Jaybird Tarah Pro Review

If you think about it, finding durable sports earphones that produces quality sounds can be a bit tough. Sure, there are a ton of different kinds of models in the market, and you’ll most likely find a pair that is categorized as a “sports earphone”. But the thing is, these so-called sports earphones are not usually comfortable to wear, they don’t stay in your ears especially when you move around a lot, and they do not often sound as good as they claim.

Luckily, Jaybird is known for their excellent record when it comes to sports earphones. And with models such as the Jaybird X4, you know you won’t go wrong with their products especially when it comes to the quality. Now, they’re back with another pair of earphones that will surely pique your interest. This is the Jaybird Tarah Pro.

But what does this new pair have that will make it live up to the Jaybird brand name? Is it just as good as their other products, and is it really worth purchasing? We’ve put the Jaybird Tarah Pro to the test to see.

Jaybird Tarah Pro Review – What’s in the Box?

The Jaybird Tarah Pro came in a nice sturdy package that looks just like the box of the X4. The front part of it features the image of the earphones together with the company’s logo, the product’s name, as well as its key features. Flip the box and you will find more information about each of the features of the Tarah Pro.

Opening the package, we saw the Tarah Pro itself. We have the black-flash color and we really like how sleek and cool-looking it is. The box has a little flap inside, and underneath this, you will find all the other accessories included in the box.

Items that are present include the three sets of eargels, one shirt clip, a carrying pouch, and a full-sized USB charger. There is also a flexible 4-inch cable between the charging cradle and plug which lets you have more freedom when it comes to linking the device. The cradle also links magnetically to the Tarah Pro’s remote instead of having it clipped on like the X4 and Tarah’s chargers.

The Product

Jaybird Tarah Pro Review

Since the Tarah Pro from Jaybird is meant to last throughout the day, it comes with a ton of handy features to guarantee that it can keep up with you and your activities. These aren’t real wireless earphones, but this makes it quite advantageous.

Magnets integrated into the earbuds aid in clasping them around your neck which is necessary especially when you aren’t using them. It will automatically pause your music when connected, then will play and resume once you put the earphones back on. Pretty convenient, don’t you think?

These earphones look just like other Bluetooth earphones coming from Jaybird’s collection, with a cord that links the right and left buds, plus a cinch that can be used to adjust the cord’s length between these.

The company decided to have the Tarah Pro’s cord wrapped in a fabric-like material instead of having just a plastic cord; a common feature among most sports earphones. The main reason for this is to allow comfort when you wear the earphones around your neck. Also, the fabric helps prevent the cord from clinging to your skin as you sweat. We tried draping the device on our necks after working out and it was really cool since we ended up forgetting that we had the Tarah Pro there.

Up close, you’ll find that the device has been finely crafted, striking the perfect balance between quality materials combined with durability that can withstand the harsh outdoor conditions.

The company also introduced a brand new feature called the Switch Fit which allows you to rotate each of the buds to be used over or under the ear. It’s not really that big of a change, but it does have a lot of use if you think about it.

In the past, you can wear your earphones over or under your ears but had to remove the tips and wings before putting them back on. Now, you can just twist these earbuds to fit perfectly no matter how you plan to wear them. We did try wearing the earphones both ways while jogging and even commuting; and here, we found that any manner is comfortable when worn.

The Tarah Pro from Jaybird is an in-ear style earphone that has a passive noise-isolation feature. It comes with 16Ohm of impedance with 103 + / – 2dB @ 1KHz for its speaker sensitivity.  Its maximum output reaches 12MW RMS with a limit level, while its harmonic distortion totals to < 5% (1KHz | 1mW).

The earphones from Jaybird uses the 16-bit stereo audio format and has Bluetooth SBC implementation. Its driver size is a total of 6 millimeters while its response bandwidth is 20Hz to 20kHz. The type of microphone that the Tarah Pro uses is the MEMS omni directional mic; plus, it has – 38dB + / – 3dB for its sensitivity.

It comes with the Bluetooth 5.0, plus a frequency band of 2.4 GHz, and as for its wireless range, it uses the class-2 standard range which is 10 meters / 33 feet.

When it comes to the device’s dimensions, its headset measures 490 x 20 x 22 millimeters while the controller is 42 x 12 x 6 millimeters. All in all, the earphones weigh just 20 grams without the eargel. Total playtime reaches a maximum of 14 hours while it takes two hours to fully charge the device. For quick charging, you can get 2 hours of playtime with just five minutes of charging which is really good when you’re in a rush.

Input power is DC 5-V 1A while its lithium ion battery is 3.7 Volts. Lastly, its energy volts in Watt-hour / battery is 0.28wh.

Product Features

Outstanding Endurance and Durability

The Tarah Pro allows you to undergo local training activities with ease. This is because the company designed these earphones to endure even the most challenging or rigorous activities that you’ll engage in. It is extremely durable and is made to be waterproof; plus, it also has an industry-grade battery life so you won’t have to worry about the device getting drained immediately.

Unique Playtime

The Tarah Pro will let you last up to a total of 14 hours with just a single charge, making it a very suitable pair for ultra runners who are usually out for longer periods. For everyone else, it means that we won’t have to bother charging the earphones multiple times a week. And if you need to have some last-minute charging, the Tarah Pro comes with a new quick charging feature that will provide you with two hours of music playback even after just five minutes of charging.

Customized Sound Experience

One of the newest features from Jaybird that is exclusive to the Tarah Pro is the Personal EQ which helps fine tune the audio to make it tailored to your listening preferences. When setting up the earphones, the application helps you with the provided hearing test to readily customize all the lows, highs, and mids that you’ll hear in your playlist. The profile will be saved to the device, so if your Tarah Pro is paired to numerous devices, your Personal EQ settings will be carried over from one device to another.

Perfect for Adventure

The Tarah Pro is completely weatherproof and has an IPX7-construction which allows it to withstand Type-II fun and adverse conditions.

Premium Fit for All

The earphones have interchangeable tips and fins, as well as pivoting buds that go beneath and over your ears. This offers you seamless and fine-tuned comfort for comfortable and enjoyable listening.


Using the Product

Of course, the most vital thing to consider when choosing your devices is how well these perform, and earphones are no exception. You’ll need to know how your choice of earphones sound, and with the Jaybird Tarah Pro, it sure does sound excellent for a pair of sports earphones. Part of its quality sounds has to do with the fact that the company made use of the Jaybird application which allows you to tweak and customize your device’s frequency response. This means, if you like a lot of bass in your music, or extended high ends, then you can definitely get them with the help of the application.

Let’s start off with the bass: it’s really nice, strong, and packs quite a punch, but that also depends on the amount of bass you choose in the device’s EQ. With the bass boost, you’ll get a nice and powerful bass response with a lot of kick in the bass drums, and a nice solid tone from the synths and bass guitars. The earphones from Jaybird have always delivered excellent sounds, and the Tara Pro is no different.

They Jaybird application for Android and the iOS allows you to customize your audio profile so you can easily have your playlist run with a flatter sound or with more bass. It all depends on your preference.

For its Bluetooth connection, we can say that it’s just as rock-solid; plus, it’s also very easy to switch from different devices just by pressing on the power button longer than usual. We used the earphones together with a smartphone, laptop, and smartwatch without its sounds dropping out. It also passed our crucial test where the device was able to hold a good connection with our laptop while walking about ten meters into another room in the work area.

The Jaybird application is also great, especially when we used it to set our personalized EQ levels on the earphones. After tweaking a bit of things there, the sound output was really awesome.

We, of course, used it while taking a few hours out for jogging; the sounds were clear, crisp, and we didn’t have any issues with the battery draining while we were doing our thing. All in all, the Tarah Pro works excellently and just as expected from Jaybird, it’s something that we’d highly recommend.


The Jaybird Tarah Pro is truly the excellent sports earphones in the market. It has a great design, it’s comfortable, and has a long-lasting battery life. Most importantly, its sound quality is perfect.

While there are Bluetooth headsets that are much cheaper, those won’t deliver the features that the Tarah Pro has. This is why we think that the Tarah Pro is really worth the purchase. If you’re someone who works out regularly, these earphones are perfect for you since it will last long without having to charge it. If you’re looking for the best sports headphones, we highly recommend the Jaybird Tarah Pro.

Where to Buy

You can pickup the Jaybird Tarah Pro for $249 from over at the official Jaybird product page.

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