Jabra Elite Sport v2 Wireless Sports Earbuds Review

Wireless earbuds are a thing of today, and now, we are seeing more advancements and improvements in what the many brands can offer. Jabra is definitely not an exception to this which is obviously seen with the release of their Elite Sport v2 Wireless Sports Earbuds. The Elite Sport v2 is mainly designed for people who want to enjoy listening to exceptionally high-quality music while working out in the gym, walking on trails, jogging down the street, and a whole lot more. Not only does it give you exceptional sounds but it also provides a perfectly comfortable fit, all-day power, and an in-ear heart rate monitor. Pair this device with the Jabra Sport application that is available on iOS and Android platforms.

Jabra Elite Sport v2 Wireless Sports Earbuds Review – Whats in the Box?

When we first got our hands on the Elite Sport v2 Wireless Sports Earbuds from Jabra, we noticed that it comes in a simple-looking box; however, its simplicity will allow you to completely see the charging case and earbuds itself which is great, especially if you’re the type who wants to take a look at the product even before unboxing it. Also, the wireless sports earbuds include a set of EarWings that is already on the product.

Once the top-most layer of the package is removed, set neatly in place are the three different sizes of silicone ear gels, two sizes of ear wings, as well as the three sizes of foam tips; additionally, the package also contains the quick start guide and a micro USB which are necessary to be able to properly utilize the earbuds. This time, let’s move on and talk more about the Elite Sport v2 Wireless Sports Earbuds itself.


The Product

Jabra Elite Sport v2 Wireless Sports Earbuds Review – Wireless Beats that Kickass

The Elite Sport v2 is rather chunky, though compared to other sports earbuds that appear the same, this isn’t too heavy that it could fall off from your ear when you’re engaging in rigorous activities. However, the size is only an issue if you’re someone who has pretty small ears. Generally, everyone has differently sized and shaped ears so when it comes to wireless earbuds, it should have a perfect fit to actually stay in place and provide great sounds.

Jabra supplies differently sized earbuds with six varying pairs of tips, as well as three sets of wings for a perfect fit. There are actually a lot of combinations available, so you just need to find the perfect combination to provide you with perfect-fitting wireless sports earbuds.

Since the Elite Sport v2 is built specifically for sports, the product features the IP67 rating which means that it is water and dust proof so you don’t necessarily have to worry about these getting wet or dusty. We suggest that once you get your hands on the Elite Sport v2, register the product to receive a three-year warranty against sweat damage. Each of the buds have two distinct buttons where the left side is for the volume controls and the skip track, and the right is specifically for switching the Hear-Through mode and using the play | pause buttons.

The Jabra Elite Sport v2 Wireless Sports Earbuds may be somewhat chunky but these are true wireless smart earbuds that are genuinely lightweight. The product is also waterproof and its software, the Jabra Sport Life, is best for Android and iOS devices. What more is that the battery life of the Elite Sport has enough capacity to allow you to enjoy continuous music for up to four-and-a-half hours of playback.

When it comes to the audio output, the earbuds feature quality bass-enriched speakers that have a frequency range of 20 Hz up to 20 kHz. Also, the product has the passive noise-cancellation feature and the Hear Through mode which channels external environmental noise to the earbuds. When it comes to calls, the Elite Sport v2 has an advanced calling option with 4 x digital MEMS mics that feature a technology for advanced noise cancellation.

As for the features of the Jabra Elite Sport v2, it is a waterproof earpiece that comes with a three-year sweat damage warranty, and it is also compatible with almost all Bluetooth-enabled products such as Windows devices, Android devices, and even the Apple iPhone.

For health and fitness buffs, the earbuds’ in-ear precision heart-rate monitor functions well with the Jabra Sport Life app that helps you analyze and track your fitness while simultaneously providing you with personalized coaching on audio. Speaking of audio, the Elite Sport v2 also produces superior and quality sounding calls and music; plus, its cord-free style makes things more convenient since the design has two mics located in each bud that work efficiently to filter any form of background / environmental noise. This is to ensure that only your voice can be heard and there are no other distractions coming from your area.

Another great thing about the Elite Sport v2 is that it is fit perfectly to provide comfort to you and all users. The company ensured to include proper and customizable fitting options for all-day use while also improving high-quality sounds. It is actually great that you can have a secure and perfect fit no matter how strenuous or challenging your workout or activity is, and also, you can also have the option of wearing one or both of the earbuds depending on what your activity is.


We’ve tested the Elite Sport v2 from Jabra to see how efficient it is and when it comes to the battery life, the Jabra Elite Sport lets you enjoy 4.5 hours of continuous music playback while enjoying your activities or workout. The buds don’t drain fast which is actually great, and the case actually has two extra charges so you’ll actually be getting more than thirteen hours before you actually need to plug the device to an AC charger. We also liked the case since its solid and snaps perfectly shut so you also won’t have to worry about the buds slipping out of the container when it isn’t being used.

Now when it comes to the design of the Elite Sport v2, it actually takes the appearance of the Jabra Sport Pulse but as an evolved piece; it has an IP67 water-resistant rating which is another great thing about the buds. Also, its differently-colored ear wings are crafted to wrap snuggly around the earbuds to provide a secure and perfect fit to avoid this from falling out easily. Generally speaking, the earbuds are quite big but ergonomically, these are shaped adequately to fit the ear’s walls; though if you are someone who has small ears, you might end up thinking that the sports earbuds might just fall off – this is where the ear-wings come in handy since it works to secure and safeguard the buds to your ears.

Just like with all other earbuds, finding the perfect fit is vital especially when it comes to the quality of sound, and this is also true when it comes to the Elite Sport v2 from Jabra. Since it provides a perfectly snug fit, the sound quality of the buds is great since it delivers clear and crisp sounds that are perfect for calls and music. Since the earbuds are also equipped with Jabra’s Hear-through technology, you can actually filter and manage the sounds from your surroundings with just a quick click of a button. And also, since the Elite Sport v2 Wireless Sports Earbuds is equipped with finely-made mics, the sound-quality of a hands-free device is still superior and HQ compared to similar products; moreover, the mic can also easily filter out sounds from your surroundings while letting your own voice sound clear and crisp when speaking.

How to Use

Using the device is pretty much very easy: you will have to pair your Elite Sport v2 with a specific device via Bluetooth, and from there, you’re actually good to go. If you want to further boost the capabilities of the buds, you will only need to install the Jabra Sport Life application then connect this to the earbuds.


When speaking of the Sport Life app from Jabra, it actually has a positive track record since it has been utilized for all of the other previous sports headphones. However, when this is used together with the Elite Sport v2, you will be able to open new great features that haven’t been seen in the past. Though if you’re a runner, you can instantly track and record your Vo2 max just like with the Sport Pulse; just take fifteen-minute tests during your run in a certain heart-rate zone, and at the end of this, you will be given a max V02 score. This will show just how much oxygen you’ve used up during the whole session of intense exercise.

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Jabra definitely lives up to its name since their Elite Sport headphones are some of the best and most advanced headphones for sports that the company has ever released. The Elite Sport v2 Wireless Sports Earbuds take a few of the best features and parts of the company’s previous headphones, integrating this into the Elite Sport v2 to provide you with an excellent piece with quality sounds and outstanding performance.

Basically, the Elite’s are great in every manner, and with its features, we would definitely recommend the earbuds especially for those who are into sports and other rigorous activities.

Where to Buy

The Jabra Elite’s can be picked up for $349AUD from over at the Jabra website.

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