Logitech K600 Smart TV Keyboard Review

While most TV viewers should be content with the usual type of remote control that we know of, there’s a specific type of great pleasure in utilizing a full-sized keyboard trackpad into your living room. We can’t deny that this combination is excellent for inputting search words or terms, as well as passwords; plus, it also helps greatly when it comes to browsing the web when you’re on the big screen.

It brings you a nice feel and makes home theater PCs more usable and efficient while simultaneously letting you utilize necessary shortcuts with media center software.

Today, we’re going to take a look at Logitech’s K600 Smart TV Keyboard. It’s a pretty cool replacement for your remote control while adding more functionality to its purpose. Not only that, but it also appears to have a physical keyboard and an on-screen cursor as well. This device is mainly designed for those who require a Bluetooth keyboard that works efficiently with their smart TVs and even their streaming devices like the Apple TV.

With that, the company claims that this keyboard can be utilized with every other device that is compatible with Bluetooth connections. Let’s learn more about this device from Logitech and see if it’s something that you’d want to include to your collection of smart devices.

Logitech K600 Smart TV Keyboard Review – What’s in the Box?

We got our hands on the K600 Smart TV Keyboard which came in a simple-looking box. It sported a green theme which looked very nice.

You’d get an instant idea of how the device really looks since the front part of the box displays a full image of the keyboard itself. Just below this, you’ll find the name of the company written while on the lower right-hand side, you’ll see the compatible devices with the keyboard.

Flipping over the box, you’ll see another image of the device which is much smaller than the previous one. Here, you will find more detail and information about the device, as well as other necessary text. We noticed that the package was much sturdier and durable compared to other boxes for keyboards which is really good.

Now when you check inside the box, you’ll find the K600 Smart TV Keyboard along with other items which include a unifying receiver, 2 AAA pre-installed batteries, and a user documentation.

The Product

Logitech K600 Smart TV Keyboard Review

The K600 Smart TV Keyboard is not as big as your full-sized keyboard, but it isn’t as small as the common ten-keyless device. Instead of it featuring a number pad, you will see a nice circular touchpad that comes with a remote-control style directional pad which is located just above it. These are extremely helpful when linked to a smart TV; however, it lacks a certain type of accuracy that is needed to replace your mouse on a PC. You can also press on the left or right sides of the keyboard’s touchpad, respectively replicating the left and right clicks.

There are additional buttons on the left portion of the keyboard and these include the following: left click, right click, back, home, tab view, and search. The left and right click buttons appear unnecessary since the touchpad can function similarly. Thing is, not all applications can recognize the touchpad which is most likely why Logitech included this.

Right at the center, you have the usual collection of keys, and additional function commands for the volume, brightness, and more. Once you set up the K600 Smart TV Keyboard, you’ll be able to easily control your whole TV without needing the remote: this is from powering it up to accessing its menu without touching your remote control. We were assuming we had to utilize the keyboard together with the remote, but to our surprise, we didn’t have to so that’s really convenient.

The K600 Smart TV Keyboard from Logitech measures 0.8 inches high, 14.5 inches wide, and 4.7 inches in depth. All in all, the device weighs just 1.7 pounds which is light. The keyboard mainly draws on Bluetooth to build connections and is also said to be compatible with Android devices that run on a minimum of Android 5.0, Android TV devices that run with a minimum of Android 6.0, Tizen devices on 2.4 or newer, as well as the WebOS devices on version 3.5 or newer.

The Logitech K600 Smart TV Keyboard can be linked to three devices simultaneously and can maintain a connection of up to 49 feet away. Its battery life is insignificant since the keyboard runs on 2 AAA batteries which offer up to a total of 12 months of battery life even before these need to be replaced.

Product Features

Smart Navigation, Easy Typing, and Enhanced Watching Experience

Compared to a remote control, the K600 keyboard lets you do more: you can curate and quickly organize your own world of entertainment, as well as search for a specific content easily. For a greater watching experience, the K600 also features a built-in D-Pad that allows you to access grid interfaces and search for shows you want to watch. Another great feature is the media keys that lets you easily pause, play, rewind, or fast-forward your shows.

Made for Entertainment and Relaxation

It’s great to use the K600 TV Keyboard while you’re relaxing on the couch. It even works at a distance of fifteen meters so even when you’re in a large room, the keyboard will stay connected.

Improved Web Browsing

You can simply enter the URL and the keywords of the content you need, quickly scroll through long pages, as well as control the cursor just by using its touchpad that works precisely.

Switch Easily Between Devices

The K600 TV Keyboard connects not only to your Smart TV, but also to your mobile devices and PC. With one touch of a button, you can switch between these to do a variety of tasks. Using just one keyboard, you can type an email on your tablet, then just switch to your Smart TV to search for a show or to your mobile phone to reply to text messages.


Using the Product


Setting up the K600 Smart TV Keyboard is really easy and you don’t need to worry about having to be tech-savvy for it. Just insert the two AAA batteries before plugging in the unifying receiver to your USB port; you can also set up via pairing this with Bluetooth.

Now, open your web browser using your TV then access Logitech’s K600 website or the K600 portal. This will be extremely easy since you’ll be able to utilize the K600 to type in the details. Choose your TV then hold the function plus number key combination that appears right on your screen. A little light on the device will inform you that it has successfully mapped the right shortcut keys.


Just like every other product, what matters the most when it comes to Bluetooth keyboards is user experience. This is what we checked out when we tested the K600 TV Keyboard. As expected from a product by Logitech, the K600 works very well. We were easily able to type in and search for a show on Netflix.

Another thing we liked is that the keys are easy to press; they were responsive and had sufficient spaces between them so it wasn’t difficult to use. For the media keys, trackpad, and the D-Pad, these were just as responsive. We find the touchpad extremely useful for web browsing.

Now let’s talk about the keyboard’s connectivity. There are two ways to connect the keyboard to your devices – low-energy Bluetooth or via USB Type-A unifying receiver dongle. The connectivity of these two was just as good. Now when using Bluetooth, the keyboard stays connected even when you increase the distance between the devices.

For its battery life, the K600 comes with two regular AAA batteries. Some may think of this as a disadvantage since it is not a built-in battery. But according to Logitech, this can last up to 12 months of usage.


Generally, Bluetooth keyboards are usually a hit-and-miss. Sometimes, these perform excellently and in other instances, it can be difficult to connect to other devices. Fortunately, the K600 TV Keyboard from Logitech shows how a Bluetooth keyboard should perform. It’s easy to connect devices and switch between them. The keys, the touchpad, and the other buttons are quick and responsive and we didn’t experience any issues with it. This keyboard works great and we think it’s the ideal companion for any Bluetooth compatible device.

A Bluetooth keyboard’s impact on user experience may vary depending on your setup. The Logitech K600 Smart TV Keyboard is a great device especially if you are using the Android TV. It’s a fact since the keyboard will be able to cover numerous issues that people often encounter when using the Android TV.

So if you’re looking for a Bluetooth keyboard to use for your Smart TV, we highly recommend the Logitech K600 Smart TV keyboard.

Where to Buy

You can pick up the Logitech K600 for $99AUD from over at the official Logitech website.

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