Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum Headset Review

Headsets for gaming have taken a constantly growing segment, with just about every manufacturer showcasing their own concept nowadays. Logitech is hardly a new player in this space, with dozens of headset models sold worldwide over the years. With their new Artemis Spectrum headset line, Logitech is bringing in their latest 40mm Pro-G drivers. According to the manufacturer, these drivers are said to offer a high-fidelity audio experience. How well does Logitech pull off their new headset? Let’s take a look in our Logitech G633 review.

Logitech G633 Review – What’s in the Box?

The Logitech G633 comes packaged in the great looking Logitech style packaging that we see with the Logitech Gaming series of products. On the front of the box there is the Logitech Gaming logo along with a nice large photo of the headset itself. At the bottom there is the product name and brief description.


Turning to the rear of the box we see another large image shot of the headset along with a range of features that are available with the G633. At the top left we again see the Logitech Gaming logo and product name.


On the top and sides of the packaging is where we see product specifications including whats in the box and product requirements.




Contents of the headset include:

  • 1x Logitech G633 headset
  • 1x 3.5mm analogue cable (with audio controls)
  • 1x USB data cable
  • 1x customized tags (left/right)
  • 1x user documentation

The Product

The Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum Headset – Looks and Feels Great

With a nicely designed black pattern, roomy padded headband, and rectangular ear cups, the G633 has an industrial-like appearance that would seem like it was made from a video game. The swiveling ear cups add some flare despite being a bit loose (this could be hit-or-miss approach for some) and it may be a bit of a challenge putting it on.  Bu once the headset is properly fitted in place, the G633 has a secure and very comfortable fit.





The metallic looking pieces are cleverly designed from chrome like plastic and the appearance is convincing. The benefit of this is that is looks awesome but also carries the light weight of plastic.

The G633 comes bundled with two different cables. The first is a USB data cable, intended for desktop PCs or laptops. The other is a 3.5mm audio cable, which is obviously aimed for anything else. You can toggle between both cables via a button found on the left ear cup. The convenience of possessing two cables is one solution a majority of other headsets ignore since they make use of adapters in varying quality.

The USB cable lets users utilize the headset’s bundled Logitech software on desktop PCs. Meanwhile, the audio cable possesses a mute button, a play-pause button, and an in-line button. It’s ideal for taking in phone calls or listening music from a tablet or phone. It also offers an easier approach to linking the headset to a PS4, Xbox One, or Xbox One S controller.

The G633 comes with a set of buttons on the left ear cup. Three of the buttons can be programmed to function in any manner. On default, they toggle between sound profiles, which can be programmed via the Logitech Gaming Software. One of the two buttons is a volume dial. The last button is the PC/3.5mm switch.




Product Features

While functionality and comfortable listening are essentials to any headset, it’s entirely the quality of audio that’s really important. Fortunately, the G633 does just that. The headphones feature the usual stereo quality, but it comes coupled with Dolby Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound and DTS capability (for desktop PCs/laptops). This basically puts both sound options at your fingertips.

The DTS surround sound is far more potent than Dolby Virtual 7.1, consisting of stronger audio capable of balancing sound perfectly. This makes sure the headset pumps out clear and crisp sound quality regardless of the kind of media being played. Depending on the kind of device being paired with the G633, some white noise may be experienced. Although very little to none can be felt when used on the desktop PC/laptop.

A complete test was done when listening to a wide range of music, playing computer games, and watching back-to-back movies. The quality offered by the G633 exceeded initial expectations. If there’s ever a headset responsible for delivering quality audio, then the Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum is that product.

One interesting feature of the G633 is that of lighting at the rear of the ear cups. Behind each of the ear cups there is a strip of lighting that lights up during use. Although this doesnt serve any real purpose it does give the headset a cool feel to it and would be well at home with any other case lighting you may have.



Using It

The Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum headset connects to the computer in two modes: PC mode and 3.5mm mode. Both offer a unique audio experience. They can be utilized either with the 3.5mm audio cable, USB data cable, or both.

PC mode setup:

  1. Have the mode switch set on the G633 to the desktop PC (the mode switch is situated on back portion of the left ear cup).
  2. Connect the headset to the desktop PC via the supplied USB data cable.

3.5mm mode:

  1. Have the mode switch set on the G633 to 3.5mm (the mode switch is situated on back portion of the left ear cup).
  2. Connect the headset to the desktop PC via the supplied 3.5mm cable.

For mobile devices:

The G633 can be connected to any compatible device via the supplied 3.5mm audio cable.

  1. Have the mode switch set on the G633 to 3.5mm (the mode switch is situated on back portion of the left ear cup).
  2. Connect the headset to the desktop PC via the supplied 3.5mm cable.
  3. The 3.5mm in-line controls can be utilized for audio adjustments as well as that of the microphone:
  • Start toggling the switch to the microphone option when using with the in-line microphone.
  • Start toggling the switch to the headset position when using with the headset microphone.

For the Playstation 4:

The G633 can be easily be connected with the Playstation 4 console via the supplied USB cable or 3.5mm audio cable.

USB connection:

  1. Have the mode switch set on the G633 to the desktop PC (the mode switch is situated on back portion of the left ear cup).
  2. Connect the headset to the Playstation 4 console via the supplied USB cable.

3.5mm Connection:

  1. Have the mode switch set on the G633 to 3.5mm (the mode switch is situated on back portion of the left ear cup).
  2. Connect the headset to the Playstation 4 controller via the supplied 3.5mm cable.

Playstation 4 Setup (Settings)

When the G633 is connected to the Playstation 4, navigate to the console’s UI to the settings menu:

  1. Open up “Settings.”
  2. Select the “Sound and Screen.”
  3. Select “Audio Output Settings.”

For the Xbox One

The G633 can be easily be connected with the Playstation 4 console via the supplied 3.5mm audio cable.

  1. Have the mode switch set on the G633 to 3.5mm.
  2. Connect the headset to the Xbox One controller via the supplied 3.5mm cable.
  3. Start setting the “Output to Headphones” to “All Audio.”

A gaming headset’s ability for playing music generally ends up becoming inferior to the in-game performance of the device. But with the G633, a nicely tuned balance can be observed between the two. The product’s “flat” profile offers that “middle ground” with just about any sound played by any computer or portable device.. Users can customize their own treble-base sound profiles as demanded by music.

In general, the audio heard is immediate and rich on the G6433 as opposed to sounding far off and cold, as typically seen on low-end or cheaper headsets.

On its own, the headset is bit wide and bulky. While it’s still suitable for use in a bus or in an airplane, expect it to take a lot of space. Even stashing it in a bag can be a struggle. While some are divided in using the G633 on-the-go daily, most are content using it on a stationary setup.

Logitech Software

The G633 makes tremendous use of the highly intuitive and versatile Logitech Gaming Software. Each of the cup contains RGB lighting. Colors of back lighting can easily be adjusted via the software. This may not appear to be an essential aspect of the setup since one can’t easily peer through both ear cups in the middle of gameplay. But it’s still a nice addition with a cool appearance for taking part or streaming in game tournaments.

What’s essential are the pre-installed audio profiles that came with software and the option to customize it according to one’s preferences. The manufacturer offers a wide range of intricate and simple equalizer options, allowing for varying profiles, and assigning them to certain games.

Users who are into audio complexities can opt for a general treble-bass balance, and deciding whether to switch the mic on or off by default. On the other hand, audiophiles can dive in and fiddle with different audio frequencies.

With the back lighting, equalizer options, and having the ability to make customizations with the three main buttons, most users will likely realize the software allows for full audio-tuning control in a sensible approach.

logitech-g633-screens-3 logitech-g633-screens-2 logitech-g633-screens-1 logitech-g633-screens-6 logitech-g633-screens-4 logitech-g633-screens-5

Where to Buy

If you are looking to get your hands on the Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum headset you can do so for $249 over at the official Logitech website.

It’s obvious that Logitech has a clear cut winner with the G633 Artemis Spectrum. From an outside perspective, it’s a headset that’s beautifully made, boasting a stylish design that may appear like it was stolen from the future. Its RGB lighting alone makes it a visually-appealing marvel. In today’s growing headset market, the Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum is a special piece that could end up being anyone’s go-to headset.
  1. Hello,
    The sound is great, the equalizer can please everybody for there taste.The RGB is cool. The sofware is great, very easy to use.

    The build quality is pretty bad, The plastic is squeaking ALOT, when you ware more then a hour, the ear section is ok, but on the bridge you feel that it’s getting a bit unconfortable

    Never used the 3.5 jack input until one day, and when i did..didn’t work as it should.. the left driver worked maybe 30%, the other one 0%.. tried on multiple devices, different cords and nothing.

    As for customer support, very slow response, and mulitple people where they didn’t read my previous messeges. so i had to write multiple times what i have done.. I felt insane a bit..

    And in the end, my box has one SN (the box SN says that i have my warranty 2 more weeks) but my headset SN that it has expired..don’t know how can that be..but it’s shit.. so i got a no go from logitech for my warranty claim.

    best regards

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