Magic Light Wi-Fi Original Bulb Review

The next generation of smart personal lighting is a common sight in a lot of homes today and the highly contemporary Magic Light Wi-Fi Original Bulb offers dimmable and multi-colored options to suit your lighting needs. This smart LED light will allow you to choose over sixteen million colors, as well as cool and warm whites. Choose a color, a collection of colors, or even match specific shades of your choice; the Magic Light Wi-Fi Original Bulb is a brand new smart light bulb that changes how you see light.

The Magic Light Wi-Fi bulb goes from a regular energy-saving to a flexible color-changing LED bulb; and from switching the atmosphere and ambiance of your room to bringing a fun party to life, the smart LED light will surely bring more life to your lights.

Today, we’re going to focus on this smart Wi-Fi LED light bulb and see what it has to offer; but before anything else, let’s first see what’s included in the package of the Magic Light Wi-Fi Original Bulb.

Magic Light Wi-Fi Original Bulb Review – Whats in the Box?

The Magic Light Wi-Fi Original Bulb is kept safe in a clean-looking white box; and on its lid, you will automatically see the Magic Light’s logo right at the center. In the front portion of the box, you will get to see the bulb itself through the container’s transparent plastic. On the uppermost part of the front portion, you’ll see the Wi-Fi logo and on the left portion of the package, you will see a few of the Magic Light Wi-Fi Original Bulb’s features.

More features of the product can be seen on the left side of the package, as well as a couple of warnings and also the CE symbol. If you check the right portion of the box, it shows that the product is compatible for both Android and iOS. Instructions on how to install the Magic Light Wi-Fi bulb can be seen at the back of the box.

The Product

Magic Light Wi-Fi Original Bulb Review – Shed Some Light

The Magic Light Wi-Fi light bulb is a new and advanced light bulb that will definitely change the way you see lights. The product functions as a regular energy-efficient LED light bulb that features adjustable color-changing with just one click of a button. From altering the ambiance and theme of your room to bringing out the fun and life to a party, these bulbs will definitely be a great addition to your already impressive smart home.

With the Wi-Fi LED bulbs, you’ll be able to manage your light settings from anywhere in the world: you can easily see if you have left any lights on, or make it appear that people are at home by switching your lights on or off at specific times; you can also turn the lights on before entering your home when it’s all dark. Another great feature of this Magic Light Wi-Fi Original Bulb is that you can readily sync this to your favorite tunes and enjoy the beat, as well as the lights, to the fullest.

Turn any room into a great dance floor or you can even give the area a peaceful and relaxing ambiance; this is one of the best ways for you to sit back, unwind, and relax after a long busy day or simply make your children’s bedtime a completely enjoyable moment. With the Magic Light, you’ll have a plethora of colors to choose from right at your fingertips.

For the past few years, the Magic Light Wi-Fi Original Bulb has become an ultimate favorite among people who prefer having a smart LED light right in the comfort of their homes. The product is said to be one of the most tried and tested pieces around, and it also features a lifetime of twenty-thousand hours for your convenience. The smart LED bulb comes with just seven Watts while it is able to shine at 550 lumens, offering you about eighty percent of energy savings compared to incandescent lights.

These types of bulbs provide you with sixteen million dimmable color choices, as well as multiple shades of white: from cool to warm tones. You can also easily connect the Magic Lights to your router to easily manage these remotely using your smart device or even Google Assistant.

Features of the Magic Light Wi-Fi Original Bulb

Has a Simple and Quick Setup

Just simply install the bulb to a socket before downloading the free application to set it up in just a few seconds.

Color Settings

Personalize and customize your lights with a 16-million color palette, as well as varying shades of white. There are also additional 29 programmed color modes with a ton of customized options to start your party.

Mic and Music Sync

You can instantly change the lights to perfectly match all of your favorite tunes: just make use of the Rock, Jazz, Normal, or Classical settings to manage the transitions. Also utilize these smart lights to music or sounds from an external source such as YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, and more.

Remotely Manage and Group Bulbs

Instantly manage and control your bulbs from within your home and also manage each of these bulbs as a group or individually.

Scheduled Lighting

Schedule your Wi-Fi lights to switch on or off at specific hours: Sunrise mode to slowly brighten the area before fully switching on the lights, and the Sunset mode which gently dims the lights before switching it off completely.

Cost and Energy Efficiency

The Magic Light Wi-Fi Original Bulb provides a lifetime of 20,000 hours while just consuming seven Watts and providing about eight percent of savings.

How it Performs

As for the performance of the Magic Light Wi-Fi Original Bulb, we tried using it and we can safely say that it worked pretty well and efficiently. Aside from it having a ton of features like changing the light colors and switching these on and off via smart device, the bulb is also easy to install since it doesn’t require bridges or hubs that need connections. All you need is the Magic Light V2 application and you’re all set.

When it comes to the application, it’s a user-friendly and great app; plus, upon testing it, we didn’t experience any problems or issues especially when it came to connecting the smart Wi-Fi bulb to the device. The app also seamlessly controls each of the bulbs and it also works easily, as well as responsively; additionally, we also loved its clean and nice interface which isn’t confusing compared to other similar applications.

We also had a lot of fun with syncing the music, the scheduling options, its integrated memory function, and also the twenty pre-programmed modes such as strobe, crossfade, and a lot more. Another excellent thing about the Wi-Fi LED bulb is that you can link up to fifty Magic Light Wi-Fi bulbs and readily control these using your tablet or smartphone. It definitely gets two thumbs up from us.

How to Use

These bulbs have been specifically designed for quick setup and use: simply download the free application on your smart device then manage your lights in a snap. Utilize an individual bulb or a set of lights to establish anything from a gentle lighting effect to a fun and eye-catching display of varying colors.

If you plan to manage your smart bulb with Amazon Echo, or if you want to manage these remotely, you will need to make your own Magic Light cloud account before anything else. To do this, just download the Magic Light V2 app, plug your smart bulb, and then open the app to add your bulb. The application will display all the available Wi-Fi networks; so once you’ve found your connection, choose this and enter your password to continue.

Next thing to do is to download the Amazon app then enable the Magic Light Alexa skill; open the Amazon app then under the skills area, look for the Magic Light Wi-Fi skill. Enable this and sign in using your Magic Light account then after this, you need to discover your Magic Light Wi-Fi smart bulbs through the Amazon app; you can easily check the Smart Home section of the app then choose Discover Devices.

Once done, the bulbs will appear on the Smart Home section and you can press on the Create Group link before choosing which bulbs you want to add to that specific group. If you want to change the bulb or add another one, simply click on the group then make your selection by checking or unchecking the bulbs before clicking save. At this point, you’re all good to go and you can start controlling your bulbs by giving out voice commands.


The Magic Light V2 application is used to manage and control the Magic Light Wi-Fi Original Bulb and this is compatible with all Android and iOS devices. With this specific app, you can easily get creative by personalizing your Wi-Fi bulbs. You have a selection of colors from a 16-million palette and you also have the ability to join bulbs together, sync these with your choice of music, set timers, and a lot more. The Magic Light V2 application also allows you to time these bulbs for auto-shut off, make color and brightness selections, pre-setting of colors, as well as choosing the sunrise or sunset timer effect.

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Upgrading the lighting of your home can help its appearance tremendously since cool lighting can also make your humble abode more hip, fun, and modern. All the colors provided by the Magic Light Wi-Fi Original Bulb are extremely bright and can easily give any room in your home some personality and style. If you’ve been thinking of upgrading to smart, multi-color light bulbs that shift from time to time, then we definitely recommend this specific model from Magic Light.

These lights are not only cool and stylish, but they’re very efficient with a lifespan of 20,000 hours in total; plus, you can also choose from a ton of different color options which will definitely suit your style and preference. Other than the great features of the bulb, its app is also very easy to manage so you won’t have to worry about installation processes and such. Overall, we highly recommend the Magic Light Wi-Fi Original Bulb to everyone who wants to upgrade and stylize their smart homes.

Where to Buy

You can buy the Magic Light Wi-Fi Original Bulb for only $30USD from their official website.

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