Logitech Z337 Speaker Review

Today’s consumers have two main options when it comes to quality home audio: surround sound speakers and sound bars. Sound bars can be allotted in their place. But they have a television-aimed approach with their directional construction.

Meanwhile, surround sound systems are on the other end of the spectrum. They eradicate directional restriction by spreading out sound by means via multiple speakers on different areas of the room. A perfect example of the latest surround sound system today is the Logitech Z337 with Bluetooth Speaker System.

Logitech Z337 Review – What’s in the Box?

Components of the Z337 are tightly held together in their boxes. Each of them are housed in plastic and are separated by cardboard containers instead of the typical padding or foam. When pulled out, one will be surprised with their simple design. Each speaker has rough matte finish with modern and futuristic-like appearance.

Contents of the Logitech Z337 include:

  • 1x small right satellite speaker
  • 1x small left satellite speaker
  • 1x subwoofer
  • 1x wired remote
  • 1x 3.5mm audio cable

The Product

Logitech Z337 Review – Speakers That Pack a Punch

In terms of appearance, the speakers look modern, but with a minimalist and dark neutral design. Each speaker is dark gray in color with a fabric cover covering the rear. Both satellite speakers and subwoofer are made in an angular manner are typically on the larger side. Although not too be big to be considered unwieldy.

The satellite speakers are typical. They’re rectangular and boxy with near-transparent and fabric-covered drivers situated right in the middle of the cabinets. Their angle is pointed a bit upward, which is intended to cater directly to the listener’s ears. Such positioning is permanent and can’t be adjusted.

The subwoofer is a looming box with a huge driver at the center. A port can be found on the left side. It functions as the main wiring cabinet for the whole system.

Both of the speakers contain the brand’s white logo and a logo indicating the system’s Bluetooth capability. The design is minimal and is sufficient enough for those who want it neat and less cluttered. But that will depend on the consumer’s taste. Other than that, the design is versatile enough to mesh well with a wide range of entertainment setups.

Product Features

A 3.5mm audio cable can connect any recent TV or desktop PC to the subwoofer. An RAC cable can be utilized for certain devices that need it. Bluetooth functionality lets a user wirelessly link any compatible smart device to the Z337. Pairing can be done by means of a Bluetooth button situated on the subwoofer’s wired volume knob.

A user can pair more than a single device simultaneously. Currently, the manufacturer didn’t mention the most number of devices it can handle at one time.

The speaker system contains a main speaker with 40W RMS, two 80W satellite speakers, and a single 24W subwoofer.  The volume knob can be easily be accessed via a 3.5mm port for plugging in the wired headphone. Logitech labels this as the “control knob.” It’s currently attached to a long cable. A bass control dial can be found on the subwoofer rear. Bass levels can be increased or decreased according to a user’s preference.

The 2.1 system has a wired control knob that’s conveniently put in a suitable location for adjusting the sound system while watching TV.

Thanks to its 80W peak power, the Z337 can seamlessly convert digital content to life with ultra clear sound and powerful bass. Aside from its wireless connectivity, the user can utilize the system in a conventional manner by hooking it to the source content by means of an RCA or 3.5mm input. That means easy setup of the monitor and desktop PC/video gaming console while making the most of wireless connectivity with compatible smart devices.

These speakers will remain in one place. They’re well built, so expect them to last for many years to come. Paired with a Bluetooth, 3.5mm, and RCA inputs, they can handle almost any compatible device in the market which could lead one to have one plugged in the next several years.

Using the Product

Setting up the system takes mere minutes. More time will likely be spent on where the speakers should be properly placed. The process is as follows:

  1. Plug in the right satellite speaker to subwoofer.
  2. Plug in the left satellite speaker to the subwoofer.
  3. Connect a compatible device the speaker system.

Pairing a Bluetooth-enable device to the Z337 is simple enough. The process is as follows:

  1. Press and hold the Bluetooth button on the Z337.
  2. Wait until the lights flicker.
  3. Select the Z337 from the menu of the Bluetooth-enabled device.

The sound quality emitted by the Logitech Z337 is great. It’s important to keep in mind that the user is solely in charge of controlling the bass level.  At times when bass levels are kept at low levels in the apartment, the result is an evenly balanced sound.

On its own, the subwoofer’s bass can be tweaked to powerful levels and it would seem as if it never lacked any punching power. Even when the bass is levelled low, bass remains punchy and showcases itself when required. It’s basically an even-handed system.

The Z337 was tried on varying music genres to determine its flexibility. All in all, they did a balanced job of just about any music track being thrown at them. Despite the strong power emitted by its subwoofer, the system’s high still remain prominent.

Take note, these are mainly computer speakers. So expect a number of people to purchase them for gaming and computer audio, TV, and online streaming. They offer a wide range of volume for the usual desktop space. Its powerful bass entail gaming and action film to gain reasonable impact. They can be utilized with some much-needed audio punch a user’s living room TV — that is, if the living room is smaller than the average size.


Total Watt (RMS): 40W

Subwoofer: 24W

Satellites: 2 x 8W

Bluetooth version: 4.1

Reliable 15-meter line of sight range

3.5mm input: 1

RCA input: 1

Headphone jack: 1

Controls: Bluetooth pairing, power and volume control on wired control pod; bass control on back of subwoofer


The Z337 speaker system is priced around $100. It’s considered a bargain for a surround sound system compared to other costly desktop PC speakers. At such pricing, the sound system is a worthy deal worth gunning for.

Sound quality is generally improved compared to what one would get with any recent TV. The design isn’t cheap looking and the subwoofer is punchy. It’s difficult to see anyone be disappointed with its audio quality — within its price point. But in the end, the Logitech Z337 with Bluetooth speakers works best as desktop PC speakers and speakers for Bluetooth-capable devices.

Where to Buy

If you are interested in getting you hands on a kick ass set of Bluetooth enabled speakers then you can head over to the Logitech website and pick up a set of Logitech Z337 for $149.

  1. Hey, thanks for the review. I recently upgraded my pc system for my home office and was looking to buy a new pair of speakers to complete the whole makeover look, but would also work well with my professional needs. I was looking at the Logitech G560 LIGHTSYNC that I saw a review of- According to this review the Logitech Z337 came in close after the Logitech G560. They both are bluetooth capable, and come with sub woofers. My office isn’t that big, so I don’t need something with booming sound, but I need something decent enough as I do videography, and sound editing obviously plays a part in the creation process. I need speakers that can handle bass well, without any distortion and that can also deliver clear and high quality sound. I think both of these speakers will work well for me, I’m just hoping that someone might be able to tell me if they’ve used any of these two speakers before and which one would be the best buy? Thanks.

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