Logitech C922 Pro Streaming Camera Review

Streaming today’s popular video game titles is becoming a big business. Certain streamers come with green screens to further showcase the game as opposed to their untidy room. But that would mean more room and money to spend.

The Logitetch C922 easily eradicates space and cost by making use of a software or getting the background replaced — so one can appear like a gaming pro for a fraction of a price. It’s a lot simpler to use. What’s more, it makes for a great webcam for daily use.

Logitech C922 Review – What’s in the Box?

Contents of the Logitech C922 include:

  • 1x Logitech C922 webcam
  • 1x documentation
  • 1x setup guide
  • 1x XSplit license code
  • 1x tripod

The Product

Logitech C922 Pro Streaming Camera Review – Affordable and Professional Streaming

In terms of appearance, the C922 has a newer logo and a dark glossy finish surrounding its camera lens. A white glow is noticeable when the product is being used. Stereo headphones comfortably sit at an omnidirection, an area where webcam mics tend to function well.

The Logitech C922 is constructed out of high quality plastic and feels very solid. A lot of other cameras out there generally feel pretty cheap when you handle them, not giving you with much faith that they will last very long once you keep re-positioning them on tripods etc.

The camera is compact in size so that it does not take up too much room on your desk. This is great as if you are a person who enjoys streaming video games you are playing you will be left with room available on your desk.

If content streaming is not your forte at all, the camera is exceptionally suited to chatting with friends and family over Skype or any other chat software you may use.

A six-foot USB cable can be seen running out from the rear portion. This can be extended to the mount, in an L-shaped joint, with its bulk dangling on the back end of the monitor.

The C922 has both 720p (HD) and 1080p (Full HD) recording capabilities. Its 60fps running on 720p is its newest functionality not seen in its predecessor. The video quality output is excellent. It’ll make one appear sharp in a brightly lit environment.

The C922 also consists of a tripod. It’s a rugged item consisting of a swivel mount intended for the camera. It also has three legs that can be branched out at around one inch and half. This pushes the camera height to a little more than seven inches.

The Logitech C922 comes with a great added ability that most other camera do not have which is the ability to remove backgrounds automatically. Generally you need to setup a green screen in order to remove the background of your video however the Logitech C922 has a bunch of smarts built in aloowing it to remove the background on the fly without needing a green screen. Although this feature may not always work perfectly, it does work well in most cases. For those instances where you need greater control over your video it is always recommended to use a proper green screen.

The tripod is partially made from a metallic material. Its head is durable and can be adjusted. Having the best angle doesn’t always involve a webcam being attached to the monitor regardless if it involves interacting with someone online, streaming, or v-logging. It’s a nice icing on the cake for Logitech to include this as a standard.

Using the Product

Installing the C922 is pretty much straightforward. The setup process is as follows:

  1. Plug the Logitech C922 to a USB port.
  2. Install the bundled software that came with installation.
  3. Pick the C922 as the primary audio and video source.
  4. Use the webcam.

There’s really nothing much when it comes to setting up the webcam.  After threading it to the top swivel mount, bring the metallic ring upward so it can meet the webcam. Then the swivel can be held in place via the side plastic loop. The tripod legs can then be pulled and adjusted to the preferred length.

When tested on a laptop running on an iCore 7 processor (running on a similar amount of RAM and less GPU unlike that of the laptop), the C922 functioned reasonably well.  The outcome is decent and if the user is into streaming, then expect to run a computer with capable hardware.

In adequate lighting, the webcam functioned reasonably well. Quality is at its best when one remains still during v-logging or when videoconferencing online.

For users without dedicated lighting in the room, an automatic correction feature for low-lighting works exceptionally well. In a video test, it enhanced the background brightness and offset some of the glare emitted by the monitor. This resulted to a normal skin tone as opposed to the disabling the feature.

While its automated low-light correction feature won’t immediately replace the naturally lighting setup, it’s a functionality that most bedroom users will rely heavily on.

In testing the difference between frame rates from varying resolutions, a pen sitting in from of the webcam was moved while being recorded in Full HD (at 30fps) and HD (at 60fps) in the same set of motions.

A big difference can be seen when the pen has a less blurred appearance as it’s being moved across the screen at a higher frame rate. Such jump in quality will be handy for streamers who know all too well how webcam recording is lowered to a small screen area. Thus, prioritizing a smoother frame rate to that of recording done in high resolution.

Audio quality from the webcam’s pre-installed microphones came in as expected. It did a marvelous job capturing one voice and filtering out ambient noise within the room.


The best thing with Logitech’s latest line of webcams is that they’re compatible with known computer and mobile platforms. The C922 can function with Windows 7/8/9/10, Android 5.0 (or higher), and Chrome OS. It works with just about any latest device possessing a USB port. It even came in with OBS and Xplits compatibility out of the box.

The C922’s software allows the user to make contrast and brightness tweaks to gain the desired color . The software it came with allows for complete removal of the surrounding as if the user is situated in front of a green screen.

Since everything is virtual, the software, powered by Personify, will target the head and shoulders and erase everything surrounding it. Or one can seamlessly insert another background. It’s a cool feature that’s really effective when it works.


For those who stream or interested in the green screen effect at a fraction of a cost, then the C922 is recommended webcam for its price. Costing at around $100, it’s a cheaper alternative compared to its uber expensive competitors. What’s more, a three-month Xsplit Premium is included in the package —a really sweet way of sealing the deal.

Is it worthy to go for one? For sure. Regardless if you’re a streamer or not, the Logitech C922 is an awesome webcam that doesn’t step on a different path. As a matter of fact, those seeking a Windows Hello will still end up seeking for a RealSense-capable camera. Whereas Logitech made a firm decision to do what it does best.

It’s an awesome product at incredible value. It even has new functionality that can easily lure in a majority of webcam-seekers today.

Where to Buy

Looking to get a new camera so you can stream your gameplay to Twitch? Head on over to the Logitech website where you can pick the C922 up for only $169AUD.

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