LIFX Mini Colour Review

LIFX has been able to broaden their range as well as improve their app over the past few years. However, they have just recently launched a good number of lights for everyone and their newest Mini Range is probably the most interesting collection for their consumers. There are three models for this category: one is white, one is a full color version, while the other has a range of whites, specifically Day and Dusk.

As its name suggests, the newest range from LIFX is much smaller compared to their regular bulbs; these are also more on the cheaper side which should attract those people who previously took a step back from purchasing LIFX’s lights due to the steep prices.

Today, we’re going to check out LIFX’s new Mini Range and see if it’s just as good and worth purchasing as their original bulbs.

LIFX Mini Colour Review – What’s in the Box?

The packaging that protects the LIFX Mini Colour appears just like a cylindrical container; around this, you’ll find the bulb’s image together with a couple of its features displayed. There aren’t a lot of details about the Mini Colour written on the box, so you can focus on checking out the contents of the package.

Once you open the container, you’ll first see the LIFX Mini Colour itself which comes with a quick start guide. If you flip the guide and check the back of it, you’ll find a code that is necessary for pairing your LIFX Mini Colour with Apple Home.

The Product

LIFX Mini Colour Review – Big Features In A Small Package

With the LIFX Mini Colour, the company obviously replaced their classic flat top bulbs with newer bulbs featuring a more rounded design. It’s a great product from LIFX since it supports Alexa, Apple Home, and more. The LIFX Mini Colour is what you would consider a more compact version of LIFX flagship bulb; it maxes out at a total of 800 lumens, plus, it’s temperature and color adjustable which makes it a better and even more convenient bulb.

The new LIFX Mini is more modest and simpler by comparison: this promises 800 lumens from a 9-Watt power draw which is roughly as bright as what you’d expect from your usual 60-Watt incandescent lights while simultaneously consuming lesser energy.

Aside from its default 3500K setting, the LIFX application provides 15 other white light settings that range from a candle-like 2500K to an ice-like, bluish-white 9000K. None of these are as bright as the default setting but it’s close to it.

Product Features

Fits Perfectly

The LIFX Mini Colour links you anywhere in your smart home without you having to bother with any cables or hubs. If you connect your Wi-Fi, you can get to enjoy LIFX’s excellence, anytime.

Impressive Power

Take advantage of the Mini Colour’s power since it can easily transform the space in your home with attractively pleasing and vibrant shades and automation.


All lights from LIFX, including the Mini Colour, is made to be environmentally friendly since it makes use of lesser energy compared to your regular incandescent light. With this, you’ll get to experience a much lower electricity bill, lesser waste, and a notable lifespan of 22.8 years.

Using the Product

Setting up your LIFX Mini Colour is extremely easy and straightforward: you just need to screw in the Mini Colour bulb, switch the light on, then utilize either the Home app or the LIFX app. This is to add it to your Home Kit setup and Wi-Fi network and you’re good to go.

Remember that you aren’t just limited to these two apps; there are a ton of other supported smart home applications that you can use with these. You’ve got numerous options like Home Kit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and even Nest.

The performance of the LIFX Mini Colour was simply excellent. Each of the bulbs can replace your regular 60-Watt bulb while also providing you with an even cast of light. Its brightness and color is somewhat similar to that of the Hue bulbs but with a couple of exceptions.

Beyond the basics, you can choose from Themes or utilize the cool range of Effects that are available; the recent differs from supplying a fire-like spark to a Music Visualizer that flashes your lights to the beat of your music.

There’s also a Strobe mode available which briskly flicks the lights off and on which something that we think is pretty cool. We also tried this with Apple Home and once we were on the app, the lights worked great and even responded in a snap. All in all, we can say that the LIFX Mini Colour’s performance was excellent and we’re giving them a thumbs-up for this.



The LIFX application has a lot of great effects that you can use with your Mini Colour lights. For instance, one of their newer effects lets you automatically modify the color of your bulb depending on the time of the day. Think of it as something like Night Shift, but it’ll be for the lights in your home. There is also a portion in the application for cool effects such as music visualizer, candle flicker, and strobe effects.

With that, there are also a couple of new and significant additions to the application which makes it more convenient for everyone.

Its first new feature is the Day and Dusk feature: with this, any LIFX light that can alter its colors can make use of it. This specific feature provides you with four lighting presets that are meant to imitate the natural advancement of light throughout the day.

There’s also the Wake Up preset that regulates neutral daylight; this is to help you feel less dazed and confused in the morning. The presets for Day and Evening match the development of sunlight, while the Nightlight preset puts out the dimmed and dull orange hues as you sleep.

Just switch these features on and your Mini Colour will automatically cycle to any of the four presets that you’ve chosen for that specific day. The LIFX app can even show you a couple of color-coded line graphs on how lights act throughout the day based on your chosen settings. Generally, it’s great visuals and a very smart way to make automated lighting a bit more intuitive.


The LIFX Mini Colour is a great mini bulb that definitely gets the job done. Even if it’s much smaller compared to the other bulbs around, it still illuminates adequate brightness and still displays vivid color quality that is to be expected from LIFX.

Aside from that, the bulb also has a great app for color customization and changing light control, as well as key integrations with a variety of applications like Alexa, IFTTT, Apple Home Kit, Google Assistant, and a lot more.

Overall, we can say that the Mini Colour bulb from LIFX is a great product and we recommend that you invest in this for your smart home.

Where to Buy

If you want to have your own LIFX Mini Colour, you can purchase this for $69AUD from LIFX’s official website.

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