Logitech G433 Gaming Headset Review

In this day and age, we can’t deny that it’s pretty tough to stand out in this packed world of gaming accessories; and when it comes to headsets, these are no different from devices such as mice and keyboards. There are probably millions of headsets available today and each of these may have different features to set them apart from one another in the market. Yet one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd is by making a headset that looks good and unique in its own right.

That’s the whole idea with Logitech’s G433 gaming headset – a headset that works for both in-game and out, and even at home or on the streets. The company breaks away from the traditional matte black design and tried coming up with a unique style with this gaming headset. Yet there’s actually more to this than its appearance, so today, we’re going to focus on the G433 gaming headset from Logitech and what it has in store for us.

Logitech G433 Gaming Headset Review – Whats in the Box?

The Logitech G433 gaming headset comes in a very attractive package: the front part of the box displays the device’s name, as well as the image of the gaming headset. When you open the package, you will get to see the device that is set securely in place, and it also comes with two additional audio cables, a USB headset adapter, and a Y-splitter. Additionally, the Logitech G433 headset comes with a second set of ear pads and a storage case which is basically just a thin cloth bag but it’s useful for keeping the accessories in.

The Product

Logitech G433 Gaming Headset Review – Comfort and Style

When you get your hands on Logitech’s G433 gaming headset, the first thing that you’ll notice is the material that covers each of the available ear cups; generally, the whole gaming headset features a unique appearance that definitely sets it apart from other headsets available today. The top portion of the gaming headset is made from a scratchy yet durable plastic material while under the headband features layers of foam covered in cloth.

The whole top portion of the device can be extended to perfectly fit any head size, and when it comes to the ear cups, these can rotate a total of 90-degrees for more flexibility. Each side of the headset features a thin layer of cloth that has the Logitech logo carefully etched on each side.

The ear cups of the headset can be replaced with the microfiber or cloth pads that are included in the package. Though neither of these is grand or luxurious, both of the pads are comfortable to use especially during long periods of utilising the headset; additionally, wearing the headset for a lengthy period will not have excessive heat build-up so we can definitely say that using the product is comfortable.

The versatility of this gaming headset can be seen right on the detachable mic and cable’s form – these are also included with the headset. The optimum setup for console gamers can utilise the boom mic and the four-pole 3.5-millimetre cable, while the PC gamers can use the USB DAC to achieve 7.1 virtual-surround sounds. The extra cable features the in-line mic which is basically advantageous for portable gaming while on the go.

As for the Logitech Gaming Software, you can download this for free and you can also use this to enable the DTS virtual surround-sound and to control the EQ settings; moreover, you can also make your own user profile which includes specific game settings that will apply to certain games.

The Logitech G433 has a width of 81.7 millimeters, a height of 172 millimeters, and a depth of 182 millimeters; as for its weight, it totals to 259 grams without the cable. The G433’s frequency response is about 20-Hz to 20-KHz while its impedance reaches a total of 32-Ohms. When it comes to the G433’s microphone, its pickup pattern is uni-directional / Cardioid and is also a Back-Electret Condenser type. This has a measurement of 4 millimeters and has a frequency response of 100-Hz to 10-KHz

Hear All, Play Everywhere

PC gamers can expect to enjoy an immersive audio output when they utilize the G433 during gameplay and considering that new titles always bring greater sound designs, you can definitely expect the best from this Logitech headset.

7.1 Positional Sound

The headset perfectly reflects the game’s environment so you can clearly detect and hear the enemies and other incoming threats around your player. You can connect the USB DAC to your PC then download the LGS (Logitech Gaming Software) to better customize the sounds based on your preferences. Also, you can set varying sound profiles for each game.

Hybrid-Mesh Style + Advanced Performance

This feature allows you to clearly hear the game’s sounds with realistic perfection and precision. The patent pending Pro-G driver provides great sounding bass as well as clear and crisp highs because of the low distortion levels. Furthermore, the G433 also provides an acoustic port that can be found just behind the driver for a more spatial and dynamic sound.

Advanced Materials

The G433 has been crafted specifically for long gaming periods so the sports-mesh ear pads cover your ears and provide adequate amounts of force to keep it firmly in place while still keeping you comfortable during gameplay.

Certified for Discord to Acquire Clear Communication

The Pro-G advanced audio provides excellent precision which makes in-game voices loud and clear; the noise-canceling boom mic featuring a micro-pop filter is made specifically for clarity during chats and while in comms.

Multi-Platform Ready

The headset works with the PS4, PC, Nintendo, Xbox One, tablets, as well as smartphones. The G433 also comes with two additional audio cables to perform and connect to every possible gaming device.

Detachable and Transformable

The headset is fully-equipped for PC gaming and is completely modular for a device that can be used for gaming anytime, anywhere. The swappable cables and detachable boom microphone can instantly transform the Logitech G433 from a console / PC headset to a mobile or on the go device.

Product Specifications


  • Windows® 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Mac®, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, tablets and mobile*
  • USB port for PCs or 3.5 mm audio port for console/mobile
  • Internet access for Logitech Gaming Software and 7.1 DTS Headphone:X software installation – Some Xbox One controllers may require Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter, sold separately. G433 operates in stereo mode only via analog cable.


  • G433 wired gaming headset
  • USB DAC with 3.5 mm, 4-pole output
  • Detachable microphone boom with micro pop filter
  • Mobile cable with inline controls and mic
  • Console/PC cable with inline controls
  • PC splitter for separate mic and headphone jacks
  • Additional microfiber ear pads
  • Headset carrying bag
  • User documentation


  • Height: 172 mm
  • Width: 81.7 mm
  • Depth: 182 mm
  • Weight: (w/o cable): 259 g
  • USB DAC: 160 mm
  • PC Cable Length: 2 m
  • Mobile Cable Length: 1.5 m


  • Headphone: Driver: 40 mm
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 107dB@1KHz SPL 30mW/1cm
  • Cable length: 6.60 ft. (2m)
  • Microphone: Microphone Pickup Pattern: Cardioid (Unidirectional)
  • Type: Back Electret Condenser
  • Size: 4mm
  • Frequency response: 100Hz-10KHz

How it Performs

Considering the price range, we were very much impressed with the performance of Logitech’s G433 since listening to music and playing games went smoothly and without a hitch. The G433 headset is adequately balanced and is perfect for people who want to enjoy listening to music with tonal-range that isn’t too heavy on bass and does not break with the high notes.

Of course, the Logitech G433 headset excels in the field of gaming and the company definitely nailed it once more. The bass level produced when we used the headset was perfect and there was also a lot of thud behind all of the gaming action. Even if this was the case, the bass didn’t overpower the other sounds so we only got excellent, crisp, and high-quality sounding audio throughout our gameplay. We also liked that the G433 offers virtual surround sound especially when we utilized the USB DAC – this is a good piece to use when you want to improve the sound-stage in games. Of course, any headset will never match the sound quality of a good home theatre but the G433 headset is definitely worth using for gaming and music playback.

The gaming headset also features a boom microphone and this is another thing that impressed us about the G433. We tried recording using the mic and it was probably one of the best, cleanest, and clearest we’ve made using a gaming headset. Again, making use of the USB DAC makes the audio clearer since the noise-cancelling feature does a good job at filtering low-level background noise. Also, the additional flexibility of the in-line mic can be beneficial for those who travel regularly.

How to Use

To use the Logitech G433, you should first plug in the boom microphone before connecting the PC or console cable into the gaming headset. If you want to utilize the USB DAC or the digital-to-analog converter, you should connect the other end of the PC or console cable into the USB DAC then plug this into one of the USB ports of your PC. However, if you don’t really want to use the USB DAC, you can instead connect the PC splitter to the PC or console cable, then plug in the G433 to your PC with the 3.5 mm headphone plugs and microphone.


One of the primary elements of the Logitech G433 gaming headset is the Logitech Gaming Software and the USB sound adapter. Though you can opt to utilize the G433 without it, you can also choose to use the headset with the included microphone/headphone Y-splitter. Use this to plug right into the sound jacks of your PC.

Everything about the G433 headset is simple since the company has one app that works as the hub to manage all the gaming products that they have: from mice and keyboards to headphones and webcams. We can say that it is a pretty useful and convenient feature especially if you are someone who mostly uses Logitech’s products. You also don’t have to worry about the software since the controls are pretty easy, simple, and intuitive for everyone.

You will be able to select from 1 of 6 built-in Equalizer profiles (MOBA, Flat, Communications, FPS, Drop the Bass, or Cinematic Gaming) or you can create your own customized profile; additionally, you have full control over the mic input levels, volume, as well as the side-tone. Setting profiles for each game is also possible, and you can also associate these with definite executables. This only means that your choice of EQ settings will be loaded automatically when a specific game starts.

When you reach the surround settings page, you can also do the same thing when it comes to the DTS Headphone-X technology – you can enable or disable it, set up profiles per game, as well as adjust the volume for each virtual channel.



The Logitech G433 gaming headset is generally one of the best new additions to the continuously growing marketplace for headsets and it is also considered as the most unique piece around. Its look and feel appeal to a lot of people but for us, the airy and light feel when using the headset was what appealed to us most; also, the sounds it produced during gaming scenarios were fantastic, has an excellent mic, and it also works adequately when it comes to producing clean and crisp sounding music.

With the G433, we can definitely say that Logitech was able to reach their goals with this specific headset since it provided very high-quality and excellent sounds, can be used at home or on the go, is practical, and it even does a surprisingly good job when it comes to surround sounds. All in all, it is a very good gaming headset for its price, and we’re definitely recommending this to gamers and people who want to enjoy listening to high-quality sounding music using a unique-looking headset.

Where to Buy

You can pick up the Logitech G433 for $169AUD over at the Logitech website.

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