Mega Modz Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Review

Controllers are the most important accessories for gaming consoles. With that, I’ll be talking about one of the best controller’s in this Mega Modz Nintendo Switch Pro controller review.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a gaming accessory that allows you to fully take advantage of the platform. Although it looks similar to other controllers, the Nintendo Switch Pro comes with a design that’s user-friendly and comfortable. With that, you can enjoy continuous and longer gaming sessions without worrying about strains and pains. 

Today, we’ll focus on this Nintendo Switch Controller and see how efficiently-made it is and if it’s worth purchasing. But first, let’s check out what’s inside the box. 

What’s in the Box? 

This gaming controller came in an official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller package which guarantees that it’s a genuine product. 

Mega Modz Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Review – Style, Design, Functions

The Pro Nintendo Switch Controller has a design that isn’t that different from other branded or 3rd-party pro controllers today. It has a standard-looking gamepad with two handles. Plus, it comes with a pair of analog sticks, four-face & shoulder buttons, and a D-Pad. There’s also a couple of navigation buttons at the remote’s center. 

This controller is a combination of the Xbox 360, PS4, and Xbox One controllers. However, it gives off a chunky and heavier feel. This is because the Mega Modz Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is made from quality matte plastic. It’s to prevent fingerprints from appearing on the device. 

Talking more of its design, the Modz Nintendo Switch Pro Controller sports the same layout as the Switch Joy-Cons. The only difference between them is that the previous has a more user-friendly form with highly convenient navigation. 

You can use the controller with your thumbs relaxed while moving between sticks and buttons. It avoids the occurrence of stress on the hands, especially on uncomfortably-bent curled thumbs, which is common with the Joy-Cons. 

Its round ABXY buttons form a diamond shape. These are also larger with enough depth to fit any hand size. This gaming controller‘s pad gives off a very smooth feel and excellent offset while providing superior resistance level. 

Customized Design

The Switch Pro Controller sports a standard design since you’re allowed to customize it based on your preference.

I personally designed the controller on the Mega Modz website and opted for a combination of blue, black, and white. White was my choice for the D-Pad and ABXY buttons, while the thumbsticks are left black. The grips are black as well, while the L & R bumpers are white. The controller’s ZL & ZR triggers are blue like the body. 

What’s great about personally customizing a controller is that you can bring out your creativity in the process. Plus, the device displays your style, which is a great boost, especially during competitive gameplay. 


This part of the Mega Modz Nintendo Switch Pro controller review talks about the controller’s specifications. 

This controller comes with motion controls, an integrated NFC reader, and HD rumble, all with Amiibo features. It makes use of USB Type-C and wireless connectivity via Bluetooth or wired connection via USB.   

The controller comes with an integrated Lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 40 hours even on a single charge. What’s cool is that the Mega Modz Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is compatible with Steam.

Product Features

This part of our Mega Modz Nintendo Switch Pro controller review will focus on the features of this gaming controller.

Classic Layout with Ergonomic Buttons for Long, Intensive Gaming 

The Mega Modz Nintendo Switch Pro Controller’s buttons are excellently placed. It has a traditional design, making it comfortable and easy to hold. With that, you can enjoy long hours of gaming without tired hands.

Larger Operational Face Buttons with Long Travel Distance

This Switch Pro Controller features well-sized buttons. All of these are easy to reach and fit in all hand sizes. This controller will let you enjoy playing without accidentally pushing the wrong buttons.

Highly Resistant and Comfortable Thumbsticks for Quick and Precise Movements

The analog sticks of this gaming controller deliver a quick and excellent response to the user’s actions. With its proper balance, it performs in-game operations accurately and quickly. 

One of the Most Comfortable and Highest-Quality Nintendo Controllers

Mega Modz built this Nintendo Switch Pro Controller with an ergonomic design, dual connectivity, extended battery life, and advanced specifications. With that, users can take advantage of the latest technology integrated in this Nintendo Switch Controller.

Outstanding Aesthetics

The Mega Modz Nintendo Switch Pro Controller’s design makes a statement. It features a translucent body made from high-quality plastic. With its rubber grips, gamers can also easily hold the controller.

Play in Style with a Custom Controller

Enhance your gaming experience by creating a customized controller using a wide range of designs and exterior modifications. Mega Modz offers a variety of unique skins in different categories based on the controller’s shell type. The company also offers additional options, such as customizable buttons, triggers, D-pads, bumpers, and grips.


This section of the Mega Modz Nintendo Switch Pro controller review sees the performance of the controller. 

The sticks of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller comes with an excellent level of resistance and is comfortably offset. Not only that, but its face buttons also feature the right amount of depth as well.

For its D-Pad, it’s had the best one ever since the days of the Super NES. Its build and design allow you to enjoy pinpoint accuracy for 2D side-scrollers.  

Just like with every other controller I purchased from Mega Modz, the quality of its build and skins are perfect. Aside from its looks, the controller also sports a solid and durable form. So, even if you get a little rough handling the controller, it can withstand such pressure and will still work efficiently. 

The best thing about the controller? You won’t have to worry about fingerprints marking the controller’s surface. It’s all thanks to the exterior’s cool matte finish. 

Overall, the controller performed excellently, looks excellent, has a premium feel, and is a durable piece for intensive gaming. But what’s great about this is the fact that it’s customizable. Personalize the controller based on your tastes and preference, then show it off during your gaming sessions with friends.  

Mega Modz Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Conclusion

When it comes to gaming accessories, technology is an essential factor to consider. Aside from that, the exterior design is also another important aspect, especially when it comes to controllers. 

The Mega Modz Nintendo Switch Pro gaming controller is a must-have in every gamer’s Switch arsenal. Its ergonomic design allows for long gaming sessions, plus it delivered fast and excellent response. It’s one of the most expensive controllers, but it’s the only one with the best NFC capabilities and battery life. 

The controller’s customization option makes it even better than other Nintendo Switch Controller on the market. 

To sum up our Mega Modz Nintendo Switch Pro Controller review, I highly recommend this product.

Where to Buy

If you want to purchase the standard Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, it’s available on Amazon. You can build and customize your own Nintendo Switch Controller here.


Mega Modz Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Review
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