Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

A gamer’s skills isn’t just enough to be the best. They would need a certain arsenal to be the top of the ladders. With the recent craze in eSports, luckily there’s a ton of options but this amount of options makes it hard for an aspiring pro to choose. Not to mention it also has to be in their budget.

Logitech has an answer for this. Logitech is known for top of the line computer peripherals with a reasonable price tag. I, myself have owned a lot of Logitech products myself and can attest to this fact. However, a good name isn’t just enough. A good gaming keyboard has to provide comfort whilst being able to deliver amazing functionality. And if you’re like me, it also has to look good so today we’re going to look at the Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming keyboard. This keyboard has its number pad removed but this was done on purpose. Logitech has chosen to focus on what really matters and upped the ante to innovate in the gaming industry. Let’s see if it paid off.

Logitech G Pro Mechanical Keyboard Review – Whats in the Box?

The front cover of the Logitech G Pro is quite simple with an all-around black cover. The front has the keyboard featured with the word “PRO” at the top. You can see that the picture of the keyboard is RGB lit to showcase this certain feature. You can also see the multimedia keys as well here.

The smaller side of the box has a sticker on it to make sure it has not been tampered with. It also mentions the six onboard lighting profiles and also shows the specifications for the Romer-G switches.

On the other smaller side we have the word “PRO” colored in Logitech’s very color and done in metallic lettering. It also has a nice hint of glow if light hits it, giving it a premium look.

Next we have the longer sides of the box. We can see Logitech highlights their Romer-G key switches here and this also where you can find what is required as well as the contents of the box. Reading further, it also shows the warranty period.

And if we look at the other longer side of the box, we will only find the Logitech G name which has the same design with the “PRO” letters. It has the same color and reflective design.

At the back we find a handful of words in a certain layout design. It lists down a few features that match the matt background. And towards the middle of the box, we find the words “One Purpose Play to Win” written on white and blue to stand out.

When we open the box we will find a thin layer of cardboard that surrounds a thicker cardboard box. The Logitech G Pro keyboard is wrapped inside a clear plastic which then seals the underside. The paperwork as well as the cable is at the bottom of the cardboard to keep it from moving.

There is connection for the USB 2.0 that you can plug to your pc. There is also strap that comes with the cable to avoid it making this a nuisance. The cable itself is detachable which is quite cool and makes moving around with the keyboard a lot more convenient. It has a micro-USB connection on the other end between two tabs that helps relieve stress of the small connector. The cables delivered with the Logitech G Pro are quite similar to other Logitech cables. It is quite similar since other cables also have this feature, especially on other Logitech wireless mice.

The paperwork included with the Logitech G Pro explains how to connect your cable both on your pc and on your keyboard. Logitech also added a link to where you can download the software that you can use for your keyboard. We have covered this software before and if you have read our other Logitech articles before you probably have an idea. But if you haven’t, It is the Logitech Gaming Software which is a helpful tool for all your Logitech gaming peripherals. All in all, the paperwork is pretty basic and covers what you would expect on a typical user’s manual.

The Product

Next we talk about the actual keyboard itself. The lower section of the frame is concaved so it is easier to grab the keyboard by hand. Towards the sides of the enclosed frame, we see that it is quite shiny. The first three rows of keys rise a little bit by level and at the top it is much higher than third key. And as we move towards the three lower rows of keys, it is also the same with the bottom row being at the lowest level. However, we find that these keys are angled in such a way that it forms a concave shape.

At the top of the Logitech G Pro which has a Tenkeyless design, we can see that the design is nice, clean and simple.

On the right side of the keyboard, you can see the word “PRO” on its side.

All the F1 to F8 keys can be programmed using Logitech’s software. It however does not have any secondary functions. We can also find a bunch of multimedia keys here as well along with the icons printed on the side of the key caps. However, this isn’t easy to see it since the keys are all closed together. It would be better if they didn’t print it on the key cap and just print it on the chassis itself or somewhere else. We also find the Caps Lock as well as the Scroll Lock, a separate game lockout button and beside it, a dedicated button for switching on or off the LED backlight of the Logitech G Pro.

Towards the center of the back edge of the keyboard you will find the port for the included detachable cable with a micro-USB jack. And if you notice, the jack itself has wings. This helps the port be a lot steadier and stay in place. This also lessens the stress on the actual metallic port itself which makes it last longer than all other ports.

If we look at the bottom of the keyboard we can see that Logitech also put a lot of effort and thought about the gripping mechanics for the Logitech G Pro. There are angled ridges on the surface that runs across the keyboard. There are also five rubber pads that is incredibly large that gives it an even better grip. There are also two flaps at the top that will angle the keyboard towards the user slightly. But these are not just flaps. It’s actually 2 sets of flaps. The first set of flaps is 7.5 mm away from the body but since the rubber pads are 1.5 mm thick, it’s actually just 6 mm. The second flap is the larger one and this is 18 mm and subtracting it from the 1.5 mm thickness of the rubber pads, it extends to 16.5 mm.

Product Features

Part Number: 920-008290

Warranty Information: 2 year limited hardware warranty

System Requirements: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, USB Port, Internet access for Logitech Gaming Software

Package Contents:

  • Pro gaming keyboard
  • Keyboard data cable
  • User documentation

Physical Specifications

  • Height: 6.02 in (153 mm)
  • Width: 14.18 in (360 mm)
  • Depth: 1.35 in (34.3 mm)
  • Weight: (w.o cable): 2.2 lbs (980 g)
  • Cable: 6 ft (1.8 m)

Romer-G Key Switches

  • Durability: 70 million keypresses
  • Actuation Distance: 0.06 in (1.5 mm)
  • Actuation force: 1.6 oz (45 g)
  • Total travel distance: .12 in (3.0 mm)

Keyboard Specifications

  • Connection Type: USB 2.0
  • USB Protocol: USB 2.0
  • Indicator Lights (LED): Yes
  • LCD Display: No
  • USB Ports (Built-in): No
  • Backlighting: RGB
  • Special Keys: Programmable FN Keys


Once you install the latest Logitech Gaming software suite, you’ll instantly be shown the Logitech G Pro keyboard with the buttons at the top highlighted. And if you click on one, you will head on to the next tab.

Including the ability to choose from different programs that the software detect, there’s a list of options towards the left that you can drag onto the twelve function keys. There are a list of presets to choose from including 69 options that change depending on the application that was selected.

You can see the RGB lighting on the keyboard at the top. If you look to the left, there are options to choose single keys, a group of keys or an entire set of keys. If you look at the box to the right, it can allow the user to set certain lighting effects and can also adjust the direction and the rate.

There is also an option to move into the Game mode settings. In its default state, it will render the window key, function key and menu key useless.

There’s also a heat map for people who are curious as to how much often they use certain keys.

Overwolf is also included in the software, before you had to download it separately. You can get apps, skins, chat, and even a game capture to share you gaming memories to your friends.

If you click on the gear icon, you will go to the settings menu which gives you control on how the software reacts, control the profiles, update the firmware and a few others.


The Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming keyboard is amazing both in style and functionality. It is compact and has a detachable cable so you can easily bring it anywhere. They keys are very tactile and you can feel it once you press on them. The Romer-G switches have a much faster response time compared to other keyboards which is crucial in gaming.

The build quality is also very well thought off, the underside was not left out and has two sets of feet and 5 generously wide pads to provide a better grip. The function keys are also very useful if you’re a power use and of course, the lighting is decently bright. If you’re gaming in a darker room, you will see the Logitech G Pro take the spotlight with its magnificent lighting effects that you can customize using the handy Logitech Gaming Software which also gives a handful of its own features which makes this keyboard an even worth of a purchase.

Where to Buy

You can pickup the Logitech Pro Mechanical Keyboard for a great price of $179AUD from over at the official Logitech website.

The Logitech Pro Mechanical Keyboard is an amazing piece of hardware. It is compact with tactile Romer-G switches that feel fantastic. The keyboard looks and feels like a premium bit of kit.

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