Jabra Halo Smart Review

When it comes to the market of wireless headphones, there are a lot of choices that are available which vary in design and price; some are lower than $20 whereas others go higher than $500. But if you’re someone looking for excellent quality headphones that let you smoothly switch from using it for calls to music, Jabra’s Halo Smart Headset is the best choice for you since you won’t have to swap one pair of earbuds for the other. We think this is pretty convenient and not only does it offer you outstanding sound quality for calls, but it also a good pair of headphones for music.

Looking at the Jabra Halo Smart headset, you’ll notice that its appearance isn’t that fancy but despite the simple look, the Jabra Halo works brilliantly that you will surely enjoy using the headset, especially during calls. Let’s go ahead and check out what’s included in the package of the Jabra Halo Smart Headset.

Jabra Halo Smart Review – Whats in the Box?

Let’s first focus on what’s inside the box of the Jabra Halo Smart headset. If you take a look at its packaging, you will notice how nice and neat it was presented: a nice yellow box with a photo of the headset at the front portion of the box, together with a few important features listed on its lower right portion. Overall, it is a simple yet very eye-catching packaging so you’ll definitely notice the Jabra Halo Smart headset when you’re scouting for a good pair of Bluetooth headphones.

Inside the box, you will notice that the headset is set in another well-presented box which is considered a trademark of Jabra. Generally, inside the box is the Halo Smart headphones, a micro USB cable for charging, three differently sized ear tips, as well as the warranty and instructional booklet.

The Product

Jabra Halo Smart – Smart and Functional

Similar to a lot of Bluetooth headphones that are available in the market, the Halo Smart also utilizes the neckband design which has become quite popular today. All of its larger elements are fit into the product’s neckband with its earbuds secured on each end; it may look a little strange at first if you haven’t really used these types of headsets, but the design of the Jabra Halo Smart is a rather common design today. The headset is made from durable plastic yet maintains adequate flexibility to allow the accessory to easily rest on your shoulders.

You will be able to find most of the controls of the Jabra Halo on the right half tip of the headset: three specific buttons – namely the plus sign, minus sign, and the circle – allow you to answer or end phone calls as well as control your music. On the left portion of the accessory, you will find the microphone icon and grill which is, of course, for the microphone; the mic takes up a good amount of space since Jabra emphasises on Halo Smart’s quality when it comes to voice calls. The company made sure to make use of a high-quality wind-resistant mic that is built-in which allows you to make and take clear calls anytime, anywhere.

Product Specifications

  • Operating Range: up to 33 feet
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Microphone: Omni-directional Mic
  • Paired Devices: up to eight (while connected simultaneously)
  • Talk Time: up to seventeen hours
  • Play Time: up to fifteen hours on a single charge
  • Active Noise Cancellation: no
  • Operating Temperature: -10°c to 55°c
  • Boom Microphone: Yes
  • Range: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Connection: Bluetooth frequency
  • Phone Controls: Yes
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Removable Cable: No
  • Type: In-canal
  • Surround Sound: No
  • Wireless: Yes

Product Features

Now that we have the specs covered let’s focus on the features of the Jabra Halo Smart headphones and see what it has in store for us.

  • The Halo Smart is a set of headphones that are great for both calls and music. It is a perfect accessory for users who want excellent quality headsets yet consider the call experience of a lot of music headphones inadequate.
  • The Jabra Halo Smart is a headset crafted specifically for calls since it makes use of a high-quality mic that is integrated with a special wind-noise protection element to provide you with improved in-call quality. Additionally, it also features a light vibration alert for you to never miss calls.
  • The Jabra Halo provides extended battery life to provide up to seventeen hours of talk time and about fifteen hours of music listening.
  • The headset provides outstanding sound quality due to the Jabra Halo Smart’s 10mm speakers and audio capabilities.

For the headset, it features a dedicated Siri or Google Now button to allow you access to voice controls.


Connectivity and Call Quality

When it comes to the call reception of the Jabra Halo Smart headset, we can say that it is definitely exceptional since it successfully aces its main objective of being a quality accessory specifically for calls. Its noise-cancelling and bi-directional mic is set right at the left end of the neckband’s tube and works efficiently for cancelling out nearby noise; of course, despite having noise-cancelling features, any headset will still pick up a bit of noise if someone standing next to you is speaking really loud.

For its audio clarity, we can say that it’s really good and the loud volume helped us hear calls easily and clearly despite staying in areas with low network coverage. The Halo Smart’s audio balance focuses on clear mid range frequency which greatly boosts the clarity and quality of the headset; plus, its controls are also set in a convenient spot which is right at the edge of the headset’s neckband which makes reaching out for the accessory much easier.

When calling, the Halo Smart headset maintains excellent connectivity with your smartphone at a total range of twelve feet. Though keep in mind all similar types of headsets have a limit and the Halo Smart loses its signal when we moved about eight feet away from the Bluetooth source; but since this is a calling headset that targets people who are usually doing calls during their work day, it would be common for them to have their smartphones close or with them so connectivity will always be great.


The Jabra Halo Smart headset’s buttons provide great feedback even with light pressure when pressing, and its microphone is set in a convenient spot where you can easily answer calls even when the headphones are not in use. We also thought that the voice assistance feature and its ability to connect with multiple devices are really useful since we were able to listen to music from our MacBook while answering incoming calls from the iPhone. Additionally, we did not really have to tinker with our smartphone’s Bluetooth settings to connect and disconnect the Jabra Halo Smart headset; it just connected instantly and we definitely liked this a lot.

Battery Life

This is probably one of the best things about the Halo Smart headset and it is where the accessory really excels. Its battery life is highly exceptional since we listened to music and answered calls almost non-stop and we had a total of three to four days of continuous usage with the Halo Smart headset and we can say that this is really impressive. Additionally, the headset also does well when it comes to retaining its charge when not in use, as well as charging from zero to a hundred percent in about fifty minutes.

How to Use

Using the Jabra Halo Smart headset is easy and so is its setup process: wear the headset before turning on your device. On your smartphone, go to settings then Bluetooth to make this discoverable. Once done, press and hold the Halo Smart’s multi-function button for five seconds until the LED light flashes blue; since you are wearing the headphones, you will hear a voice prompt that will guide you throughout the rest of the process. After this, you should see the Jabra Halo Smart headset in the list of your Bluetooth device then select this to complete the pairing setup.

There are four controls for the headset: three on the right portion and one on the left. The two of the three buttons serve as the volume control (specifically the top and the lower button) while the middle one is the multi-functional button. Pressing and holding the multi-functional button turns the headset on or off, tapping it will pause or resume playback; also, pressing this button will let you answer any incoming calls. The single button on the left portion of the headset is the voice button which can be utilized to mute your voice during a call. You can also tap this to activate Siri, Google Now, or Cortana when you’re not taking a call; this being a very handy feature when you need to listen to a conference call while in a noisy area.


The Jabra Assist app is a very simple smartphone application that consists of numerous useful features for the Halo Smart headset. The app and headset feature a GPS-style ability to easily locate where you have placed your headphones. We think this is another great feature of the headset especially if you are someone who tends to misplace things. Additionally, the app also keeps track of the device’s standby time and battery life while also offering numerous helpful tips such as how to utilise Google Now and such. These simple but very useful features that Jabra has integrated into their headset make it an accessory that is not only easy to use but also very convenient especially for people on the go.

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With its excellent battery life, sound quality and clarity, as well as its useful features, we can definitely say that the Jabra Halo Smart headset is the perfect piece for calls. Not only that, but it is also a great piece for listening to music, and with its smart controls, you will be able to easily switch from taking calls to listening to music with no issues at all.

It is also a perfect accessory for those who want to have a clear-sounding Bluetooth headset without breaking the budget; plus, it is also comfortable to wear and its small earbuds allow you to wear it for extended periods. And yes, don’t forget about its long-lasting battery capacity which we really appreciated. All in all, we highly recommend the Jabra Halo Smart headset to anyone who usually takes calls while on the go.

Where to Buy

You can check out the Jabra Halo Smart headphones on their official site where you can pick it up for only $129AUD.

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