Lingopie Review

Do you want to learn new languages while just watching television and relaxing from your couch? If that’s the case, we’ll tell you everything you need to know here in our LingoPie review.

With LingoPie, you now have a legit excuse to watch all the series and shows you want! That’s because you can learn a language with TV Shows and Movies.

The Fun Way to Learn Languages

If you want to memorize a couple of lengthy words, you can open old textbooks and bring out your flashcards. Or, repeat some phrases and grammatical rules while you’re on the way to your next trip.

But if you’re planning to speak a foreign language like the native speakers, there’s a great way to do this. You should learn about the culture linked to the language during your learning process. And the best way to do this is by watching related videos that are both fun and interesting.

LingoPie makes use of people’s enthusiasm and enjoyment for watching videos by utilizing an interactive SVOD platform. This element enhances movies, TV shows, music, and more, to help you learn foreign languages.

About LingoPie

LingoPie is an intuitive and fun language learning tool that utilizes various visuals to help you learn languages. It works by immersing and surrounding you with native content that puts all nouns, words, and verbs in context. The cool thing about it is you don’t need to drill on any vocabulary to learn.

That’s because LingoPie makes use of a stream-style interface. It has a plethora of advanced features, making it a winner for those who want to learn languages.

Lingopie Review: How It Works

LingoPie weighs on NLP or Natural Language Processing. They also leverage behavioral analytics to establish an immersively rich learning experience for all.

While you’re watching, you can readily interact with the subtitles. With that, you’ll get instant grammar notes, the right pronunciation, translations, and more.

After each video you watch, you can further engage in different learning review tools like flashcards. Utilizing these will better reinforce the lessons you’ve learned during each episode.

According to LingoPie, the process is called the “LingoPie Binge-Learning Method”.

Currently, LingoPie gives you the option to learn and grasp the following languages: French and Spanish. Soon, they will launch other languages like Portuguese, German, Russian, and Italian.

Price Package

LingoPie isn’t expensive, and it comes with two plans, which are both extremely affordable.

If you’re someone who prefers trying things out before committing to purchasing, then LingoPie’s got your back. They offer a free trial for seven days, allowing you to enjoy full access to their content without any obligations.

After the free trial, you can get LingoPie at a reasonable price of $9 per month. Or, you can pay annually for $4.50 per month, which is $60 per year. You can cancel any of these plans anytime, so you won’t have any problems if you want to stop.

Compared to other language learning applications, LingoPie is much cheaper, especially if you opt for the annual payment.

With LingoPie, you can get access to tons of excellent shows in your choice of foreign language. Each show displays subtitles, as well as subtitles in English. With that, you can click on a word or a phrase that you want to translate. Doing so will help you learn further as you watch.

Plus, you can utilize great language learning features, as well as tools to help you learn while watching.

LingoPie Features

Of course, our Lingopie review won’t be complete without discussing the platform’s unique features. Let’s begin with what kind of shows they offer.

Thousands of Hours of Access to International TV

With Lingopie, you can access daily news, comedies, telenovelas, travel shows, and a lot more. New shows are added each month, so you can enjoy learning with new content all the time.

Made For All Levels

Lingopie’s TV Shows and tools are designed to make learning effective yet fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re learning the language for the first time or you want to further enhance your skills. You can choose from Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels.

Learning a language through Lingopie is easy, so you won’t have to worry.

Dramatically Increase and Improve Your Vocabulary

When learning a language with TV, you’re not only memorizing words. You’ll learn from context, which makes language learning a faster process.

Choose & Watch

As mentioned earlier, using Lingopie is easy. Simply choose a show based on your level, then start watching. Your comprehension and vocabulary will significantly improve after watching a few episodes.

Learn & Enjoy

Lingopie’s shows have interactive subtitles that provide instant transitions that allow for quick learning. Track your progress, and you’ll see how much you’ve improved in a short time.

Access Anywhere

Another perk of Lingopie is you can access any of their shows wherever you go. That means you can learn foreign languages even while traveling abroad. With this accessibility, you won’t have to stop learning and lose your progress if a country blocks certain programs.

Using LingoPie

Now on our Lingopie review, we will talk about our experience with this language learning platform. When we first heard about Lingopie, we wondered if binge-watching TV shows was an effective way to learn languages. Of course, we created an account for the free trial to see it for ourselves.

Account Registration

First, we entered an email address and a password. After that, we were asked to choose our target language. As of now, Spanish and French are the only available languages, but German, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian are coming soon.

Next, we chose our level of fluency, followed by our reason for learning the language. The choices include work, travel, culture, family & friends, self-improvement, and refreshing language skills. When we finished choosing our answers, we were led to a page that asked for our credit card details.

Note that Lingopie automatically charges you once the 7-day trial is done, but you can cancel your subscription anytime.

Lingopie Review: Watching and Learning

After the account registration process, we chose a video to watch to see how language learning worked here. Unlike in ordinary video platforms online, we were able to change each video’s speed through Lingopie. For the subtitles, we could choose from using English, French, or both languages simultaneously.

The option to use both languages at the same time was a feature that we appreciate a lot. This made it easier for us to learn new words and their meanings at a faster rate. We were also able to click on subtitles to get translations of specific phrases, which was highly convenient.

Learning French became a quick process for us since we no longer needed to type in sentences on a translator. We only watched videos of our choice, which made it fun and entertaining. When checking out the meanings of specific words, we only paused the video and clicked on the subtitles.

Lingopie also allowed us to create SRS flashcards by clicking on unknown words. In the review sessions, we saw these words in sentences, which gave context. We memorized each word and its meaning while learning how to use them in sentences.

When we finished a series, we picked up a lot of new words and phrases. After using Lingopie, we can say that it’s truly effective for learning foreign languages, enhancing vocabulary, and improving language skills.

Overall, we enjoyed our experience with Lingopie, and we’re looking forward to learning new languages through this platform.

LingoPie Review – Conclusion

Lingopie is an impressive tool for language learning. It has a user-friendly interface with great features that you can’t find on other video platforms. Also, its review mode is a helpful feature for retaining knowledge.

If you want to learn Spanish and French, Lingopie is a great option. You don’t need to focus on complex grammar lessons that are difficult to memorize. The bonus is you can watch your preferred videos to make the learning process fun.

Moreover, Lingopie offers a natural way to learn foreign languages. By using this platform, you’ll gain access to quality local shows and movies from the country of your target language. When you watch these videos, you’ll see how locals speak, which is a great way to learn.

Lingopie also has a mobile version, so you can use it on your smartphone when you’re on-the-go. Learning doesn’t stop since Lingopie makes it convenient for you.

To conclude our Lingopie review, we highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn foreign languages.

Where to Buy?

If you’re interested in learning a language through Lingopie, you can sign up on the official website.

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