The McAfee-Powered D-Link Wi-Fi Router Will Begin Shielding Linked Home Devices

D-Link’s AC 2600 Wi-Fi Router Powered by McAfee together with the Connected Home Technology from Intel integrates Instant Security, High-Performance Networking, and a Simple Setup.

9th of January, 2018 – the International CES in Las Vegas – Today, D-Link, together with McAfee, announced the AC 2600 Wi-Fi Router that is powered by McAfee (the DIR 2680). It is a complete solution that instantly improves the security and protection of home network devices, plus it also expresses both D-Link and McAfee’s vision to address the great urgency for online security.

This complete solution comprises of D-Link’s high-speed, dual-band 802.11 AC router together with the MU MIMO technology that boosts and improves every user’s efficiency and network capacity. McAfee’s Secure Home Platform works by instantly safeguarding every device linked to the network, while the Intel Home Wi-Fi Chipset WAV-500 Series focuses on delivering strong Wi-Fi connectivity to a number of linked devices all at the same time. The number of linked home devices has soared greatly – from gaming consoles, tables, to smart door locks, IP surveillance cameras, and a whole lot more. And by the year 2020, Gartner concludes, “Twenty billion devices may be connected and their roles, as well as uses, are all set to increase dramatically in the next ten years or so.”

New sets of security issues have also been raised since IoT (Internet of Things) devices are prone to attacks just like every other linked device such as a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

The new D-Link AC 2600 Wi-Fi Router powered by McAfee automatically and instantly aids in protecting all connected devices in everyone’s homes; this is to provide heightened security against hackers to secure everyone in their homes who utilize devices to access online content. Executive Vice President John Giamatteo, of McAfee’s consumer business group states, “We’re in the limelight of preventing and battling cybercrime. Our consumers need to feel protected and safe since threats of cybercrime continue to increase.” He also says that McAfee’s partnership with D-Link greatly helps people benefit from having connected and protected devices without worrying about hackers and the like.

The Global Threat Intelligence from McAfee features an adaptable learning machine that secures and safeguards by detecting, preventing and correcting malicious attacks and malware, allowing consumers to enjoy a safer experience while browsing online. This is specifically designed for smart homeowners and families searching for the perfect home networking system without sacrificing protection and privacy.

The DIR 2680 ensures that all connected devices are guarded against theft and unwanted intrusion. Additionally, it also has the all-inclusive parental control features that offer customized protector for children within the household. The DIR 2680 is also easily set up with the help of the D-Link Wi-Fi app which can be controlled from anywhere using the Secure Home Platform App.

Graeme Reardon, managing director ANZ D-Link, shares, “As the number of linked devices increase in our homes, consumers also end up concerned about the number of online security risks. D-Link has teamed with Intel and McAfee to address these issues with an all-in-one, easy to manage, and powerful solution. The new AC 2600 Wi-Fi router powered by McAfee is our best solution for home consumers to protect everyone from the evolving online threats”.

Complete Security that is Made Simple

  • Easy and quick set-up for instant protection and security for all connected devices, plus full control from anywhere
  • End to end protection to detect, prevent, and correct potential threats

Superior Performance

  • Enjoy HD video streaming and extremely fast downloads with the MU MIMO and dual-band 802.11 AC performance
  • The Intel Home Wi-Fi chipset supports up to 128 linked devices to deliver powerful Wi-Fi connection even with a lot of linked devices

Linked Home Protection

  • Real-time monitoring to provide protected browsing experience, plus excellent security for IoT-device protection

Parental Controls

  • Customized safety for every child such as screen-time control and personalized content filters

Machine Learning

  • The Global Threat Intelligence from McAfee provides a flexible and efficient solution to block malicious sites and malware.

Great Protection Requires Great Power

  • Wireless traffic is completely off-loaded to the Home Wi-Fi Chipset of Intel, so their AnyWAN SoC is freed for security and software functions.
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