LIFX Beam Review

The growing recognition of smart lights has made it more convenient and simpler to include color-changing, voice-controlled, and dimmable bulbs to any kind of lighting fixtures in your home.

Thing is, what if you want to make a statement with your lighting preferences, or show off your own style and have more control over how things look?

You’ll get to do your own thing with the LIFX Beam – a set of customizable, color-changing light strips that can be organized into a variety of unique and interesting patterns. True to its name, LIFX explains that their product is a collection of beam-like translucent rods which, each measuring a foot long and filled with LED lights.

Each of the Beam modules features a magnetic connector on each end, and when snapping these together, the modules will draw power from the preceding module in the line.

What’s great is that you can readily customize the modules of Beam any way you choose; however, its base package only lets you make one 90-degree turn since it appears just like a little square-shaped piece that features a magnetic connection on two adjoining faces.

LIFX Beam Review – What’s in the Box?

The LIFX Beam arrived in a long white box that’s quite simple but aesthetically appealing to the eyes. Along the box, you will find a lot of photographs of different areas of a home where the Beam is affixed. These exhibit how the lights appear when used to give you an idea of how and where these can be placed.

On another portion of the package, you will find all of its key features listed. And although this is called Beam, the kit actually includes a total of six pieces, as well as a corner piece, power adapter, and controller unit.

The Product

LIFX Beam Review

The LIFX Beam is made up of six individual beams and a single corner piece. Each of these measures about one foot long so the entire kit will get around 6-feet of lighting. LIFX states that you can easily mix up to a total of eight beams and one corner piece per power supply; just remember that currently, you cannot really purchase these separately.

The Beam from LIFX becomes really unique and special when you start focusing on its customization settings and options. Each bar of the device features ten individually colored custom points which can be set to any number of color combinations.

These can either be blending from a single shade to another, or as defined blocks. It’s a secure set of lights since these snap and get settled in place via magnet, with one of its included strips also being able to connect magnetically to a wired supply on a single end.

Utilizing the magnetic connections will allow you to arrange the Beam in a variety of unique lighting patterns. You will also get to attach them to your walls via the included command strips.

We suggest that you have a spirit level on hand unless you’re planning to achieve an off-trimmed placement since it’s quite challenging to reaffix the pads once you’ve already used them. Of course, you’d want to set up the Beam close to a power supply, but you don’t really have to worry much about positioning it elsewhere since its power cable is long enough at 2.5 meters.

The LIFX Beam is extremely bright with vibrant and rich colors that will surely catch anyone’s attention. The lights consume a total of 27 Watts when all of the beams are activated, thus, releasing about 1,200 lumens. This is at its max brightness level. Its Wattage on standby is at < 1-Watt while its Voltage range is AC 100 to 240 Volts | 50 / 60 Hz.

All in all, there are six beams available in a single kit, plus a single illuminated corner. It achieves rich and vibrant colors due to its 16 million colors and blended white. Software dimming is available from 1% to 100%, and the LIFX application runs on Windows 10, iOS 9+, and Android 4.1+.

Voice services that the LIFX Beam is compatible with include Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Microsoft Cortana, and Google Assistant.

It can work for international plugs A, C, G, & I, plus it also features ten blended light zones per beam. It requires 802. 11 b, g, n standards compliant and has WPA & WPA2 security. For its dimensions (L x W x H), it is 300 x 35 x 20 millimeters and weighs a total of 96 grams.

The length of its cable is 0.5 meters from the power plug to the controller and 2.0 meters from the Controller Unit to the lights itself.

Just remember that the product is not intended for weather-exposed spots, and LIFX also offers you with a two-year limited warranty which covers any type of defects that may appear during regular use.

Product Features

Hands-Free Control

Link this with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Microsoft Cortana, or the Apple Homekit for ultimate voice control. LIFX supports all major voice assistants today, and you’ll be able to switch the Beam on or off, set the dim level, toggle with any created Scenes, or set temperature and colors using this feature.

Color Zone Choices & Wide Selection of Colors

You can readily accent your smart home with style using the Beam from LIFX. Combine colors and creativity into your space and let your room come to life with a unique style and vibrant colors. You can transform your space with more than 16 million colors as well as 60 color zones of your choice. Another one of its great features is that it works excellently with Nest IFTTT and SmartThings.


Using the Product

All of the controls for the LIFX Beam are controlled using the LIFX app and it also supports HomeKit like other bulbs from LIFX. You will need good Wi-Fi connection to be able to get the Beam working, as well as to access the LIFX app where everything you’ll need to control the lights can be found.

We can say that the LIFX app is one of the best around since it allows you to have a seamless, in-depth, and user-friendly controls over each feature that is present on the lighting kit.

This is expanded and improved with fifteen pre-set themes and some of these include Mellow, Peaceful, Intense, etc. Each of these is designed with images that give you an idea of how the color schemes are. This is actually something really convenient especially if you’re someone who wants to have quick access to a number of designs without having to burrow much into it.

You will also find the Effects pane where things get really fun and interesting. Here, you have choices to set the light to a variety of modes: a creepy setting where the lights flash briefly before it turns into a cool blood red shade, lights flickering like flames, the LEDs pulsing along with the beat of your favorite tunes, cycling through a variety of colors, and a whole lot more.

If you want to make things more interesting, you can set the Beam to do extreme strobe effects based on your own preferred speed. Just remember to keep caution when selecting this option especially if there’s someone around you who has photosensitive epilepsy.

We’re actually glad that there’s an option to set a 4-point Day and Dusk cycle. Here, the LIFX Beam will be able to go through light temperatures at four different points of the day as the sun rises and then sets. With the LED’s quality and all of the options right at your fingertips, this product is surely something that will bring tons of fun.

The Beam isn’t made to replace your regular set of regular bulbs or smart LED lights, but it works as an excellent feature to catch the attention of anyone in a room. Not only that, but it is also able to work as a great centerpiece for your house party.

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Installation / Setup of the LIFX Beam

The setup and installation process of the LIFX Beam is extremely easy. The kit comes with a set of command strips from 3M; these make it easier to affix the lights to your walls when installing.

Generally, the entire setup process is easy, but since we have a couple of these, we ended up getting confused when it came to arranging ours. We didn’t really have a clear idea of how we wanted these positioned on the wall so that was our mistake.

With that, we suggest that you lay the Beams out completely; set them into position on a flat surface then make sure that your chosen layout is based on your preferences. As soon as you stick the lights to your wall, they won’t be easy to remove.

Each of the Beam’s ends feature a magnetic connector; when you link them, these will draw power from the previous piece. With the corner piece that’s included, you will be able to successfully make a single 90° turn.  Once you have everything setup when it comes to the hardware, you can utilize the LIFX app on iOS to continue with the installation process.


The very first thing that you’ll probably notice is that the Beam is extremely bright. With all of its six strips activated, you’ll get around 1,200 lumens all in all. Since this is the case, we didn’t have to put all of them at full brightness every time, but it did give us enough room to find and tinker with the settings that best suits your home.

We have to say that the LIFX Beam looks excellent on a wall no matter what type of theme you have designed for your home. It’d be a great addition if you plan to have a neon sci-fi sheen for your minimalist-designed home, or a warm, cozy, and fiery glow for your little area.

You’ll have a ton of options to play with, so you’ll never have a dull moment coming up with great and stylish designs with the Beam. We’re really glad that LIFX gives us enough pieces to create large displays that can either take the shape of an L, T, or straight line.

We liked how useful the magnetic connection was since it allowed us to better arrange different patterns before affixing these to the walls using the provided command strip pads. As we mentioned earlier, plan out your pattern in advance before setting it on your wall.

Just like with all other good smart lights, this product from LIFX can act as part of a group, through group or scene settings via your preferred smart system. You can even utilize Alexa to switch on your group for living room lights that may include the Beam as well.

Making use of the IFTTT programming will also allow you to set the lights to react according to the manner of smart home sensor-parameters: whether for temperature or motion, or even things such as notifications received on your smartphone and the like. Overall, we liked how well the LIFX Beam performed so we’re definitely giving it a thumbs up.


All in all, the LIFX Beam is an excellent addition to every smart home around. It’s easy to set up, versatile, and there are a lot of options available for you to choose from, making it perfect for adding an artistic flair and hints of style to your home.

Not only that, but it is also a perfect fit for tight spaces because of its perfectly measured size; but what we really loved about this is that the LIFX Beam is highly convenient, unique, and stylish compared to other smart lights that are out in the market today. You can even switch these on even without Wi-Fi connection which is extremely great in our opinion.

So if you want to have a more stylish, vibrant, and colorful smart home, we highly suggest the LIFX Beam for you.

Where to Buy

Add some light to your life with the LIFX Beam for only $299AUD. For more information head on over to the official product page.

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