Logitech Craft Review

A lot of keyboards today simply function as basic devices made to help you with all your typing needs. Aside from these, there are also keyboards specially designed for gaming, where shorter travel and pinpoint accuracy are vital.

Although these are great, there are only a very few of these devices that are made specifically for creative users. This is actually quite strange considering the number of devices, applications, and software available that cater to videographers, designers, photographers, and even writers.

In fact, it would be really challenging to find a keyboard that focuses on design and creativity just like Logitech’s Craft which comes in a simple, minimalist, yet pleasing design.

When you take a look at the device, it doesn’t scream “Complete Creative Control” which is something that the company advertises. However, you really can’t deny that the Craft is a finely-built device that is of high-quality; it’s also a very nifty keyboard that is packed with a ton of features for artistic productivity and expressions. Plus, it’s also a very smart attempt at a creative themed keyboard.

Think that Logitech’s Craft is something that you’d need? If so, then we’ve got you covered. We’ll be talking more about the device, its excellent features, performance, and everything else necessary about Craft.

Logitech Craft Review – What’s in the Box?

Logitech decided to put a thick plastic wrap over the keyboard to ensure that you receive a package that is completely dust-free and in excellent condition. If you take a look at the box’s exterior, you’ll notice that it features subdued colors which blend perfectly with the keyboard’s own color scheme.

The front portion of the box features the company and product name; plus, you’ll also find a huge illustration of the keyboard itself, and a marketing tagline too. Logitech is actually one of the few brands that have excellent retail sales in physical stores; thus, the reason for its products having more information and details on the packaging which is really good, in our opinion.

This goes all the way to the sides and the back of the package, which includes more specifications, illustrations, as well as marketing features. If you’re also wondering if the package is protected enough, then yes. You won’t have to worry about the keyboard falling out while in transit. This is because Logitech made sure to put two huge seals on the package, to keep the device and all other contents in the box, safe and intact.

Aside from the keyboard, other accessories inside the package include the Logitech unifying 2.4-GHz USB receiver which is small yet can support a total of six compatible peripherals. This lets you utilize an entire selection of Logitech products in a single receiver whenever necessary. A quick start guide is also present, as well as the warranty manual.

Lastly, there’s also a male – male USB Type A to the USB Type C cable, indicating that the Craft has a detachable cable that helps charge the device’s built-in battery.

The Product

Logitech Craft Review

Logitech’s Craft is a wireless keyboard that sports a nice, simple, and understated design. It also features a sleek, thin, and rounded look that allows it to blend beautifully with your desktop setup while simultaneously reducing the clutter.

For its numerous uses, the Craft from Logitech has a design that’s surprisingly understated and simple. It has that nice thin, sleek, and rounded exterior that goes nicely with any build or setup that you have. The keyboard sports a black theme with a silver bar right at the top; it also shows off a really nice matte finish, giving the device a nice and subtle touch on your fingertips. If you have sweaty hands, the keyboard’s finish can also control the appearance of annoying oily fingerprints.

The keyboard features dual connection – 2.4-GHz wireless through the the company’s Bluetooth and Unifying USB receiver, a USB Type C port specifically for charging, an on / off switch for battery saving, plus a lengthy 10-meter wireless range.

At the heart of Craft’s ultimate function is its medium-sized, silver dial / button located at the top left portion of the device. The Crown, which is said to be the keyboard’s modest-looking inclusion, works for a lot of the device’s creative applications.

Other elements that we love about the design is the spherical dishing on almost every key on the keyboard. These also nicely cup our fingers so they’re always kept in place; plus, we also love the tactile response and the adequate amount of travel on each of the keys, even if each keystroke offers a muted effect.

The Craft from Logitech is just 17 inches wide, is 1.13 inches thick, and 5.90 inches long from front to back. According to the company, its distance from the center of one key to the other is about 19 millimeters far. This is basically within the normal range for a regular-sized keyboard.

This keyboard is quite hefty and weighs a total of 2 pounds; something that surprised us since it looked really light when we first saw it. Yet the extra weight on the keyboard is totally understandable due to the anchored board metal bar that goes across the upper portion of the keyboard. Also, the Craft houses a 1,500-mAh battery for convenience.

For its connection support, the Craft comes with the Unifying 2.4-GHz wireless technology and Bluetooth low energy technology. For software support, Logitech Options is available for Mac OS 10.11 and higher, as well as for Windows 7 and up. The Craft from Logitech also comes with a one-year limited hardware warranty for your convenience.

Product Features

Full Control for Creativity

Logitech’s Craft is a wireless keyboard that offers supreme typing experience. Its input dial is highly versatile as it adapts to what you need when you’re creating.

Clever Illumination

Craft features a backlighting flourish when switched on. For the keys, these light up once your hands touch them. The backlit keys also automatically adapts to lighting conditions in your surroundings.

Effortless and Precise Typing

Since the Craft is designed for stability, precision, and efficiency, you can confidently type with this keyboard. The stability of the keys lessens the noise while its responsiveness is improved; this allows you to feel every keystroke without hearing these. The special key dishing is created to deliver accuracy while the blind navigation allows for easy positioning of your fingers. With these features, you will no longer miss a key.

Touch, Tap, Turn

When using Mac OS or Windows, you can change the stroke weight in Adobe Illustrator CC, adjust the brightness of Adobe Photoshop CC, edit photos in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, and do more by just turning the dial. You can also enlarge text in MS Powerpoint using the dial and instantly create charts in MS Excel and more.


Using the Product

This is the best keyboard that we’ve ever tried when it comes to multi tasking, considering that most of us are Adobe Suite users: specifically Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Premier, and a couple of others. Aside from Adobe, we’re also heavy users of Office which includes PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook, and other applications which are compatible with this device.

When it comes to the battery, Logitech claimed that the Craft will only last about a week with its backlight switched on. If you switch off its backlight, its 1,500-mAh battery can last for a total of three months according to the company. It took us about six hours to charge the Craft using its included USB Type C cable, and we did this from our computer. Logitech also included a power switch right at the front portion of the keyboard.

We loved the low profile keys of this device since it gave us great typing action with increased accuracy. Though we did assume that its layout was a bit cramped, we were a bit surprised by how easy it was to type on the Craft, and it was very comfortable which is good.

The knob located on the upper left portion of the keyboard is something we’d consider as a big game changer. We’ve been using it a lot more for the apps that we mentioned earlier, and it makes things a whole lot easier and less time consuming.

There are two features that we really loved and one is that the device gives off a dim yet soft light when in a low-lit room. When we hovered our hand over the Craft, it gave off this appealing light. Another feature we liked is the ability of this keyboard to operate three  various devices; and for everyone’s convenience, it works with both the PC and Mac.

Overall, the performance of this device from Logitech is great, and we’re giving it a thumbs up for its performance and overall appearance.


The streamlined and straightforward approach of Logitech means the Craft provides enhanced flexibility and control without making things complicated. This keyboard isn’t really cheap, but we really think that it’s worth the purchase especially if you’re a photographer, video editor, or simply a creative user. It’s a great all-around keyboard that performs excellently when used with creative applications.

The great thing about Craft is that it also performs well with non-creative tasks. The dial can be used to adjust volume, brightness, or scrolling up and down. It even comes with profiles for Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel.

Logitech’s Craft is one of the best keyboards that we’ve tried. Its design and features are excellent for increasing your productivity and enhancing your work performance. If you’re looking for the perfect keyboard for creative tasks, we highly recommend Logitech’s Craft.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the Logitech Craft keyboard for $299 from over at the Logitech website.

  1. This is perhaps the best keyboard I have ever owned. My all-time favorite was the IBM keyboard sold with the original PCs. But we all know you can’t use that at night in a silent household. I am a light user of the Adobe suite (Illustrator, Photoshop. InDesign, Premier, After Effect, and about two others) I am also a heavy Office user, MS. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Sharepoint, SQL, and others. The knob thingy on the upper left of this keyboard is a game changer. I find myself using it more and more in the above apps. For instance I have to proportionately over or downsize assets daily; with this knob thingy, all I have to do is click the asset (image, etc.) and turn it.

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