 65e’s earbuds are made to last and these are also IP-54 rated. The device also comes with a two-year warranty against dust and water.

Better Comfort and Improved Bass

Since the Elite 65e includes a set of Jabra Ear Gels, you’ll definitely have secure earbuds that provide you with ultimate comfort.


You don’t need to utilize the Sound + app from Jabra to make the Elite 65e work however it is highly recommended. It comes free and it also lets you readily customize the equalization settings to either cut or boost bass, treble, and mids to your liking.

You can also choose to enable the noise cancellation feature or the Hear Through mode via the Sound + app. Generally, we think that this companion app is perfect for the Elite 65e earphones since adding a few extras and allowing you to personalize the earphones makes things better.

With the app, you can select your voice assistant, choose music profiles, customize how much noise you want, keep track of the battery charge, and more. Pretty convenient and quite useful, in our opinion.


When we speak of the performance of this device from Jabra, the Elite 65e’s ANC does an excellent job of eliminating hiss-like sounds or drones that usually occur. It also decreases any whir from an AC unit, dramatically canceling this out using the earphones’ mic and circuitry. We also liked that the Elite 65e was able to lessen the sounds coming from people talking in the background, and we’re definitely giving the device a thumbs-up for this.

For its audio performance, there’s definitely a lot to like. Its default sound is finely-balanced so it delivers solid bass for your listening pleasure. The Elite 65e also has an app that allows you to fine-tune the sound signature based on your preference.

It’s also really great that despite delivering a strong bass response, the Jabra Elite 65e doesn’t distort sounds at top, unwise listening levels. Additionally, the drivers also do not distort the sounds even when you’re increasing your bass equalization to its highest settings. The mids and highs are also very clear which is really nice and what we were expecting from this quality device.

Jabra has quoted that the battery life of the Elite 65e lasts up to a total of 13 hours and around 8 hours if you have the ANC switched on. But through our testing and usage of the earphones, we found that with the ANC on, we got close to ten hours of continuous usage so we were really impressed with it. When we set the ANC off, to our surprise, it lasted longer than 13 hours which was really great.


Wireless headphones today are just like the numerous smartphones that are available: both are essential but with a couple of different features. Thing is, Jabra was able to produce an excellent pair of earphones that stands out; plus, it is also a device that should be on the list of anyone who wants a pair of new, durable, and great-sounding earphones.

There’s definitely a lot to like about the device such as its ANC feature, excellent audio quality, and its long battery life. Also, it looks really good even if it sports a rather simple design.

It doesn’t only look great, but the Jabra Elite 65e earphones also is a durable and sturdy piece since it is dust resistant, making it an even more awesome product. Yet what we really liked about the Jabra Elite 65e is that it has a free accompanying app – the Jabra Sound + app. It provides you with extended benefits and function such as the ability to adjust the equalizer settings, enable the pass-through function, as well as adjusting the noise cancellation feature.

Customizing the equalizer settings is a really useful feature since you can easily fine-tune the sounds to your liking instead of having to just settle for the default sounds.

Where to Buy

You can get yourself a pair of Jabra Elite 65e headphones for $$349AUD from the official store.

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