Logitech G403 Prodigy Wired Gaming Mouse Review

These days, gaming can be accessible by just about anyone. It’s close to being universal especially for those who don’t consider themselves as hardcore gamers. But based from Logitech’s point of view, anyone should be able to have access to quality gaming gear. The manufacturer even created a plethora of peripherals to help meet the needs of consumers. These peripherals were intentionally made to be versatile, user friendly, and customizable.

One of these peripherals is the Logitech G403 mouse, which is part of the manufacturer’s Prodigy line. The mouse is specifically designed to make high-end gaming friendly and approachable. By significantly minimizing the buttons present and ushering in a traditional design, the manufacturer is hoping to lure in an open crowd without giving up their hardcore gaming reputation. The G403 is an effort made to cater to a wider audience. Lets jump in to our Logitech G403 Prodigy review.

Logitech G403 Review – What’s in the Box?

The packaging of the Logitech G403 Prodigy is similar to that of their other products. On the front of the box there is the product name printed in the iconic blue Logitech colour. Underneath there is a big bold image of the G403 itself which looks great. At the top right of the box they highlight the 16.8 million colour combinations available. At the bottom of the box there is the Logitech Gaming logo.



On the sides of the box you can see the product name is large, bold white text as well as the specifications of the mouse. Turning t the rear of the box we finds some of the product highlights listed as well as some images of the varying lighting colour choices available.


Contents of the package include:

  • 1x G403 Prodigy mouse
  • 1x product booklet

The Product

The Logitech G403 Prodigy Mouse – Simple Design That Works

The Logitech G403 Prodigy gaming mouse provides a nice combination of simplicity and high performance. The concept behind the product is it that ergonomics is a top priority over extra capabilities. What you get is a crispy clean and in-your-face mouse.

The “straightforward” design of the mouse is accumulated from feedback made by PC gamers of different kinds, including professional and casual-playing gamers. The manufacturer didn’t lose out on performance either since they stuffed the widely touted Pixart PMW3366 optical sensor within the G403.

In terms of design, it’s everything gamers want — nothing more. It’s shaped in a conventional manner and intended for right-handed users. It contains a clickable scroll wheel, left-right mouse buttons, and a sensitivity button located close to the scroll wheel. Aside from the “RGB” glow seen in the “G” logo and the scroll wheel, the mouse appears is simple in its design, and that’s a good thing.






The G403 sides have rubber grips combined with matte plastic to give off a solid mouse handle. There are 2 thumb buttons located on the left side of the mouse which are easily reached. The scroll wheel echoes a soft clicking sound whenever it’s spun. Keep in mind the wheel can’t be switched to the commonly anticipated free-spinning mode.


The wired mouse comes with a 2-meter braided cable. Meanwhile, the backlighting of the mouse can be customized by Logitech’s software, which lets you toggle in between the “G” logo and scroll wheel with its rich 16.8 million colors.


Product Features

The mouse is as straightforward as it can ever be. It has a high body that prevents the wrist from getting strained — an aspect entry-level gamers would love since their hands may not be used to prolonged periods of game play. The front part of the mouse comes with a long slope to hold the index and middle fingers in place. The middle button and scroll wheel are arranged in such a manner for easy accessibility.

Two buttons are situated on the left part, enabling for one to move “back” or “forward” when browsing. It can be customized to cater to a certain task within any game of choice. For example, by default, the “back” button could be arranged for an “attack” mode when playing a first-person shooter game. The “forward” button can be used for bounding grenades, which may be easier for some compared to going back to the “G” keyboard button.

Since the G403 Prodigy is designed as an entry-level product, Logitech made a decision for easy handling with the inclusion of two rubber strips on both sides. This can be of great advantage since gaming newbies or those with smaller hands could have a difficult time gripping a gaming mouse the right way. Rubber grips not only teaches a newbie’s fingers on gripping areas of a mouse, it also gives them a slight advantage during gameplay — with little learning curve.

The Logitech G403 Prodigy mouse comes with an additional weight option. Removing the panel underneath the mouse reveals a space where you can add the included extra weight should you wish a more heavier mouse.



LEDs of the G403 may be bright, but it’s also muted with a soft overlay touch. This prevents them from having that “snowy” appearance. They can smoothly be shifted between 16.8 million colors or be programmed to any color of preference through the Logitech Gaming Software. RGB LEDs have a tendency to give off a blue color when straying away from the blue, red, or green color.

Using It

Setting up the product is a breeze. Simply plug the USB end of the keyboard to the desktop USB port. A notification from the screen indicates the desktop PC detecting the device. A Logitech window will pop out automatically updating the device’s firmware. Once that’s done, you’re good to go.

The G403 has done a great job in a number of tests. After going through a number of PC games, fatigue on the hand was noticeably less compared to other mouse brands. The mouse did a tremendous job in high-intensity games such as The Room Two, League of Legends, and Diablo III.

The mouse has a solid feel when held with a bit of weight added. But then again, it’s similar to the weight of a standard mouse. Buttons felt very responsive. The side buttons have the right size for clicking without getting in the way of gameplay.

The power cord of the mouse is braided. It snugly fits the front of the mouse for charging purposes. It’s never prone to errors since the build only allows for a charger to be plugged in a certain manner. Charging was consistently true for a long period. If the mouse’s battery is running low, the software it came with will “ping” a reminder.

Logitech Software

The G403 currently operates on its own Logitech Gaming Software (just like any recent peripheral offerings from Logitech). With the software, users can move in between DPIs (anywhere from 200 to 12,000), program certain buttons, associating separate profiles to games, and alternating color illumination).

The color of the mouse is worth mentioning. Since the G403 is considered a full-fledged RGB mouse, it can easily sync with other Logitech products to create a clear color pattern. Currently, the mouse comes with three color profiles. This is ideal for gamers who want to take a dip in the competitive gaming scene, or simply want to set things up in another player’s home.

Colors of the LED can be switched within the palette of 16.8 million colors. The “Breathing” and “Color Select” effect has a nice touch. The software is bundled with a heat map, where one can easily look into mouse buttons that are frequently utilized. This is a helpful functionality to understand how one is operating the mouse, which could lead to switching keys to fit a gamer’s needs.

logitech-g403-screens-4 logitech-g403-screens-6 logitech-g403-screens-1 logitech-g403-screens-7 logitech-g403-screens-5 logitech-g403-screens-3 logitech-g403-screens-2

Where to Buy

If you are looking to get your hands on the Logitech G403 Prodigy gaming mouse you can do so over at the official Logitech website.

Years before, Logitech sold numerous gaming mouse models under $100 for first-time gamers. Whether it involves spending a dozen hours a day in World of Warcraft or frequently fragging infants away in Counterstrike, the G403 is a workhorse mouse with the best available sensor and simplified buttons to let a PC user-gamer get things done.If you happen to be the kind who’s using a mouse from the office or currently using one that came with your desktop PC and it’s not doing you any justice when playing games, the Logitech G403 Prodigy mouse is the perfect choice especially if you want to explore next-gen gaming peripherals. It has a mixture of high-grade internals housed on entry-level aesthetics that make it worth buying.
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