Logitech G603 Lightspeed Gaming Mouse Review

There is something quite interesting about Logitech since it appears to have developed far beyond its numerous competitors when it comes to one vital feature – wireless connectivity. While a lot of Logitech’s competitors do not offer gaming mice that are wireless, the company has fully embraced and accepted the technology and even improved all their high-end mice, turning these into wireless devices.

The Lightspeed technology from Logitech allows you to enjoy remarkable wireless reliability and responsiveness for the ultimate gaming experience. Because of the remarkable development of their products, the company released three Lightspeed mice and a Lightspeed keyboard – the latest of which is the Logitech G603 Gaming Mouse. This mouse was based on the G403 but was internally redesigned to be utilized with AA batteries while simultaneously offering a highly notable battery life compared to the G403.

Before we look more into the specifications and performance of the Logitech G603, let us first check out what’s in the box and see what other accessories or items come with the G603.

Logitech G603 Review – Whats in the Box?

The Logitech G603 comes in a grey package with a blue-foiled G603 text that runs vertically and next to the top-angled image of the mouse. The text and the image stand out quite nicely from the grey background that gives off a clean yet sleek vibe to it. It also exhibits a rather professional aesthetic without any of the funky or outrageous logos or fonts to attract users; instead, Logitech aimed to focus and feature the mouse itself. We think that the design and layout used on the packaging are more eye-catching and appealing compared to the other packagings that we’ve seen, so we’re giving Logitech a thumbs-up for this.

Another thumbs-up for the company for actually doing an excellent job when it comes to exhibiting all the features in a neat and clean fashion; any person who picks up the G603 off the shelf can easily understand its features without being too overwhelmed with a lot of details that are sometimes, unnecessary. The company also decided to set the mouse in a double-piece clamshell within an outer box; this also includes the Lightspeed USB Nano-Receiver, the USB extension cable, as well as two AA batteries that are all positioned in different sections of the lower clamshell.

There isn’t really anything special to write about the presentation but Logitech did another great job of properly packing the G603 Gaming Mouse in a secure fashion since the included accessories also work by protecting the device from unwanted damages; additionally, upon opening the box, you can readily pull out the device for use.

The Product

Logitech G603 Review – Cable Free Gaming

Take the G603 out of its box and you’ll pretty much notice that it does appear quite similar to another mouse from Logitech which is the G703. It’s almost nearly indistinguishable from each other since both mice feature the same mid-profile arch that works adequately for people who prefer utilizing a palm grip or claw grip mouse. The G603 is specifically made for right-handed users where its thumb buttons are located on the mouse’s left portion with a subtle slope down to the right area, making the product more comfortable when used.

The positioning of the buttons on the G603’s left portion is adequate since our thumbs could reach these with ease; it also allowed us to have great click-action so using it was seamless and less strenuous to the hand. At the top portion of the G603 is a scrolling wheel and a button which is by default, set to cycle throughout the DPI setting. The mouse’s wheel features a wide rubber-like grip, as well as a clicking-scroll action which makes it even better to use. The G603’s left and right buttons also have a nice and crisp audible click, as well as a firm impulse force that is perfect for numerous types of games.

When looking at the G603, you will also notice that it does not feature any lighting which is common for most of Logitech’s mice. The reason for this is to keep the mouse’s extreme battery life since lighting is the common reason for draining batteries fast. It didn’t really bother us at all since our main focus was on the mouse’s performance (which was excellent, by the way), but whether the lack of lighting is a drawback or convenience all depends on your personal tastes and requisites.

The top shell of the Logitech G603 is held firmly with magnets – inside, you will find an extra space for batteries, as well as a slot to keep the little USB radio-receiver which is convenient especially when you’re out traveling; the receiver is also an optional piece, by the way. Additionally, the G603 also functions adequately with Bluetooth and it still provides you with top-notch gaming performance.

When it comes to the bottom part of the G603, a switch can be located which lets you toggle between Endurance and Performance, as well as an additional button that works to flip between the much faster “Lightspeed” wireless-receiver and Bluetooth.

Product Specifications


  • Sensor: HERO™
  • Resolution: 200 – 12,000 dpi
  • acceleration: tested at >40G3
  • speed: tested at >400 IPS3


  • USB data format: 16 bits/axis
  • USB report rate: 1000 Hz (1ms)
  • USB report rate in LO mode: 125 Hz (8 ms)
  • Bluetooth report rate: 88-133 Hz (7.5-11.25 ms)
  • Microprocessor: 32-bit ARM


  • Main buttons: 20 million clicks with precision mechanical button tensioning
  • PTFE Feet: > 250 kilometers3

Battery life

  • HI mode: 500 hours (non-stop gaming)
  • LO mode: 18 months (standard usage)

Physical specifications

  • Height: 124 mm
  • Width: 68 mm
  • Depth: 43 mm
  • Weight: 88.9 g mouse only
  • 3 g, with 1 AA battery
  • 7 g, with 2 AA batteries

Product Features

Excellent Battery Life

The G603 Gaming Mouse can work up to five hundred hours on just two AA batteries which is basically twice as long as the previous generations. Even with just a single battery, the G603 can readily last up to five hundred matches on games such as League of Legends; when the mouse’s battery reaches 15%, both the Logitech Gaming Software and LED status indicator will instantly notify you before it reaches its critical moment.

Personalized Control

The G603 can be completely configured to match all your gaming needs and preferences. The mouse comes with six programmable and functional buttons which include the “On-The-Fly DPI” that can shift from up to five levels of sensitivity on its settings. In the LGS, a series of keystrokes and clicks are present to allow the execution of complex tasks while simultaneously simplifying in-game actions.

Save Settings

With the presence of the onboard memory, you can readily bring your settings wherever you go. Making use of the LGS, you can store and save your G603 settings and play on other computers without having to install extra software for it to work.

Exceptional Energy Efficiency and Performance

HERO is known as the new and revolutionary optical sensor that has been crafted by Logitech G to provide everyone with world-class performance and ten times the efficiency. With this sensor, the G603 also exhibits an adequate and accurate consistent performance throughout the whole DPI range without filtering, smoothing, or pixel rounding from 200 – 12,000 dpi.

AWP – Advanced Wireless Performance

Lightspeed wireless technology exhibits an extremely fast 1ms report rate with Logitech’s end to end advanced wireless solution. G603 also provides excellent reliability and responsiveness for competition level performance.

Balanced Battery Life and Performance

The G603 allows you to easily switch between the Lo and Hi-Mode with just a flick of a switch. When set to Hi-Mode, the mouse readily provides peak performance together with Lightspeed 1ms reporting and reaches up to five hundred hours of continuous gameplay. When not utilized for gaming, you can just switch to the Lo-Mode to have extended battery life. Lo-Mode reports at 8ms that goes up to eighteen whole months of usage simply with just two AA batteries.

Link with Bluetooth or Lightspeed

The G603 features dual-connectivity with Lightspeed & Bluetooth which allows you to easily link and control numerous devices. Additionally, you can also seamlessly toggle between two linked devices with a press of a button.

How to Use

Lightspeed Mode

Ensure that at least a single battery is set into the G603; connect the receiver-extension cable to your computer’s USB port; after this, you can connect the receiver to another end of the cable. You can also opt to connect the Lightspeed receiver directly to the computer’s USB port, then use your thumb to gently push the mouse’s power switch that can be located at the bottom of the device. Push the button upwards to set it into Lo-Mode (Low Endurance Mode) or you can instead set it to the Hi-Mode (Hi Performance Mode). Remember to keep the receiver and the mouse at least two meters away from the wireless router to lessen environmental noise.

Bluetooth Mode

Ensure that there is at least one battery set in the mouse before switching on the mouse to Lo-mode. Once set, the G603’s report rate will be set to 8ms (125Hz) and cannot be adjusted after. Be sure to hold the easy switch button for about three seconds to access the Bluetooth pairing mode. The LED that is right above the easy switch will start blinking to indicate that the G603 is ready to pair; once you lift the device, the LED at the bottom portion will stay blue for only two seconds. You can also easily switch between the Bluetooth and USB modes at any period by simply pressing on the easy switch button just beneath the mouse.


The G603 Gaming Mouse also utilizes the same Logitech Gaming Software that other peripherals use, and it also exhibits the same important features as the G703. The primary page displays the battery life and also the current mode of the mouse- either Endurance or Performance. You can also select the mouse’s on-board storage for the single set of button and DPI assignments; additionally, you can also make use of a profile-based system that easily loads the button and DPI settings depending on the game you start.

We can say that the software is completely and excellently functional yet since there isn’t any lighting to tweak or customize, there really isn’t any need for it; however, the customization options that are available are definitely more than welcome. One of the things we most liked about the G603 is the fact that you can save up to five different DPI settings where one of these is allocated as a shift speed.

Even if you don’t really get a ton of buttons to work with, you have a lot of options when it comes to customization: you can either set the click-wheel, thumb, or DPI button to play back any type of mouse button keystroke, press, media function, multi-key macro, volume functions, as well as the shortcuts to launch an app. It is safe to say that the software from Logitech is intuitive and functions adequately when you have numerous Logitech devices on hand.


The Logitech G603 is known as one of the more cost-efficient wireless mouse coming from a major manufacturer, and what’s great about it is that despite its price, it gets the job done. Its hold is comfortable, it performs excellently across various genres of games, plus its Bluetooth and low-power options make it an even more efficient device for continuous use.

So with its outstanding performance and long-lasting battery life, we highly recommend the Logitech G603 Gaming Mouse which is a fine device for the everyday gamer who prefers quality, performance, and excellence over fancy and stylish devices.

Where to Buy

You can get yourself a Logitech G603 wireless gaming mouse for only $129AUD from the official Logitech store.

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