Jaybird Tarah Review

Sports and music usually come together which is why some people opt to have sports headphones for their listening needs. These types of devices should offer you a couple of vital things such as comfort, sweat or water resistance, and adequate battery life.

The quality of sound isn’t usually a stunner for sports headphones since even the most discerning critique does not assess or judge the sound dynamic or stage while jogging down the sidewalk.

Thing is, Jaybird usually uses the quality of sounds to justify their higher prices over competitors. And just lately, the company announced their latest Bluetooth wireless earphones which is the Tarah, Jaybird’s product that expands and increases their portfolio in regards to the available headsets.

The newest Tarah wireless headset follows the release of their X4 as the company introduces a new and unique style for its earbuds.

Let’s check out the Tarah Bluetooth wireless earphones from Jaybird and see if it’s really a good pair of sports earphones with excellent sounds.

Jaybird Tarah Review – What’s in the Box?

The Jaybird Tarah arrived in a sturdy rectangular box resembling that of the X4’s package. On the front portion of it, you will see an image of the device, along with Jaybird’s logo, the earphones name, and its key features. At the back of the box, you will find more details and information for each feature of the earphones.

When opening the package, the first thing that you’ll see is the Tarah earphones itself, then beneath the little flap is a small area where all the additional accessories are kept. These items include the cord speed cinch, three hybrid ear tips, a charging cable, and the ear clip. Under these, you will find the quick start guide for the earphones.

The Product

Jaybird Tarah Review

The Tarah falls in between the X and Freedom lines from Jaybird, offering you a combination of the two devices. The Tarah sports a similar look to the X4 with a slim profile and bigger earbuds.

Although slim, it houses the battery and drivers while simultaneously providing you with a better six-hour battery life. This is compared to Jaybird’s Freedom 2 which only tops off at four hours. Another great thing about the device is that a good ten-minute charge will already give you an hour’s worth of continuous music playback.

Tarah also took the IPX-7 water and dust resistant feature of the X4, rating with a double sweat-proof and hydrophobic nano-coating that can readily withstand complete submersion of up to a meter for a total of 30 minutes. Its convenient Speed Cinch cord is also available, which will let you easily and neatly manage your cords. This is the second time that the company included these features in their set of earphones.

The most vital inclusion to the earphones would be the comfy ear tips which are mixed wings and tips. The company provides you with three different size options – small, medium, and large – that all comfortably nestle into your ear canal and never lets up even when you’re on the move. The Tarah’s in-line remote is a bit larger than that of the X4, and its USB charging cradle is also different.

Below the right tip, you will find a three-button remote that holds the up / down volume keys, as well as the combined buttons for the play / pause keys (a single press), and the smart assistant (double press) toggle that works with any phone that runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above.

If you take a closer look at the Tarah, you’ll find that within the earphones, the company utilized a single Eargel that is a mix of an ear tip and ear fin. These are crafted using the same comfortable and flexible silicone gel as the accessories for the X4.

Product Features


Tarah is designed to provide excellent sounds and more freedom exhibited in premium headphones with a minimalist design. It’s a sleek and comfy set of earphones that you can use for everyday fitness performance and training.


The Tarah earphones are completely weatherproof to let you continuously listen to your tunes despite unexpected weather and adverse conditions. The earphones can readily withstand being submerged in water that is a meter deep and can last for up to thirty minutes in total.


The Tarah gives you powerful and excellent audio performance with sculpted highs and deep sub-bass response. You’ll get to enjoy clear, crisp, and clean audio during your activities. Take advantage of the completely adjustable EQ via the Jaybird application.


Enjoy fast charging and a full 6 hours of continuous audio play. You won’t have to worry about losing power during your workout sessions. And just like the earlier Jaybird earphones, the Tarah is also compatible with Google Assistant on Android, and Siri on iPhone.


The in-ear style Tarah earphones from Jaybird has a passive noise-isolation feature. Its total impedance is 16 Ohm with a speaker sensitivity of 99 + / – 3dB @ 1KHz. Also, the earphone’s total output max with level limit is 10m-W RMS.

The total harmonic distortion of the Tarah is < 5%, while it features a 16-bit stereo audio format. This also comes with a Bluetooth SBC implementation and a 20Hz – 20kHz bandwidth. For its overall driver size, it measures 6 millimeters. The Tarah makes use of a 5.0 Bluetooth version and has a 2.4 GHz frequency band. Profiles that it has includes headset, handsfree, AVCRP, SPP, and A2DP. Additionally, it also has the Class 2 standard range of 10 meters or up to 33 feet for its wireless range. It has an MEM omni directional microphone with a mic sensitivity of – 38dB + / – 1dB.

Play music for up to a total of 6 hours and charge for around 2 hours; if you’re opting for a quick charge, then you can go for a total of just 10 minutes to instantly give you an hour or more of music playtime. You can charge the device via USB charging cable that includes a pogo-pin connector.

It has an input power of DC 5-V 1A and makes use of a lithium ion battery which has a voltage of 3.8 Volts.

Using the Product

The Jaybird application lets you discover brand new tunes to power up your run and other athletic activities. The app also allows you to customize the EQ settings of your Jaybird Tarah earphones. This is a handy and very useful application where you can select from a couple of available sound profiles. If not, you can just create your own personalized profile based on your preferences.

To setup the earphones, the first thing that you have to do is to make sure that your device’s Bluetooth is switched on; after, tap on “Pair New Device” so you can continue with setting up the Tarah. The earphones should be switched off completely before you can give a long press on the device’s center button located on the in-line remote. You’ll just need to hold it for about six seconds before you can put this into pairing mode.

While pressing on the middle button, you’ll hear the power-on tones playing. These were a series of escalating temple-block notes, a voice prompt that states the percentage of charge available, a couple more temple block notes, then another voice prompt stating that you’re ready for pairing. It also suggests that you download th Jaybird application for more assistance for your setup.

The LED status light blinks rapidly during pairing mode, and once that’s done, you should check back on your Bluetooth settings to click on the newly discovered device, specifically the Tarah headphones.  One way to know that you’ve successfully paired the device is by hearing the voice prompt which will notify you with “connected”. You can actively connect the headphones to two devices simultaneously, and is able to remember up to a total of eight devices. When switched on, they will link to the device that has been connected recently.
Powering on / off

To switch on the Tarah, you’ll need to press then hold the middle button. You’ll hear a couple of ascending block notes then see the white LED flash once. The earphones have an auto-off feature, the timing of this can be adjusted via the settings in the Jaybird My Sound App.

Jaybird claims that their Tarah earphones are designed specifically for athletes and sports enthusiasts who need to upgrade their wired earphones for something that’s more free and flexible. They really did stay true to their claims since using the Tarah really does allow you freedom of movement while keeping things comfortable.

It really did have six hours of runtime and we actually got some time over this. Though when we attempted to listen to music at maximum volumes, the battery didn’t last that long and probably reached around 5 hours in total.

Connectivity-wise, the Tarah is surely just as good and efficient as the Jaybird X4, and the connection is another element that both products from the company have in common. We also noticed that we could listen to music with four walls separating us from the linked device, and the good thing about this was that we didn’t experience any interruptions or drops during the test which was really impressive.

Overall, we’re giving the Tarah earphones a thumbs-up for its excellent performance.


Like a lot of products from Jaybird, the Tarah earphones are made for anyone who needs a pair of sports or workout earphones. It comes with an IPX-7 certification that protects the device from sweat or water. The device also comes with a six-hour battery life that will surely get you through most of your activity.

We’ve already tried and tested a ton of cheap Bluetooth sports earphones from popular companies, and they all seemed to have sacrificed the device’s convenience and sound quality for a lower price.

Considering that the Tarah earphones from Jaybird is water resistant, durable, and gives out great sounding audio, you’ll surely be happy with this especially if you plan to wear this for a long time. With that, we would highly recommend the Jaybird Tarah.

Where to Buy

Get the Jaybird Tarah for $149AUD from the official Jaybird store. They are worth every penny!


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